Online Network Marketing

Online Marketing vs. Offline Marketing: Which is Better in Network Marketing?

When it comes to network marketing, the focus is on others. The system you use must be simple to follow and be fun for your business to see growth without you at times. But, the real driving force of your business is you and the actions your team sees you doing are what they will duplicate. The question, however, is if you focus on online or offline marketing.

Marketers who support offline network marketing claim that you cannot grow a massive downline utilizing the internet alone. Their thought is that with online methods, there’s no personal touch.

On the other hand, online network marketing supporters claim the internet provides them with unlimited opportunities to reach out and connect with millions of people; something that is not feasible with offline marketing and would be very costly if attempted. Additionally, they claim you are able to build up many streams of income since they can sell info-products to prospects who originally said no to their business.

Online Marketing

The foundation of network marketing is building a large network of people who purchase and promote products. With the internet, you get the opportunity to build a huge worldwide network. According to Internet World Stats, the number of worldwide Internet users is approximately 3,079,339,857 and 310.3 million of those users reside in North America. There’s been a 753.0% growth since 2000. It comes as no surprise why network marketers take their business online.

If you are using strictly offline marketing, how do you possibly think you can reach that same number of prospective prospects and customers? When building your business online, it is almost limitless the amount of people you can reach.

The advantages of working your network marketing business online are extensive. You are able to talk with highly interested and targeted prospects in your pajamas if you choose. When you are online, your business is continuing to work for you 24/7 even while you sleep. There are low maintenance costs to do business online and it’s very simple to expand your organization internationally. Most importantly, its so easy to build a business online that anyone can do it and find success without having to be a computer genius.

Some Online Marketing Strategies include:

• Social Media
• Blogging
• Email Newsletters
• Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads
• Forums
• Video Marketing

Offline Marketing

Although the Internet is rising in popularity, there are still those marketers who refer to other advertising channels that are not online. Offline marketing methods use media channels that are not on the Internet in order to create awareness of the company’s services or products. These channels can be anything from billboards, pamphlets and signs to radio, television ads or print advertising.

Because it is almost a prerequisite for companies to have a business website, offline marketing methods are typically tied into the business’s online efforts. For instance, companies like Ford have print ads that include vehicle information, but they include predominant references and URLs to iPhones or Facebook.

Some Offline Marketing Methods Include:

• Leaving random sticky notes in places like coffee shops and bars
• Promoting on sidewalks with chalk
• Leaving branded pens at the bank
• Donating branded bookmarks to the public library
• Dropping business cards inside utility bills or comment cards/receipts in restaurants

Small and large companies use offline marketing to create buzz about their products or services. The methods can be applied to any size or type of company and fit a number of profiles which include mid-sized and regional businesses, mom and pop shops and major International/National companies.

Why Online Marketing is Best Today

Although offline marketing is a great method for having those face to face meetings with potential prospects, the reality is more can be done behind a computer than waiting for a circumstantial meeting to happen. Not to mention, just about everyone is online today.

If you think you can afford to leave online marketing out of your advertising campaigns, think again. The success of any business today counts on internet marketing. The benefits of online marketing far outweigh traditional offline marketing.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Reduced Cost

To get started with online marketing is just a mere fraction of the cost you would pay for a radio or television ad or an advertisement in Yellow Pages. For instance, Google Local gives you a free listing which is just as effective as an expensive ad on Yellow Pages. Furthermore, while traditional ads only run for a brief time, an SEO campaign will deliver you with long-term results. You can also invest small amounts of money with PPC advertising where you can play around a little with smaller ad volumes until your strategy is perfected and then go on to expand your advertising budget once you know you will see a positive sales return.

Brand Engagement

It’s important to maintain customer loyalty and positive brand awareness in the crowded market we have today. Apart from leveraging your relationships and connections with established clients and relying on word-of-mouth sales, your most essential marketing tool for your business is a website. By having a website that is regularly updated and includes fresh, well-written content, you are able to maintain the interest of your visitors and show them how your business is distinctive and how you provide the most value to your customers.

Real-Time Results

When it comes to marketing online, you do not need to wait several weeks before you see a substantial boost in your network marketing business. By starting a PPC campaign you can actually see real-time results that will allow you to tweak your marketing messages until you achieve the desired results. If your strategy is not that effective, real-time monitoring tools can help you to pin-point the exact campaign that is not working.

Build Relationships in a Targeted Way

You are able to create new, targeted relationships that were never possible 20 years ago. With keyword phrase targeting, email marketing, social media and other strategies, you are able to target a specific audience and tailor a message with extreme precision.

Along with targeted messages, you can use resources like LinkedIn groups to connect and network with other leaders in the industry to build relationships. With resources like this, you are able to connect with colleagues, clients and influencers as well as strengthen the relationships you already have.

Target Specific Niches

Much like you build targeted relationships, online marketing allows you to target specific niches as well where you can deliver your message to a wider audience looking for your services. This can be done relatively inexpensively through participating in groups, targeting keywords on blogs or using hashtags on social media sites. Targeting specific niches can be done easily and efficiently with online marketing.


The amount of devices that we use to connect online is rapidly growing. People are using smartphones, laptops, ipods, netbooks and more to get instant access to the internet. Almost everywhere you look, you will see people jumping onboard the technology bandwagon. Consumers no longer need to sit at their personal computers to get online. They now have the ability to use their IP-capable devices to browse the internet. The best part of online marketing is it can reach the customer wherever they go unlike traditional forms of advertising. When comparing print newspapers to mobile devices, print newspapers can be burdensome, especially for people who are always on the go.

Track Results

Another benefit of marketing online is that you are able to track your marketing results that are displayed to you in detailed graphics providing you with information such as leads, traffic growth and sales conversions. There are free traffic analysis tools available at your disposal such as Google Analytics which can easily help you to track how your marketing translates into traffic.

Instant Conversions

Marketing online can lead to instant conversions, whereas traditional avenues like newspaper ads will take time to develop, design, edit, print, publish and then show up maybe hours later. Where it takes you mere minutes to come up with an online ad, newspaper ads can be left on the desk of advertising reps for days before it’s published.

Wider Scope of Options

As the internet expands in users and capability, you have a wider scope of options at your disposal for enticing new customers. From blogs to websites, paid advertising to videos, you are able to test different ideas out and tweak them as needed while they are live to ensure you are getting the best results for your money. With offline marketing, it can take a lot more hands to control this same process.

Measurable Outcomes

You get measureable results with online marketing. There are various types of online strategies to go with which enables you to easily choose an option that best fits your business and marketing needs. For example, SEO allows you to measure how effective your online marketing campaigns are. The performance of your SEO campaigns can be measured in 4 ways: backlinks, indexation, traffic and ranking. Backlinks make up the number of external and internal links your site has. Indexation metrics determine if search engines are identifying all your site pages. Traffic measures how many website visitors you are getting based on keyword searches and ranking measures where your site is positioned in the search engines.

With the technology advances we have today and the popularity of the web, do you think your business can afford not to use online marketing strategies? When you compare it with traditional print ads, there really is no question that online marketing simply makes sense.