List Building

Powerful List Building Tips for your Network Marketing Business

While many MLM companies have a method for their distributors to keep in communication with their prospects through tools like an autoresponder, in reality, a lot more is required. Distributors in MLM opportunities have to be able to create their own newsletter lists through other innovative techniques. They have to have a way to stand out from the jam-packed field of network marketers and distributors that is so unique prospects will want to opt in and get more information from them by signing up to their list. The good thing is there are ways to do this. Below are 4 tips to help you build your own, highly targeted and responsive MLM opt-in list.

Create an Irresistible Offer

Why would someone want to join your list? What is offered in it for them? To be able to grow your list of prospects, you have to create an offer that will make subscribing to your list a no-brainer. Regardless if it is the infamous ‘boot camp’ or a simple eBook video, you have to show people that you realize their problems and can provide them a solution. When you have achieved this, building your list of prospects shouldn’t be an issue again.

Give First; Then Take

This really is one of the biggest errors that many network marketers make; they don’t take the time to establish a genuine relationship with their list of prospects before they begin pitching their business opportunity. It is also a guaranteed way to grow your list of unsubscribers. You have to develop trust with your prospects prior to even hoping to make a sale. There are lots of methods to build trust, however none are better than offering your best tips and training strategies for free right up front. Show the prospects on your list that you can help to solve their problems and accomplish their goals and you may end up with a list of prospects that will follow you in any path you choose to take.

Leverage Social Proof and Trust

When somebody discovers that others are doing something, this generates positive influence. People just assume that the behavior of other people is the correct behavior and are motivated to take the same action. There are numerous kinds of social proof; however having your own blog will allow you to leverage it by doing the following:

  • Show a testimonial from an expert in the industry that says great things about you and/or your blog.
  • Show how many email subscribers you have.
  • Show how many visitors you get to your blog.
  • Show which well-known websites in your industry have spoken of you.
  • Show how many people actually follow you.

Keep Adding to your List

Add to your list on a daily basis. There are lots of methods to add to your list. Utilize prospecting techniques like classified ads, card grabs or contest entry boxes. Connect with people on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. There is never a reason to not have individuals to add to your list. Finding MLM prospects every day is totally doable and you never know where you might connect with a future network marketing leader.