Ways to Generate MLM Leads

4 Effective Ways to Generate Leads into Your Network Marketing Business

Lead generation and prospecting to grow your business has always been a challenge for many marketers. However, finding and converting prospects into paying clients or customers is how business is built. Therefore, it is essential you learn this skill and get good at it or else your network marketing business will be nothing more than a hobby. So, let’s take a look at some ways you can generate high quality leads into your network marketing business.

List Building

How many times have you heard the saying, ‘the money is in the list’? Probably a lot, right? This is because it is true. If you do not have a newsletter set up yet, you are missing out on a very easy way how to generate MLM leads and sign ups into your business. Ensure you have a newsletter opt-in form on your blog or website where it is visible. There is so much noise on the Internet that it is easy for prospects to get lost in all of it. Therefore, by having a newsletter they can sign up for, you are always there dripping on them and reminding them about you and your business.


One of the most crucial tools for generating leads into a network marketing business is having a blog. It allows the marketer the chance to say exactly what they want while holding on to a captive audience. You should optimize your blog with your newsletter sign-up form to generate leads, utilize widgets to promote your business and by all means, create and share valuable content.

Network in Different Circles

If you were to own a farm, you would need to preserve the quality and integrity of your soil through crop rotation. If you didn’t, your land would just deteriorate. When it comes to building your business, the same holds true. If you are using only one avenue to generate leads for network marketing business and this avenue happens to be oversaturated, you will find it much harder to generate quality leads. Chances are anyone that you come across has already been pitched by your competitors. To break free of this, it is important that you expand your network circles. Find new groups to participate in, build relationships and generate leads.

There is so much opportunity on the Internet to expand your reach; it would be silly for you not to take advantage of it. For instance, one particular newer site available to network marketers to meet new people, promote their business and generate leads is MLM Gateway. This social site allows marketers to share and discover new opportunities. It connects multi-level marketing minded individuals to offer and work in partnerships with one another. It is free to sign up for an account and a great way to generate network marketing leads and sign-ups into your business.

Social Media

If you are not using social media these days to establish your brand and promote your business, you are leaving some serious money on the table. Just about every successful network marketer has a profile or two out there on popular social sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Just remember though, when using social media to generate leads, it is all about sharing value and building relationships. Social media is a slow process but is extremely rewarding if you stay consistent.

You will find some lead generation strategies working better than others. It really depends on your strategy, industry, target audience, location and other factors. Always track your lead generation efforts to see which strategy is working well and which one needs to be tweaked a bit. By doing this, you will improve your ROI on your lead generating.