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by Bri Biz Consulting, published 02.08.2021
There's more to life than enslavement to a job just to pay bills, having no time for family or fun. We spend the majority of our lives as puppets to the alarm clock, rush hour traffic, company politics and unfair practices because that's what we were taught growing up. Go to school, get good grades, get a job. What kind of life is that? I didn't buy it. We are not born to just pay bills and then die. Continue reading →

by Tenesha Felton, published 02.08.2021
COVID has taught us that there is a need for opportunities to earn additional income. Through this pandemic individuals lost their jobs which led to them becoming unable to provide for their families. This has caused financial distress for a lot of families. I can not tell you how many individuals I meet that say to me they need to make a change. People complain about being over workers, having no time for family and not making enough money. Continue reading →

by Lori Hood, published 02.08.2021
would you be interested in a global hemp and health company you can work from your computer or phone anywhere that has internet? ~Available in U.S., Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the U.K. puerto Rico is our next launching zone. Continue reading →

If I didn't come up with something quick, we were gonna be here all night.A long time ago, in a state far away...We were stuck.The fighting vehicles were stuck. The tow vehicles were stuck. In a grove of trees, just off the road, in a swampy area of Ft. Stewart, GA.What am I saying. Georgia is a swamp. A nickname of Ft. Stewart is Camp Swampy. It rains all the time, and everything is wet most of the time. Continue reading →

by Krista Lynn, published 02.08.2021
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live every day feeling like you did when you were a child? Full of energy and happy to be alive.  I got stuck in the seemingly never ending cycle of adult life for years.  But then I was introduced to a new morning routine.3 super easy steps every morning is all it takes to get your energy back!  I'm a busy mom with three children (6, 4, and a newborn). Continue reading →

How can someone create connections and cashflow for their business in Facebook with simply 30 seconds of work in Facebook?Because the last time I checked, the only thing that took less than 30 seconds was copy/pasting affiliate links for a business opportunity and calling it a day.And we all know just how ineffective that is in getting interested people for the business.Some people believe that Facebook lives are the best way to capture peoples' attention. Continue reading →

by Aafreen Mapari, published 02.08.2021
Hello friendsIn this pandamic situation we all are suffering for health issues and financial issues. lots of people lost them job and also buisnessman losses of buisness . lots of people loss them life . We lost our nearest amd dearest.So what We learn this covide from lats 2 years . Health is very important to us we required to invest our health first helath is primary responsibility and educate to other our nearest and dearest regarding to health investment and importance to health . Continue reading →

by Meagan Ruggiero, published 02.08.2021
My name is Meg and I am an Executive Director and Leader with Color Street. Color Street is a beauty brand that came to market in June of 2017. We offer an innovative alternative to traditional liquid nail polish and have been making big waves in the nail polish world over the last 4 years. I have been with the company since launching in the United States in 2017 and am part of the Top 1% of the field. Continue reading →

How would you like to make 5K + in the next 30 days?What's that I hear " sure, here we go again" ok look, I get it, your right to be skeptical, after all, we get a bit tired of hearing it don't.I didn't make $5K last month, in actual fact, I made considerably more and so did a lot of our team, we're nothing special, just normal people. Want to know how we did?Then carry on reading. if you can't wait until the end here is the presentation pageThe carry on reading. Continue reading →

by Hilde Regine Rayani, published 04.05.2021
All the marketing Gurus are telling us that the money is in the list. That is true, but without Traffic there will be no list at all. So that is why I am going to introduce to you a system that can help you generate traffic to your list.Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you: Affiliate disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission at no extra cost to you if you should click through and make a purchase. Continue reading →

by Cindy Woodrow, published 24.06.2021
Hi my name is Cindy, I'm a Wife and Mom to 4 children. I work in the Healthcare industry, taking care of people's well being is my passion. I have my own business in the Health & Wealth industry. The Company I work under is an outstanding award winning company in the US called Tranont. Tranont means Change Life! This business has done just that for me financially and with the Amazing products they have to offer. Continue reading →

There's a free app that pays you just for running it in the background on your phone. It's called Tapestri, and it basically allows you to get paid for the data you give to Facebook and Google for free by being members on their sites. Except the data Tapestri helps you sell is anonymous and doesn't identify you at all. The best part is you literally don't have to do anything except set up a free account, and let the app run on your phone to make money. Continue reading →

by Paul Vick, published 02.08.2021
There are so many problems that need to be solved, and it seems like all of our time is spent just trying to survive. We work hard at jobs we don't love in order to pay for things we don't really need.The Rapid Profit Machine was created as an alternative way of earning income online, without the hassle or high risk associated with other business models.With this system which is built using the builderall digital marketing platform allows you can earn money by doing what you already do online every day - sharing links on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Continue reading →

by Gayle Coleman, published 14.07.2021
Hi my name is Gayle and I have years of experience in network marketing but never saw the success like I have with this one. Have you ever felt like you were spinning wheels and not getting to where you think you deserved? That was me, until now!!When I first came across this company we were just starting out in the online network marketing industry a year ago. The amazing thing is the company was already well established and debt free as has been around for 17years, yet ground floor in online world. Continue reading →

by Tracy King, published 28.07.2021
STOs (Security Token Offerings) are fast changing the field of fintech. STO investors are offered safe and transparent direct investments in companies and segments of the marketplace. Security tokens are a highly regulated securities and are digital shares of a company/companies backed by real assets. The owners of security tokens have the right to dividends, as well as the right to vote. At the same time, blockchain technologies provide complete transparency of processes and investment safety. Continue reading →

by Crystal Jack, published 15.07.2021
  My name is Crystal Jack, I am the owner of Perfect lashes Training. I am a 4 times Certified Eyelash Technician and Instructor. Our mission at Perfect Lashes Training is that once you've completed our 2-day training certification course that you have the knowledge and all the tools to be a successful eyelash technician and start MAKING MONEY IMMEDIATELY!. We offer in-class training as well as virtual training. Continue reading →

by PHIL SCHAEFER-Good4You-Gourmet, published 15.02.2021
Once upon a time, You were here. Given the Op-por-tu-ni-ty* to Take a bite from this Pie* and Run with it. What you chose to do next is obviously your choice, but Remember This Day. The Day You were offered something so unique, so important and so very much appreciated by every Human Body. That's right, every BODY needs this. Everybody!!What You DO Next will be HUGE ... Take my advice and follow my lead. Continue reading →

Are you a networker and you entered the MLM business hoping to succeed in it? Then I have information for you to help you take one more step towards success.I want to introduce you to the platform for making money and advertising on the Internet. You will find that this is a great tool for promoting your business on the Internet, making it easier and faster for you to attract new partners to your project. Continue reading →

by Charmaine MacDonald, published 27.07.2021
Seriously it doesnt get any easier than this! Everyone should just download this ad, FREE members earn up to USD25 for having it downloaded and if you want to earn more as a FREE member, introduce it to your friends and family and you get a Dollar! The big earning potential is if you join as an affiliate! Just USD10 for an entire year but soon, very soon, you will be able to download that app as it goes live in the stores and then its USD10 monthly to be an affiliate! Continue reading →

Founding Members are getting in place now and building their Team now: has been created by three exceptionally experienced leaders. One of the founders (Brad) sold a business at 23 years of age for $80 million. He has been involved in many businesses since, and now is focused on the success of Snapdelivered.Another creator (Tony) built and sold his restaurant delivery service composed of thousands of restaurants in the Midwest. Continue reading →

by Sal Gagliano, published 30.07.2021
Direct-to-Merchant consumer financing aka Buy Now Pay Later, is the fastest growing alternative payment method in the US. Financing is nothing new. You see financing in furniture stores, jewelry stores, and now you see financing on e-Commerce websites.Direct-to-Merchant means funds are paid directly to the merchant once the customer gets approved. Approval times take seconds and not hours. Once the customer gets approved funds are deposited into the merchants bank account within 48 hours - similar to a credit card sale. Continue reading →

by Darren Wallace-Smith, published 30.07.2021
It all began when we interviewed just over 200 local businesses about the struggles they have in their business and how they solve those issues. From these interviews came the top 3 issues just about every one of them listed as their main challenges and they included; cash flow, being time poor and where to find the answers to their business challenges.The first two challenges are pretty straight forward, but the issue for these business owners, was a bit of pot luck to do a Google search and find the right company or consultant that would be able to solve the issues they faced. Continue reading →

Any network marketer who has/had been an Advocare distributor knows what the government can do to a network marketing company and each distributors business. Thousand of distributors have been affected by the company eliminating the networking part of the distribution of their products. So many times, when that happens ultimately good things come from it.Early this year Dr. Robert Hackman, the brains behind the Advocare products left the company and became the Chief Science Officer for the Social Benefits company, Alovea. Continue reading →

by Timothy Eva, published 30.07.2021
Think of this Imagine earning an average of ₦11 every minute from a Telecom business, now after doing the math you will no doubt agree with me that this money can change your life forever.Let's do the Maths and see how true this is. We have 1,440 minutes in a day, So? Let's punch our calculators and see how this figure can change your finances.₦11 × 1,440 minutes = ₦15,840 daily₦15,840 × 30 days = ₦475,200 monthly, imagine that figure in your account every month as passive income while you're doing your other business or job. Continue reading →

by Joshua Peter, published 30.07.2021
MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) It's a business strategy in which a company uses a network of agents to sell their products directly to customers, bypassing through the traditional distribution chain. MLM businesses require software to handle operations and to do business more efficiently. MLM software is beneficial to organizations in a variety of ways. The software can assist businesses in setting up a website and integrating payment gateways, as well as managing customers, accounts,and sales. Continue reading →

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