How to Generate Leads in Network Marketing

Lead generation is simply the most important part of your MLM business. You can’t build significant income from network marketing without a continuous flow of fresh leads. But what are the best ways to generate new prospects online?

Build a Website

You can build a personal website to generate free network marketing leads. You’ll need to know how to sell yourself. Give your prospects a reason to join you. What makes you stand apart from the rest? What expertise and value can you offer your prospects if they should decide to partner with you? These are the types of questions you will want to answer on your website. Sell ‘you’…not your business.

Setup a Newsletter

Almost all network marketing sites today have some form of newsletter opt in form that prospects can subscribe to. Offer some free value in exchange for the prospects name and email address. This can be a free training, weekly newsletter with information on building a MLM business or something similar. Add a newsletter form on your website. If you drive enough traffic to your site, you should be able to build a big list of targeted leads in a matter of weeks. This list will be filled with people who have shown some interest in you, your free offer and your industry. They are known as warm leads and the income you can generate from them could last a lifetime provided you keep them happy.

Personal Blog

Having your own blog works great when it comes to obtaining free MLM leads. Get your creative juices flowing and put up some valuable content that readers will want to come back to. This will be your central hub where you will provide information that your ideal prospects will find value in. Your blog should be engaging and interactive and you should update it regularly to get people to come back. You should definitely tie in social signals as well so your blog posts will go viral. An important element of your blog is how you plan on collecting the names and emails of your readers. The chances of people coming to your blog and returning without a reminder are pretty slim. Therefore, this is where that newsletter opt in form would come in handy. You can build a relationship through your email list and send them back to your blog posts.

Video Marketing

Did you know that YouTube is considered the third highest traffic site on the web? It has over 4 billion videos which are viewed daily. Many people start their search off on YouTube alone. Creating some engaging videos and building up a YouTube channel is a great way to generate network marketing leads.

Establish an Active Social Media Presence

You will find so many big personalities in the MLM industry on social media sites alone. Just think what it could do for your business if you became one of these big personalities? Even if you choose not to become one of those Guru’s, you can still profit from establishing and maintaining a social media presence that is active. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are a great place to start. Even if you are not successful, you can still use these sites to ‘fake it until you make it’ while you are building a big name for yourself.

What to Do with These Leads Once you have Them

You know what’s remarkable? Over 80% of MLM leads generated are not even followed up with. Puzzling. It can be very exciting to get that first lead in your network marketing business and you follow up with them with a phone call or email. But, then after your initial contact, you lose their interest. Why is this? It is because you haven’t nurtured that lead properly. You need to keep following up with your leads, dig deep into their situation, find a need, build a relationship and so forth. Follow up doesn’t stop at one contact. Follow up (or lead nurturing) is a continuous thing. So, how do you nurture your leads?

Implement an Immediate Response System

You can do this automatically or manually, but the important thing is make it instant as possible. This is usually done through some type of autoresponder campaign. Your first email could be a simple message letting them know you will be contacting them shortly. Let them know when you plan on contacting them. You can even offer them some type of value for responding back to you quickly. Be sure you contact them when you say you will (generally within 24 hours).

Offer Value Upfront

Offer them some value right from the starting gate for interacting with you. This could be in the form of free training, information, how to guides or some other free incentive. Be sure to follow through with this value once they do make the interaction.

Don’t Sell

Resist the urge to pitch your business or try to sell anything to them. Just continue educating, advising, counseling and coaching your leads. All prospects will know that if they want to ask questions or speak with you; they can. You do not have to force an appointment. If you engage them enough and nurture them, they will eventually come to you if interested. But allow them to do so at their own leisure.

Make Your Communication Stand Out

Never send prospect-nurturing emails that are boring or just plain vanilla. This makes it too simple for people to delete it. Choose words that are compelling. Craft up your message to make your lead the highlight of your story. Make your messages all about them; not you or your business. Compel them to take action.