More Tips to Generate Free MLM Leads into your Network Marketing Business

Leads are what keep you in the game for building any kind of business, both on the web and off; therefore having a good multilevel marketing lead generation system is essential to the success of your home based business. Multilevel marketing leads are the lifeblood of your business; if you don’t have a constant flow of fresh, targeted leads – you don’t have a business, period. When you are able to generate a continuous flow of targeted leads, then ultimately you can write your own paycheck.

It’s essential to understand though; that not every lead is equal in quality. A low quality lead generation strategy could end up costing your network marketing business much more than it might appear at the start. If the leads you are getting aren’t properly qualified, you will have wasted your money and time on unqualified, disinterested and untargeted prospects that will not likely sign up for your opportunity or purchase your products.

Home business lead generation is actually something you have to be doing every day. Consistency is the real key to being successful in many areas of your business; however with lead generation, it is critical. Your pipeline must be continuously filled with fresh, targeted leads that you are able to contact about your business. Knowing this, let’s explore a few more ways to generate fresh, targeted leads to your MLM business.

Blog for Leads

You may already know; success in network marketing is about building relationships. Having a personally branded blog that includes your content, videos and pictures will enable your prospects to connect with you more effectively online.

If you’re concerned about a lack of online experience or technical skill, then you will be happy to learn that creating a blog is extremely easy today. The WordPress platform is among the most well-known (and easiest) way to create a blog, with the setup actually achievable with just a few clicks of the mouse. The only required cost is for web hosting, at about $5-10 each month. Therefore creating a blog is definitely an extremely economical way of marketing your home business.

A WordPress blog, although simple to make use of and build, needs to be promoted, just like any kind of stand-alone website. It is never going to be discovered and get you visitors, if you do not get out onto the internet and market it. There are a variety of techniques you may use to advertise your blog and get leads and prospects interested in your network marketing business.

Youtube for Leads

You will find vast amounts of hits every week on YouTube videos and several people are making a substantial income by marketing their products on it. If you haven’t began creating videos yet, then what you’ll need is some simple and basic free software (you probably already have some of this software already on your PC), a microphone and a camera which records video – this is the quickest way of getting your product and your face known on the internet.

Just like Facebook, YouTube does provide a paid advertising feature too. So if your spending budget enables it, and you wish to reach a much greater target audience with your videos, then you can certainly pay for your home business marketing on a pay-per-view basis.

List Building for Leads

What a great amount of home based business owners do not comprehend, is the process of building a list. If you can get individuals to fill in a form or leave a good email address when they respond to your MLM marketing, then this list may be used for future advertising campaigns. The proper way to build a list is actually by offering value to your prospect in return for their contact information. For example, you can offer a totally free coaching newsletter or a brief guide on how to earn money from home.

It is hard to run a highly effective MLM marketing campaign if you do not understand how it all works. There is plenty of mindset behind marketing efficiently and if you do not comprehend the concepts of multilevel marketing and product sales success then now could be a great time to learn.

Blog Commenting for Leads

To be able to generate free home business leads on the internet with blog comment, you will need to take notice of the dates of posts. You don’t want to waste your time and energy posting comments on friendless and deserted blogs.

The higher the amount of engagement on a blog the greater chances you will have of getting free leads online through the comments you make. Again, the important thing for this to work is for you to post comments that are helpful and valuable.

Keep in mind, the blog owner is providing you with an invaluable link which could generate free leads for your business therefore leave something useful in return. A comment that is pointless is not any value to the blog owner and your comment will most likely be deleted. Focus on offering value and you won’t be wasting your effort or time.

The next advantage to generating free multilevel marketing leads through this blog commenting technique is that you will also get backlinks to your own website or blog. Therefore even if you are not getting prospects joining in your opportunity you might see an increase in your blog’s search engine ranking.

Craigslist for Leads

There is no need to register a craigslist account to publish ads. Understand that a few of your ads can get flagged, removed and your email address might be blocked from craigslist. This happens to everyone. If it happens, just create another email address and repeat. Don’t attempt to post too many ads at one time. Stick with Craigslist’s terms to avoid getting blocked. Every two days, you can ‘renew’ your existing ads and post 3 more new ones. Over time, your ads will rack up and be spread all over Craigslist.

MLM Social Communities for Leads

Let’s explore two of these types of sites that are quite powerful. These are BetterNetworker and MLMGateway. Both are designed to help you build relationships and generate network marketing leads for your business.


This may be used along with your own blog should you have one. Keep in mind, it’s not required to own a blog to be able to generate leads because as you will discover, BetterNetworker provides it’s paid subscribers the opportunity to generate qualified network marketing leads inside each piece of content that you write.

BetterNetworker is a very effective MLM social community for the motivated entrepreneur with a solid reputation. With more than 3000 websites linking back to it, a 5800 Alexa score and a US traffic rank of 2355, you can’t beat this site. It’s one powerful tool to place in your arsenal with regards to generating MLM leads and getting your site ranked up on the first page or two of a Google search.

Apart from being a vehicle for generating MLM Leads, this site is your one stop stomping ground for education with regards to learning all there is to know about online marketing, MLM, online Lead Generation and more.

MLM Gateway

Generating leads is simple with MLM Gateway. The objective of this website is to allow individuals to showcase their network marketing company to one another. This tool is also designed for those who don’t currently have a MLM business yet. MLM Gateway provides them the chance to connect with and communicate with business owners who have adequate skills, knowledge and experience in network marketing.

Each member of this community has the ability to meet those who are experienced in multilevel marketing. The MLM Gateway takes care of providing the members contact info and all other communication that goes on between members will happen outside this powerful platform. Members will then have the chance to email each other information about their business, talk with each other over the phone or even meet face to face, where they can then present their companies they are involved in to one another. By consistently engaging in conversation with MLM leads each day, members’ home businesses will explode quickly.

To sum it up, MLM Gateway provides you the chance to generate highly-targeted MLM leads who are interested in network marketing and get their contact information so you can then build relationships outside the platform – this is very important for the growth of your business. Not to mention, you can use MLM Gateway for free.

Hopefully these tips have provided you with some value and ideas for generating more leads for your MLM business. Keep in mind however; more leads will equal more sales and recruits. You are working a real business that needs constant exposure to be able to earn a residual income from it. There’s no way around it, consistency is key.