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by Rodney Pless, published 16.12.2015
Prepaid telecommunications business. easy to do low startup cost . packages include cell phoness prepaid sims already preloaded with service from t-mobile, verizon, cricket, many more Lyco mobile, mnvo sprint with bring your own phone plans. Over 1200 suppliers dropshipping all over the world. Prepaid internet service home phone service and more. Our company info YNOT MOBILE LLC IS A WHOLE SALE AND RETAIL TELECOM PROVIDER. Continue reading →

by Mohammed Omer El-tom, published 16.12.2015
Hello Fellow Marketersin the Past B.A I touched on the importance of creating New Streams of Income,But how you can identify the best opportunity to re-invest your earnings ?Well, the reality of it, There is NO BEST, only Calculated RisksHow Calculated? Simple, Your initial strategy is to retreve your capital (the money you started with) then you start working from the earnings :)the most important thing too is that you only pick businesses that are either NEW ideas OR easy to work withregardless wither your community will accept it or notBecause you are Re-inviting your previous effort into this new one, That includes Your Network Structure :). Continue reading →

by Ashley Rode, published 16.12.2015
This is an awesome opportunity for those looking for work in the booming industry of nutrition, dietary support, and tower gardening. Our environment does not produce the same quality of food as it used to, and this is evident by the nutritional value of our produce today. Even though people are becoming more encouraged to eat healthy, there may be gaps in their nutrition that can be filled with this fantastic product. Continue reading →

by Mohammed Omer El-tom, published 16.12.2015
Hello Everyone,Financial Freedom: A term that is the MAIN engine-drive to Hustle when it comes to joining or Marketing a Network Marketing to F\Direct Selling Opportunity, BUT most people DON'T know what is Financial Freedom!!if you asked your Upliner/Coach/Sponsor about that term they will tell you something like:" Oh, it's a dream come true, You never think about money again, you buy whatever you want. Continue reading →

by Network Marketing Assistance, published 16.12.2015
In recent South African history, there have been many occurrences that have impacted heavily on its economy and welfare. These occurrences have had many repercussions in several markets and sectors of the country and have affected not only economically, but socially as well, causing both stirs of unrest cheers of jubilation as these events were broadcasted nationwide. The most recent of these events is the mining strike taking place in Platinum sector. Continue reading →

by Steve Wright, published 16.12.2015
Do you like jerky? I know I sure do! Everyone enjoys a good delicious jerky snack. Why not snack healthy? Why not JERKY? Jerky Direct is a manufacturer of Premium Meat Snacks. (All Natural & Organic) Jerky Direct offers healthy jerky snacks and Pet Treats (for your four legged friends) that are All Natural & Organic! 100% pure jerky that is low in fat and high in protein. A healthy snack for those that are health conscious. Continue reading →

by Latrice Johnson-gober, published 15.12.2015
Life Vantage is not just another company it is a second chance at life. We have so many products to that is good for everyone. We even have a product to enhance your pet's life since they are a part of the family as well. We have anti-aging supplements that add years on to your life. Anti-Aging skincare, Protandim to decrease that oxidated stress that contributes to so many life threatening illnesses. Continue reading →

by Steve Wright, published 15.12.2015
If you happen to be a jerky lover like myself and insist on eating healthy jerky, you definitely can do no better than Jerky Direct Jerky! So what really makes Jerky Direct Jerky so special and so very different from the other brands of jerky out there you may ask? Is there really a big difference in taste and quality? You bet! For starters Jerky Direct Jerky is very moist and tender! NOT like the tough shoe leather type jerky sold in the big box stores. Continue reading →

by Jack Smith, published 15.12.2015
The world of business can be a shark infested pool of clever promoters skilled at parting the unwary from their cash and you need to know how to recognise the signs of a potential fraud. The latest coaching video shows how to identify and protect yourself from potential scam business opportunities has just been posted at WHY IS THIS SUBJECT SO IMPORTANT? - The simple answer is that the Attorneys General are becoming more and more aggressive at not just investigating suspect businesses and prohibiting them from trading while they look for evidence of fraud. Continue reading →

by Ani Happinesss, published 15.12.2015
Fastrack is a business club that provides the structure,strategy and system to enable members succeed in networking, we work with you as a team, we partner with FOREVER LIVING PRODUCT COMPANY, our marketing plan is not a pyramid scheme, there is no cap on your income, it is effort based, downline can earn more than upline, our reward scheme is exciting; it is designed for you to earn a Monthly bonus from fifteen thousand naira N15,000 to Five million N5,000 naira, also Within one year of commitment to the business earn a brand new car worth 4. Continue reading →

by Oluwadamilola Abiodun-adeyemi, published 15.12.2015
This irresistible business opportunity i'll want to inform you about is called Helping Hands International. Helping Hands International,also known as H2i started in Nigeria exactly 2 years ago and so many people have benefited from it. It's an MLM business that helps you to empower others and at the same time,helps you to make money. They offer humanitarian services,scholarship award services,property asset services,financial empowerment services and other services that can help one to live a financially free life. Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 14.12.2015
Want 3 to 5 people a day looking at your business? HERE'S HOW YOU GET ITI know how that title sounds. Qualified and free in the same sentence, is somewhat hard to believe. However, once you understand how the system and methods work, then it begins to give you that "Ah-Ha" moment. It begins with using a system that searches online for people with MLM type backgrounds. The idea is to speak to only those who know MLM, not people who think it's a scam or has no entrepreneur type mind at all. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 14.12.2015
So what is Ad Rotator.Well it is a way to get some money for you to enjoy yourselves and stop worrying where the next penny is coming from.All you have to do is to sign up, for ($67) you will get free training, cash will be immediately posted into your on line account. 100% of money goes to you, you will watch videos to get your website completed and be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Continue reading →

by John Patterson, published 14.12.2015
Avisae is a company that is only a few years old, but it is debt free and already has expanded into Canada and is getting ready to spread into other countries as well. We work with honest, down-to-earth successful businessmen over the phone, and in person who have experience and the tools necessary to help us become successful as well. Oh and it's free! The very first time I was introduced to Avisae my friend Riley invited me to speak over the phone with a millionaire who made his first million dollars when he was only 24 years old! Continue reading →

by Yadav Timmal, published 14.12.2015
As expected, the bulk of the budget has been centred on development of the nation’s infrastructure and billions have been put into employment opportunities which are encouraging entrepreneurship and the expansion of businesses which would benefit firms greatly as they would benefit from these steps regardless of the firms’ expansionary policies. The programme also has maintained its emphasis on human settlement programs and the creation of new settlements and plans of new cities/towns for the future. Continue reading →

Many people become attached to one company. This industry is really NOT about the company. It's about LEARNING a system to make the most amount of money in the shortest period of time, and then showing other people how to do it – REGARDLESS of the company! I say this because companies come and go, but the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in this industry always stays with you no matter what program you're working with. Continue reading →

by Yadav Timmal, published 14.12.2015
These matters are also somewhat addressed in the National Budget and can be seen as somewhat redundant on the union’s behalf. The Federations of Unions on South Africa’s (FEDUSA) proposal submitted to the Select Committee on Finance contained few recommendations but some that seem urgent to the country’s state of health affairs. The proposals were to have vast improvements in the follow areas in the health and safety sector: i) Management Training; ii) The replacement (and retention) of doctors and professionals; and iii) Enhanced revenue management. Continue reading →

by Debra Diamond, published 14.12.2015
Network Marketing has some controversy for some people... There are those who consider it a pyramid structure, but almost every large sales organization in the world is based on this form. Essentially all sales people earn commissions, and the sales managers will earn overrides or bonuses on top of that. Then the sales directors will earn on top of those commissions and overrides, and of course the VPs earn even more on top of that. Continue reading →

by Yadav Timmal, published 14.12.2015
As seen above, their initial proposal is a more progressive tax system which would tax the rich at a higher rate than the poor, as adopted in most countries but more severely in some European countries such as France. This is an ongoing problem as the government seeks to spread the income earned amongst its citizens equally but is a highly unlikely goal in the foreseeable future. The introduction of the solidarity tax is a modern thought that is used in Europe in countries like France and Germany and may seem to be a plausible step to increasing revenue and helping the economy. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 14.12.2015
So as the heading says "You are Broke" you have no savings, no spare money. What are you going to do ?Are you going to join us and get ready to be non-broke, or are you going to keep on the same path and amass more debt to be more broke.So do you have a plan to get out of your current situation ? Would you rather be debt free and have the cash to do what goes through your mind each day.We can help you, for a small amount ($67) you can work with us and get yourself on the road to become debt free and have some of your dreams come true. Continue reading →

by Greg Mccormick, published 13.12.2015
Thank you for taking the time today to join me as I share my journey into what, has on many levels changed my life and that of my families. I always was interested in customer care at many levels. In my 50 years working I have experienced every known avenue of direct sales as a business. Never had I encountered, let alone knew existed true structure and workability until last year. I was introduced to Market America. Continue reading →

by Jan Terry, published 13.12.2015
Webopedia had this great definition of the term webinar:webinar (Web-based seminar) by Vangie BealShort for Web-based seminar, a webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss information.Contrast with Webcast, in which the data transmission is one way and does not allow interaction between the presenter and the audience. Continue reading →

Why Joining A New Opportunity May Not Be The Answer For You(visit for your free copy of "20 ways to get leads")Have you been talking to people about your opportunity, yet no one seems to be interested?Are you tired of being rejected, and avoided all the time?Well my friend, I use to feel the same way, and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Then, I discovered something that helped me go quickly from recruiting no one in my business, to top levels, and leader of several teams. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 13.12.2015
Well, a New Year is fast approaching, are you ready for it ?Did you have high hopes in 2015 ? How did you do ? If you are like many people you did not have the means or the way to reach your hopes/dreams. Well, what if we told you that we have the business opportunity that can propel you forward in 2016. Would you be interested, or will you still struggle the way you did in the year before.Join us, we have the vehicle that will help you to reach your New Year dreams. Continue reading →

by Jan Terry, published 13.12.2015
To change one's mind is not just a women's prerogative. With all that happens in today's work place and the financial world, we often find it necessary to leave one opportunity for a better opportunity with another company. Sometimes, it is possible to maintain your position with the first opportunity while pursuing something that might appear to be better for you. All too often, this is not the case and you must break off all business activity from the first opportunity. Continue reading →

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