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by Princess Zelaya, published 23.07.2019
I joined TLC because I wanted to work for myself. I have a toddler and this opportunity has allowed me to work from home and be with my son. I am an independent business owner. I run my business the way I want. By joining my team I will mentor you and show you the ropes. If you have a smartphone or a laptop you can do this job with ease.With anything in life you have to put in the work. This is not a get rich quick business, BUT the potential to make money is there. Continue reading →

by Duane Harkins, published 23.07.2019
Announcing my grand opening on August 1st 2019. I have teamed up with a mentor who has over 32 years experience and made over $66 million in income. A company that reached over $100 million in just four years in the hottest industry on the planet. Sign up early to get the best position and start changing lives.Hempworx is a global company offering CBD Oil and non cbd products. We even have products for our furry friends. Continue reading →

by John I Taylor, published 23.07.2019
Our Business is helping families and Individuals! If you want to earn generational wealth, this is the company for you!In the United States, 30% of all households have no Life Insurance Coverage. Many Households say they would be in financial straights if the primary wage earner died and would be devastated or even homeless. Nearly 40 million U.S. households (45%) have no retirement assets, according to a recent report by the National Institute on Retirement Security, and someone aged between 45 and 65 heads half of those households. Continue reading →

by Krista Hammon, published 23.07.2019
Hi! My name is Krista Hammon and have been in Multi Level Marketing (also known as MLM) over 15 years! I just love it! When I was 16 I got my first job as a cashier and table busser at a restaurant working with my mom. I always dreamed of working from home and (back in my day - The 90's) we had a newspaper bin down the street where I would go get one regularly looking for work at home companies. Continue reading →

by Thamsanqa Mhlangula, published 23.07.2019 if you had an online business that would put an extrafew thousand dollars in your pocket ... each month ... 12months a year?What if you DIDN'T ever have to RECRUIT anyone directly,talk to anyone or leave home to do it?What if this business was "RECESSION PROOF" since it isworldwide and actually does better in slow economic times?What if this business negates all the concerns that preventthe average person from starting their own business,needless to succeed? Continue reading →

Hi guys, I'm Gloria. I want to talk about recharge and get paid.Recharge and get paid is a network marketing business which allows you to partner with the telecommunication companies by obtaining a VTU licence with a minimum of #5000-100000. Our mission RAGP it to provide safe and secure place where a life changing income can be built. Our goal is to help you generate the cash flow you need to be financially free. Continue reading →

by Prakash Kunjeer, published 23.07.2019
The fact that no one can challenge- We all have finite time.So what does that mean?Simply put, most of us have 50 years of productive life- from age 20 to 70. If you are to work 8 hours/day for all 50 years, you will be working for 146,000 hours in your lifetime. (Note this figure is very conservative!)If you make $10/hour, you will make $1,460,000. Wow! You are millionaire. But only if you save 100% of the money you make. Continue reading →

by Dione Savage, published 23.07.2019
Hello, my name is Dione Savage and I am a Independent Brand Ambassador with Globallee. Globallee promotesall natural products made from nature and is expected to be the next billion dollar company. It only uses effective and healthy ingredients from plants, herbs and botanicals to create its products. We focus on health first and foremost with our all natural ingredients that are backed my science. Continue reading →

by Jonah Yila, published 23.07.2019
Let’s start with the big question, what is halo services The concept is similar to Uber but different because it has investment and mlm Halo services is a location based business which offers services. 52 services are available on the mobile apps andriod and iOS will soon be App Store Company website is And the company is set to establish offices in other African countries starting with And the company is set to establish offices in other African countries starting with Kampala UgandaThey have over 52 services which are Motor bikes taxi , car taxi , courier delivery , food delivery, grocery store deleivery and handyman services like massage, spa, electrician , technician , pet grooming Center , tuition, many more daily services coming up soon According to the roadmap below Transactions are done in local currency of the countries where Offices have been established like in Indonesia, Indonesian rupiyah is used for both Deposits and withdrawals and where there are no physical offices bitcoins are used This is new and nice real concept where company is generating revenue and sharing revenue with investorsJust for example taxi service revenue for one driver in Indonesia generates 10$-12$ everyday And the company distributes 3$-5$ on an average to investors The company, Halo has a mission to establish a number of physical based businesses Like Halo bank, Halo insurance, Halo exchange Presently efforts are on to get Government licenses for the above business in cook Island New Zealand �� Now that we know what Halo services is all about and their mission The next big question is how do i as an investor join the business and make money And the answer is simple you start by buying an investment package, the company has 6 investment packages for you $ 100 $400 $800 $1600 $4800 $9600 You can join with bitcoin automatically on the website and can withdraw commission automatically Direct sponsor income is 5% Binary bonus 8% for pack 100 and 400 9% for pack 800 10% for 1600 11% for 4800 pack 12% for 9600 Now For example 100$ investor will get 6. Continue reading →

by Chuck Holmes, published 23.07.2019
Today, I'd like to share what I would do differently if I was starting over in MLM, knowing what I know now. These lessons come from 17-years of experience in this great industry. The five lessons are listed in no particular order.# 1 I would build my databasestarting day one.The first thing I would do differently if I was starting over in MLM would be to build my list. No, I'm not talking about my name's list of people I know. Continue reading →

by Jamie Parker, published 23.07.2019
INVESTMENT #OPPORTUNITY!IF you could have invested $50 a month in #Amazon before they became a gaint in Ecommerence, would you have?IF you could have invested $50 a month in #Facebook before they became a giant in social media would you have?You now have a chance to invest $10, $30 or $50 into the worlds 1st Ecommerence #SocailMedia site BEFORE WE BECOME A GIANT!!People are investing in Maxous because we have combined Ecommerence and Social Media and WE #PayDAILY to SOCIALIZE & SAVE with Massive Discounts on our Website as members! Continue reading →

Hi guys! Jordan here :) My Journey started with Kannaway as a customer, I really wanted to try CBD oil and vape pens but due to the market being unregulated I had no idea were to turn to get my hands on CBD products that were well, legit and be exactly what they stated. Kannaway had just launched in the UK/Europe when I heard about them, done all my research and finally pulled the trigger on some oil (Pure Gold - a product that is prescribed in several countries and the FIRST to ever been included in the Prescribers' Digital Reference - https://www. Continue reading →

by Nyambura WaMuriuki, published 23.07.2019
Did you know that of the numbers of people who start a home business only a tiny percentage will go ahead to make attractive profit and most of those among the few will be running a network-based business? The power of business networks is not given the requisite attention in the world of business. Yet, it is the most natural way to grow a business, because friends tell friends about the things happening around them. Continue reading →

by Frank Andrews, published 18.03.2019
If you are looking to create massive income online ,you like me, have probably joined many network marketing businesses with little to no success...right?I feel your pain!I have finally found something that actually works and the best part is that there is no cost when you get started today.Start Right HereAre you in the USA or Canada?Do you want to be a part of a business that Forbes Magazine says will be a 2. Continue reading →

WHO IS A NETWORK MARKETING PROFESSIONAL AND HOW TO BECOME IT.Trust you are rocking your network marketing business big.Surprising... I have been engaged in conversation with alot of networkers both online and offline for a while now about their different understanding of who a network marketing professional is , they have given their different contributions of which they are all valid. I know too that you may have your own understanding of who a network marketing professional is. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 22.07.2019
Hey again. Seems like this has been a long time coming.Finally, we're at step number three on making a better decision.The first thing we talked about was gathering information, not all the information. So you don't freak out and spend all your time looking things up, pretending like you're working. And then deciding whether or not you're going to make a decision. And also making sure that your decision is to take a form of action. Continue reading →

If you've been searching for a legitimate business opportunity, one with no start up costs, no product purchase requirements, no monthly fees, no annual renewal fees, no MLM or recruiting required...keep reading. After years of being involved in numerous business opportunities and business ventures, I've finally discovered a truly unique opportunity with truly unlimited potential.The opportunity is with David Allen Capital as a small business capital agent. Continue reading →

by Philip Speed, published 30.04.2019
So just imagine being able to make safe, encrypted calls on your brand new mobile phone over the BlockChain ! Voice over BlockChain Protocol is not a fantasy, its not a pipe dream, its here and well into launch mode. The phone can have your original sim installed as well in case one of your business contacts has not got their hands on a K1 phone already. Privacy is key with this phone, all measures are taken to keep your Data safe so if you wish to talk to a business partner with complete peace of mind that no one will hack you then this phone just may be for you. Continue reading →

by Ann Calabro, published 02.07.2019
Where do you get your cleaning products from? Are they eco-friendly? Are they safe for families? Do you know that there are unregulated chemicals added as a fragrance to many products that we use every day?Are your vitamins guaranteed to be effective? How will you know? How much time do you spend in the grocery store? Do you spend more than $100/month there?Do you get paid to shop where you purchase your products? Continue reading →

by Ann Calabro, published 27.11.2018
My name is Ann Calabro, and I'm building my team, selling one of the fastest growing products in the world...CBD oil and CBD infused products. Our oil is just hemp oil with CBD isolates and optional peppermint or cinnamon flavoring. We have it with or without THC. It has been fully tested by a third party independent lab, and all test results are posted on our site. Our newest products are THC-free CBD infused coffee and Keto(dairy-free) creamer, and the cinnamon flavored oil. Continue reading →

by Ron S, published 22.07.2019
Perhaps you never got the memo?? Fortunes are being made at BREAKNECK speed & NEW MILLIONAIRES are being created every single day with this new CRAZY Crypto App I told you about... >>This is TRANSFORMING the lives of average, ordinary people from all over the world (I'm dead serious)This DISRUPTIVE Blockchain technology is sweeping the globe and those who are taking advantage of it are making money every day - EVEN WHILE THEY SLEEP! Continue reading →

Hi. I’m Debbie and I want to tell you about the business I am in. I have tried so many different multi level marketing companies and never really did anything with any of them even though I tried hard. I started this one after buying the products for a year and loving them. I was asked to think about it and said no. I watched how my upline was starting to go on cruises and always up to something and as I have known her since being a child I knew she was on to something. Continue reading →

by Cathy Weir, published 22.07.2019
Hi, my name is Cathy and today is a great day! I haven't always been able to state this and actually mean it. What changed? I am 52 and this is my story...Without going into too much detail, my health has not been the same since being diagnosed with a chronic disease back in 2006. My weight has been up and down my entire life and after a life time of manual labor, my body and joints are riddled with arthritis. Continue reading →

by Sunil Pant, published 22.07.2019
Hey Friends:I am excited to announce the introduction of Renatus Nova - one of the most advance miracle supplement in India. It works to improve more than 600+ health conditions. Its a SINGLE PRODUCT company with 10-11 streams of income.USP:1. One of the few International company which has been launched in India and will spread across the world.2. The product gives you amazing results within a few weeks of consumption. Continue reading →

by David Williams, published 22.07.2019
This is the Karatbars item audit from the Karatbars back office. All data that clients or members need is given from inside the back office itself. Our main goal with Karatbars is straightforward. We need to make gold possession accessible to everybody... Not simply the rich.At Karatbars we sell 999.9, 24kt bullion in o.1gram to 5gram loads which makes it reasonable. We offer free stockpiling in Germany or FedEx conveyance into 100+ nations. Continue reading →


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