Marketing Strategies

7 Powerful Strategies that Network Marketers Can Use to Get Their Business Off the Ground and Off to a Great Start

New business owners have trouble with the same typical difficulties regardless of the company they are involved in. Among the biggest mistakes new network marketing business owners make is trying to do everything right from the start. You can be certain that whatever you are trying to do or build, it’s been done already. The quickest and simplest way to get your business headed in the right direction and growing is through finding other people who have already been successful at what you are looking to do and learning from their hard effort. With that said, below are some strategies that will help you get your home business off to a good start.

Define Your Brand

The first phase in building your brand is defining what it is. This is a really crucial step since it will ultimately determine what your brand truly represents. When determining your business brand, you need to develop a checklist of its primary strengths. Likewise, if you are defining a personal brand, you must think of the skills and experience that you have, particularly those that stand out. In addition, you also have to know exactly what your brand represents and what’s essential for your brand (its values). The values of your brand should in one way or another clearly demonstrate that you are contributing to social, economic and environmental well-being of customers. You might not realize some of these essential facets of brand building immediately until you take a look at them objectively.

Personalize your Brand

If you would like your brand building strategy or brand to be a success, then you need to personalize it. It’s essential to give your brand some sort of identity. Let customers see and experience your brand personality in its entirety. Take a look at your brand as a thing that a customer wants to identify with basically as they might with their favorite computers, cellphones or cars.

As you implement brand building, you must also ask customers to become co-creators of brand values to enable them to feel that they also relate with it and own it. Leading brands motivate consumer-brand interaction through personalizing products to meet the preferences and needs of consumers. When you personalize your brand building, you provide consumers with a reason to engage and participate in your brand for life.

Create a Hub for Yourself

As you are developing your personal brand, probably the most essential thing you have to consider is your network. This is what enables you to spread the word about you and your expertise. Things individuals should know tend to get lost – we forget the things people do, what their skills are and overlook the way they could possibly add value to something we are currently doing.

This particular tendency for information to become “lost” can turn into an opportunity for you. If you become the person who connects the gap between those who are not connected to and communicating with each other (not to mention the people who are simply not paying a whole lot of attention), it’s not just a type of career insurance, it’s a strategy to make yourself needed in the network marketing industry. By knowing the power of the Internet and creating a powerful connection foundation, hence making yourself a hub, you are able to develop a reputation for yourself as an influencer or connector and you will ultimately become a go-to person inside the industry that people can trust.

Build your List

The following are reasons why building a list is the best online marketing strategy and an asset you can begin creating right now:

  • You own and control your email list
  • The return on investment of your list is 1000% greater than social networking and 2x higher than search engine optimization
  • On social media, you will only reach a small percent of your target audience, however with list building, your messages are just about guaranteed to reach the subscriber’s inbox (with the exception of you spamming)
  • SEO works great as a base for generating traffic, however most people are not ready to make a purchase right away when they click on your website. Plus, you are truly at the mercy of Google. With email, it enables you to follow-up with your subscribers and nurture relationships on a large scale.
  • With the drop in reach on Facebook and with Google slamming a lot of marketers SEO efforts to rank high on its first page for keywords, you need a more efficient alternative that will yield consistent sales results.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is where you are creating and sharing free content that is valuable in an effort to attract and convert leads/prospects into customers and turn these customers into repeat buyers. The kind of content you should be sharing is closely relevant to what you are selling; quite simply, you are educating people so they know, trust and like you enough to buy from you. People do not want advertising in the decision making process, they want value and educational information.

Content that goes viral through social networks will generate strong word-of-mouth exposure. Content that people look for and desire and is what Google is looking for will rank well in the search engine results so users will find your business.

Publish Videos

Video marketing is among the most efficient marketing strategies; yet so underutilized. Videos hold a particular power over individuals that other types of content such as social media updates and blog posts don’t have. Why? It’s extremely visual, that’s why. Even students have a preference for videos over text content – you can ask any 5th, 6th or 7th grader whether they would prefer to watch an educational video on platypus habitats or if they would rather simply read from their textbook. It is almost guaranteed that not a single one of these students will go for the textbook option.

Something else you have to bear in mind is that just as your viewers will respond positively to high-quality, well created videos, they will also respond negatively to low-quality, unprofessional videos. Therefore if you are going to attempt video marketing on a budget that is skimpy, then don’t bother. You will wind up doing more damage than good.

MLM Leads

Social marketing is all about communicating and networking with people, it’s that simple. After showing them your home business you simply follow-up with them and ask for their decision. How difficult is that? There’s not much to it.

The difficulty however, is finding the people to contact. This is the difficult part.

First, we need to connect to people we know which can often be difficult, and people who are complete strangers which can be even more difficult. Using fresh multi-level marketing leads certainly is the way to get it done. They are the best people to contact and it’s important for you to have a good list when you begin running out of potential marketing contacts. There are many paths to build a strong list of MLM leads. The two primary ways are purchasing leads or obtaining them yourself. There are pros and cons to both techniques.

Buying a MLM Leads List

Obviously the best way to build a profitable multi-level marketing business is finding the easiest way to get your product or service and your business opportunity out there in front of people who are also looking to begin a new business. There are lead brokers that provide a simple strategy to get a big list of prospects quickly. Depending on the broker and just how much you spend on these leads may range from complete crap to highly responsive. That all is determined on how the broker collects the leads.

Look out for low-quality, cheap MLM leads that are usually gathered by some type of co-registration back out strategy. The potential lead was probably offered several advertisements to click on, being told to get rid of the offers they were not really interested in. Some of the people don’t even read what they are doing and just click on everything only to wind up on a list which is then made available for sale to unsuspecting purchasers.

The very best leads/prospects are those who have visited a website and have filled their information in on a long form survey which asks them very specific questions regarding their desire for starting their own home based business. For instance how much time they have each week and the amount of capital they have to begin a business.

Generating your own List of MLM Leads

The best MLM prospects are the ones that were generated by yourself. This can be through techniques online such as videos, articles or blog posts, pushing your particular product and network marketing opportunity. Or it can be done offline via distribution of flyers and business cards. People who respond quickly already are qualified as they are coming to you rather than you going to them. The hard part of the work is over.

The last step in generating your own multi-level marketing leads list is to email or phone them, nurture the relationship and eventually sponsor them.

Getting leads daily is not something that will happen overnight for you; however, it will happen. Start with a couple of lead producing techniques, then when you are ready continue to add more, master them and repeat.