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A New Contact Every Day?

This is no problem for experienced network marketers, but an absolutely unachievable goal for a novice. But a supply of new contacts is one of the elements of success if your business is to run smoothly and not end after fourteen days. But how can you manage this?

Most people starting out in MLM business may be too shy to contact people around them. In spite of the fact that they are intensively requested to do so, this may be the worst thing a stressed out and uncertain novice has to do. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the MLM model, you know this as their friend and not everyone is able to accept your new path as you would wish. But don’t be annoyed at them, they are entitled to this the same as you are entitled to reach people who may be interested in your offer.

How to find interested people?

Apart from traditional methods – it will happen sometime – a web specialising in MLM contacts may be an interesting supplement and possibly suitable for practicing and acquiring certainty in presenting your opportunities. Contact those who are experienced in MLM, or are still seeking their opportunity but are evidently interested in this business model. Such contacts can be found on specialised networks or websites and the MLM Gateway network is one of these.

Registration is free and you will obtain access to the whole database, which can be variously filtered according to predefined criteria, immediately after activation. The MLM Gateway gives you the opportunity to contact one person every day with your offer, free of charge using a simple form on the website.

Two birds with one stone

I hear you saying “What do I need people who are already involved in some sort of MLM for? Why should they listen to my offer?”

And why not? If they weren’t interested they would probably not waste time registering to similar websites. Furthermore, it is certainly advantageous to address someone to whom the MLM model is not completely foreign or someone who is already making money from this model.

Apart from the fact that you are not required to provide lengthy explanations of the business model, you have an excellent chance to focus purely on presentation of the opportunity– the product itself. At the same time you face the enormous challenge of honing your own style and personality and the chance to become confident in your reasoning.

Listen to and carefully observe the presentation by the contact you address. Observe how he works with you: how he behaves, his expression, what he says, how and when. Make notes and ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on your presentation.

Don’t be too worried about the results. Don’t aspire to obtain this contact at any price. Be open and prepared and you won’t be disappointed.

If you approach this method of seeking contacts as a game, because you really have nothing to lose here, on the contrary, you will achieve victory! In this case you should be pleased with every refusal. Whether or not your offer is accepted plays absolutely no role here, even though the former is and always will be better, the main point is effective training in the techniques of acquaintance, communication and establishment of relationships.

And if you do meet an interested person, who has never encountered MLM, and you interest him in a partnership, then this will be a sweet reward for the work you have carried out, particularly on yourself.

Business should be entertaining and you should therefore enjoy it. Start playing. You have chosen the scenario and now it is time to start rehearsing and using this rehearsal to hone your behaviour, your business role.
MLM Gateway is an excellent stage, on which you can present your first attempts to the world.

Try it!