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by Evans Idongesit, published 18.08.2017
BitConnect Co. is an investment platform launched in the middle of 2016. You can trade cryptocurrencies or invest and earn an interest daily. Basically, you invest Bitcoin with a CryptoTrading Company, that uses your bitcoin to trade, then pay you between 1 to 1.1% of your invested bitcoin as Profit DAILY, Averaging 30 to 33% profit per month! Profits can be withdrawn anytime, and your bitcoin wallet is credited instantly. Continue reading →

by Kaylee Van Horn, published 18.08.2017
Hello all of you beautiful people! I want to tell you a bit about myself just because I really want to connect with you all! My name is Kaylee Van Horn. I'm 21 living the life in New Orleans Louisiana. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs for 1 of them I just rescued recently from my own backyard. Things haven't always been this easy. I'm originally from New York and moved down to New Orleans for a new life. Continue reading →

by Kevin Harrison, published 18.08.2017
WOW, After 12 years of being out of the network marketing game I can see things have only gotten worse since I left. Too many opportunities to consider, too much hype surrounding their promotion, and seemingly not anything that requires a great deal of effort. But things aren't as bleak as I contend I suppose. What is sad is that people have unrealistic expectations about what it takes to be successful and really what success is. Continue reading →

by Lowell Hunter, published 18.08.2017
If you're in the need for extra cash, then look no further, earn $80 per referral. Become an independent sales agent for the Motor Club of America. MCA provides unlimited roadside service that is second to none. Some of the perks of having a membership with MCA include 24-hour service from fixing a flat, jumping your battery, fuel delivery just to name a few. What sets MCA a part from other roadside services companies, is that you’ll also receive a $500 emergency room coverage, $50,000 accidental life insurance, $25,000 bail bonds coverage, $2,000 attorney fee assistance and discounts on much more. Continue reading →

by Chigozie Ekpunobi, published 18.08.2017
Its a saying that health is wealth. Even though this has a deeper meaning, in that being healthy on its own is great wealth, yet can you imagine being wealthy by providing health targeted goods and services, not as a medical practitioner, but as a LongRich partner.WHAT IS LONGRICHLongrich is a 31 year old multinational company with headquarters in China and branch offices in over 50 countries spanning USA, UK, EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA etc renowned for manufacture of ISO and NAFDAC certified quality fast moving health, energy and daily consumable products. Continue reading →

by Taima Blake, published 18.08.2017
I own a Prestigous online Emall where I shop and i dont have to worry about the many hassles people have my shipping, inventory, returns, orders, website & website maintenance and have support 24/7 is all taken care of. I buy endlessly using my online Emall. I promote my business to my many friends, to my family and advertise online via the internet for all to see. I also have many many products from Fashion Bags, Belts, shoes, jewellery my favorite, Time pieces, Sun and optical Glasses, just a few to mention , but best of all for me is the Skin care range that is not tested on animals only humans. Continue reading →

by Alberick Small, published 18.08.2017
Every once in a while a business opportunity comes along and the first thing people say is "Its Too Good To Be True" or "Is That A Pyramid Scheme, well I have good news for you, its neither. This business opportunity is FREE to join, yes I said it FREE and you can still earn a commission as a free member, although you will want to upgrade fast so you reap the benefits of this amazing venture. Another great feature is there is no monthly fees, that in and of itself is a great feature, people hate programs that require Autoships. Continue reading →

by Nakia Sain, published 18.08.2017
THE TIME IS NOW!! JOIN A WINNING TEAMMaybe it's not you....But it is someone out there, and I'll keep sharing this opportunity until I find her/him. When I find them, it's going to be absolutely life changing for her/him.Maybe she/he feels lost and will find theirself againMaybe she/he is an overwhelmed stay at home parent or a college student who needs to make ends meet while in home/schoolMaybe she/he works a fulltime job and needs some extra money to make ends meet or is looking for a way to work less and spend more time with family. Continue reading →

by Ebenezer Amoah, published 18.08.2017
Too much fat in the body causes a lot a danger to the body. It leads to a whole lot of sickness including obesity. Many people have been trying all they could to reduce their weight but to no avail. The drugs they take and even possess lot of threat to their health. This has caused a lot of people to believe there is no way they can lose weight without side effect. There are many drugs and activities that brings more harm to the body as we try to lose weight and stay healthy. Continue reading →

by Robert Caddick, published 18.08.2017
My name is Robert Caddick and my goal is to help 1 million people become successful I have invested Sven years searching for the right company to help me achieve this goal, and I have created a program called Rich Mind Poor mind in this program you will learn how to achieve and level of success you want to achieve, and how to use the law of leverage, see with one we can't achieve as much as if we were 1000 imagine you needed $10,000 and we had 10000 members all we had to do was to ask them to send you a $1 each now you have your $10,000 and you don't have to pay it back, the business I am using has one of the best compensation plans in the business the business is called, LegalShield this business has been in business for over 45 years giving peopl access to the legal system without the hourly cost, for a low monthly cost less then a dollar day in Canada and the US, we have a single plan and a family plan the family plan covers your spouse and your children 21 and under that are still living with you and up to 23 it they are still in school, you get a standard Will Preparation, letters on your behalf, power of attorney, unlimited phone Consultation on any matter, you get to a contract ten pages or less look over, 24 hour number to get access to a lawyer if you ever in a accident, or detained by a police officer, we have membership apps, were if you ever get a ticket just take a picture with your app and sent it to you law firm, they will let you know what to do, there's over 100 ways to use this membership, protect yourself and your family, And we have a identity theft plan to protect you and your family, these plans are available in Canada in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and 50 states in the USA, plans run from $17. Continue reading →

by Julien Krauss, published 18.08.2017
Auf der Suche nach einer Arbeit von zu Hause aus haben Sie ein gutes Netzwerk um Sie herum? Dann ist dieses Angebot für Sie gemacht! Wir sind Händler, wir beschlossen, eine Website zu öffnen und eine Packung zu verkaufen, die beinhaltet: Tut mir leid für die schlechte deutsche, ich habe das nicht selbst geschriebenWIE IHRE SPRACHE, UNSERE DIENSTLEISTUNGEN SIND IN ALLE SPRACHEN VERFÜGBAR, WAS SIE MÜSSEN VERKEHR AUS DER WELT ZURÜCKZUFÜHREN DIE WEBSITE GENANNT DIE FUNKTIONALITÄTEN, VORTEILE UND DIENSTLEISTUNGEN DES MITGLIEDSTAATS, KONTAKTIEREN SIE MICH FÜR WEITERE INFORMATIONEN Forex Ausbildung; Ausbildung an der Börse; Eine Online-Community; Signale (Angaben über die zu ergreifenden Geschäfte); Neben anderen Features. Continue reading →

by Tara Teixeira, published 18.08.2017
Amazingly insane opportunity with ZERO competition that is right people ZERO competition on the market. This is going to blow the technology world out of the water. Just hit the USA less than a year ago. Now is the time to get in . My team is the fastest growing one in the company and when I say we got the big dogs in the networking community I 100 % back this up. Come join me in the revolution that is going to say Cha-Ching in your pockets. Continue reading →

by Rose Orendac Stolarz, published 18.08.2017
I have joined many, many, MLM's so you can say I have tried just about everything! You can also say that I failed at each and every one. Most times it was because the product I was selling was not affordable to the average person. I was just about getting ready to give up on MLM period when I came upon my current company Paparazzi Accessories! I watched my upline for awhile and saw how it easy it was for her to sell this product. Continue reading →

by 'Dapo Olagunju, published 18.08.2017
HERE IS THE OPPORTUNITY CRYPTRADE CAPITAL HOLDS FOR YOUCRYP TRADE CAPITAL is a Trust management company that provides and manages Investment for investors and partners! The Company located in Spain and thier address is Avenida Alfonso X El Sabio 37.2, Alicante, Spain. Main office in Alicante plaza. Company operates in the crypto currency market where they trade crypto currency to bring Profit to us Investors and Partners. Continue reading →

For years I have been struggling with joblessness with lots of bills to pay and not having enough to even get groceries for my family. I and my kids and wife lived like this for years seeking jobs and patching life until IBMS(Instant Bitcoin mining software) was introduced to me. I went for it for $100 then Ithe software link was sent to my email, i clicked and installed it on my computer system and clicked on start mining, but because of my doubt for the too good to be true things that were said about the software, I just clicked the start mining button and went to bed, only to wake the next day to see that I already have $462 worth of bitcoin mined directly into my blockchain wallet and over $2350 within a week. Continue reading →

by Danielle Rominski, published 18.08.2017
I am currently working for a company called NuSkin it is a health and wellness company that has more than 600 products from skin care, to weight loss, to make-up, to products for men, to oral health care, to products for children. The company has been around for 30 years and products are sold all over the world, not just the United States. There are no sign up fees, it is FREE to join! There are no auto-shipments. Continue reading →

by Steve Dorsey, published 18.08.2017
Hi everyone this was me back in 2012 when nothing was working and I had lost everything!Sometimes as an entrepreneur we have this amazing dream of working for ourselves and we are sold on this amazing company that will change our lives for ever! As a matter of fact a lot of people will tell you it is a chance of a life time and you better get in quick!Have you heard "Timing is Everything" and so you better hurry up? Continue reading →

by Kristen Mcdaniel, published 18.08.2017
Did you know your leaving money on the Table! Why?So many People are Leaving their Cold Market out of the picture when it comes to Marketing. Why is this?There are Several reason's Why the number one reason is they Cant Reach hundred's of people in an day. Let me as you this. Have you ever Been stuck in Traffic or in a Large Crowd and wondered how many people would be interested in what yo have to offer? Continue reading →

Magnolia and Vine was founded in February 2015. It has flourished and grown over the past 2 years. I joined M&V in Nov 2016 and I am so thankful I did. Our leadership starting with our main office is second to none. We have very friendly folks that help with anything from orders, education, to hey, I just wanted to say hello. Our product line is so great with many styles that anyone can find something they would "Have to have". Continue reading →

First and foremost this is NOT a business offer/opportunity post! Being new to this community I wanted to introduce myself and waste ZERO time in adding value.Beyond the business I am currently working with, I ultimately help Network Marketers end the "Overcoming Objections" game so they can get on with doing what they really want to a solid team and make more money!So, with that said, if you're looking to grow your team exponentially in the next few months but HATE having to deal with rejection, overcoming and eliminating objections, playing the numbers game, and dealing with "get as many no's as possible before you get a yes" then I am confident that I have resources that will be able to help you. Continue reading →

by Deborah Chezem, published 18.08.2017
Good day to everyone and many blessing to you and yours.I was on a live stream this morning listening to one of our leaders speaking on building the muscle in your brain.It was a great presentation and loaded with lots of inspiration. What a way to get your day was like a work out for my brain. That's thething about being a part of a support system that strives to build people up and lead them in the right direction. Continue reading →

by Martins Bauze, published 18.08.2017
Hello,My name is Martin and I want to share my story.I'm only 22 years old but I already live like I want to. I started in MLM businesswhen I was 17 years old, so only 5 years ago. At first, I was a student with no money and Ilooked for a way to get some more. Of course, I failed at the start, I had no success in this business and there was a moment when I wanted to give up...I did a lot of mistakes, I invested money in some investment companiesor companies with no product (I never saw it, touch it or experienced it), they said they are using this money in advertisements, gold etc. Continue reading →

by Julien Krauss, published 18.08.2017
Looking for a work from home, you have a good network around you? Then this offer is made for you! We are traders, we decided to open a website and sell a pack that includes: Forex training; Training on the stock market; An online community; Signals (indications of the trades to be taken); As well as other features. The pack will be available from 40 € per month. A special code will be given to each person wishing to work with us: It will allow the people you register to have bonuses and on our side it will allow us to attribute each registrant to his referrer (person who has registered) this in the Purpose of you pay your share. Continue reading →

by Tiffany Sonnier, published 10.08.2017
MCA is SIMPLE! You pay $40 for your membership which includes becoming an associate, and MCA will pay YOU $80 per referral! You have to have an Active BANK Account for direct deposit and to purchase your membership. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau! We advertise for their company! Selling the roadside assistance memberships! We use social media to do that! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Continue reading →

by Louis Harry, published 17.08.2017
Si vous aussi, vous souhaitez faire comme moi, voyager à prix cassés et être rémunéré pour en parler, ne passez pas à coté de cette occasion. Cette société est une sérieuse et vous permettra de vous faire un joli complément de revenu ou bien un salaire en conséquent suivant votre implication.MWR Life est un club de voyage nouvelle génération sur invitation, proposant des prix imbattables sur les réservations d'hôtels, resort, vol, croisières, séjours all-inclusive, locations de voitures. Continue reading →


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