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Let's say you have a hundred dollars and want to know how to spend it wisely. Your first thought might be like just to put it in the bank. If you put your money in a deposit, you will earn no more than 105 dollars in a year. But it's not exactly fun to wait a year, or 365 days, just to make $5. Luckily there is a better way! You could spend your $100 on advertising with an Artificial Intelligence Marketing Robot. Continue reading →

by Eruvwu Obuaya, published 30.04.2021
As someone who has been in the business opportunity arena since the early 2000s, I believe I am properly placed to clarify what is a good business opportunity. When I carried out my keyword search for the term 'business opportunity, using a special resource I have as part of a premier membership I have, I discovered 200 websites competing for this exact keyword were ranked on Google. I also discovered that for this keyword you will have at least 11 visits a month to your website if you were fortunate to rank on the first page of the search engines. Continue reading →

Crowdfunding! By far the easiest way to make money legally, privately and immediately! Ever heard of services like Go Fund Me? That is a great example of a crowdfunding platform.  I personally have used services such as that one to raise funds for a funeral for my son a few years ago. It was a blessing at the time.  Ok, so stay with me... this system tracks donations made to you using a unique game changing technology called the mobius loop. Continue reading →

by Wes Gaddis, published 30.04.2021
Tik Tok For Business LeadsTik Tok the former music sharing platform has taken businesses to a whole new level.  Imagine setting up your tik tok account today and making personal sales over as much as 100k (in months not years).   Tik Tok is at a place where Facebook and Instagram was when they first started.There lies the potential for you to build your following and explode your sales with each 15 second video you make. Continue reading →

by Larry Grant, published 30.04.2021
Dear Member My name is Larry Grant. I am a Professional in the financial sector: I’m a director of a Cryptocurrency Hedge FundI’m a Forex TraderI work with a Private Placement Platform I’m helping to build the World’s Largest Blockchain Alliance Unless you are already a high net worth individual the first three services won't be available to you and I only mention them to give myself (hopefully) a modicum of credibility. Continue reading →

.... who would you invite?After a lot one experiences good ones and really bad ones, one situation changed my life.A mentor and friend of mine invite me to IX Global. He ask me to download the app for free and watch through it. I was so surprised what amazing tools i just found there. Just about all cores of self development, health ,spirit, everything what make sense to be successful . Continue reading →

My name is Esterina and I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I joined Mary Kay just over 2 years ago and absolutely love the products, I initially joined to try the products and buy them for myself, and had no intention of starting a business. What's not to love I am enjoying up to 40% discount on all the products, YES! 40%. Then one day my friends and family started to comment on how my skin was glowing and what was my secret, before I knew it I was selling the products and teaching my customers how to look after their skin. Continue reading →

by Stephanie Hayes Gant, published 30.04.2021
Tate + Zoey is a division of a proven, well established, multi-million dollar wholesale company in the $61 BILLION gift giving industry. What makes Tate + Zoey different is that it is an exciting new social e-commmerce experience that provides a business opportunity for individuals to partner as Brand Affiliates. We inspire you to be your best self while bringing the soul and fun back to gift giving. Continue reading →

by Rudy Lorrah, published 30.04.2021
If you are interested in helping other people change their lives, while also improving your own, this is the place to start.Everyday, I see the improvement in many lives. The woman who's daughter has spectrum (autism) and the change our products have brought to their lives. Her daughter says "it slows down her brain so she can think more clearly." And the woman who reversed time and took 15 years off her face and body - from the inside out. Continue reading →

by Tobi Olusegun, published 30.04.2021
How you can fail your way to successYou might have tried many things your life that doesn't work, work with several companies with numerous promises unfulfilled.Do you truly know what failure is?Failure is actually the key to success.Let me explain and break it down.When you think of basketball’s best players, Michael Jordan probably pops into your head.He’s a 6-time NBA champion, a 5-time NBA MVP, a 14 time-NBA All-Star, and the star of the classic basketball movie, “Space Jam. Continue reading →

by Youneesha Samantha Kullen , published 30.04.2021
All you need to do to start your Inuka business is:Choose a once-off business kitComplete online registration and use ReferralCode:CVH362. Link_ paymentEnjoy the benefits of selling Inuka ProductsYou can contact me on +7794664834 or email:*Please note only those who live in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Namibia can join.When you support a small business, you support a dream. Continue reading →

by Mark Aretskin, published 30.04.2021
This is my video business card. install it on the electronic brochure and demonstrate it to 4000+ of my Uber drivers.When people need to save my information, they simply made photo from my video and never loos it.It was created using patent-pending SaaS "The Startup Video Press Release Builder".If you like to make one for yourself and more please use this link:https://sites. Continue reading →

by Fraser Mcgartland, published 30.04.2021
I am looking for hungry and enthusiastic individuals who want to earn their financial freedom to join my team. We work in the health industry, offering industry leading, high quality hemp oil products and nutraceuticals. The comp plan on offer is second to none with incredible earnings potential, all madepossible in a short space of time with the correct marketing toolsand training which are provided. Continue reading →

by Pamela Weir , published 30.04.2021
Every company success is based on a few factors. Momentum rules the day. If you are participating with a company that has yet to turn the corner into momentum, you might want to rethink its overall success in the market. According to a Harvard Business School study, momentum begins around 18 months to 2 years after launch. This is when membership, customers, and revenues climb exponentially on its way to critical mass. Continue reading →

by Raymond Ebbeler, published 30.04.2021
Hello and welcomeBecause of COVID 19, more people are desiring to work from home and that is what I would like to discuss in this announcement. First and foremost, I failed at other network marketing opportunities. I have been with Amway (3 times to include Quixstar -- BTW not a charm), Herbalife, Bemer -- all in the health and wellness space.While these companies are successful I was never serious and I treated them as hobbies. Continue reading →

What's the fastest, easiest (and most affordable) way to DOUBLE your customers? Answer: VIDEO(yes, I know it's not as exciting as you'd hoped... but look at the stats!)In a recent study on UK consumers it was found that the chance of someone buying from you and becoming a customer literally DOUBLES if there's a high-quality video on your website (it increases by 102% to be specific). Continue reading →

by Ray Leighton, MBA, published 15.04.2021
Marketing Online can be a lot of fun but it can also be somewhat difficult if you don't have the right tools. One thing you should always look for when joining a new MLM is a Marketing System to promote it. Sometimes MLM Companies provide a Marketing System like a Lead Capture Page, a Landing Page, an App, etc. But most of the times, you're left on your own to put together some kind of a System or method to sponsor people and to build a Team. Continue reading →

by Dena Starling, published 18.04.2021
I have partnered with a ground floor company that has an out of this world comp plan!!  This company is still in building stages, but growing very fast.  Best part, no inventory or parties!!  You only have to share, talk to other people and offer them an out of this world opportunity!!  Yes, it has products that are backed and tested.  This is a health and wellness based company with hemp and non-hemp products. Continue reading →

by Vivian Everett, published 29.04.2021
There are a lot of companies out there that have multiple products and services but just one that owns multiple businesses within the company. We have a unique opportunity to choose your niche within one company. There are multiple ways for you to service your customers and help people get what they want so that you can get what you want.Travel is a 8 billion dollar industry and will never go away. Continue reading →

by Samuel Adeyemi, published 29.04.2021
Sands Group (LVS)Sands GroupExchange: New York Stock ExchangeCompany website www.sands.comSands Group is one of the world's largest casino and hotel management groups. It owns a series of high-end casino hotels led by The Venetian, and the world's 8 most important casino operations.At the same time we also started to invest in the African marketThe group will invest 35 billion US dollars in casinos and restaurants in Africa in the future. Continue reading →

I worked as a cna for over 16 years and I loved my job! I started having health problems and seen 8 different specialist for them to tell me that I could no longer lift over 10 lbs, and my cna career was over.I have a 15 year old daughter and a 13 year old daughter. One is about to start driving and the other one is not too far behind her! My husband works but after losing my income on top of his but the bills are still the same, I had to do something. Continue reading →

by Freeman Deegbe , published 29.04.2021
Business Model,Policies &InvestmentWe comply with the Crowdfunding Policies put in place by BOG.Introduction to Project Drive“Project Drive” is a nationwide crowdfunding campaign intended to improve the transportation industry in Ghana generally targeted at commercial drivers. Our strategy is to provide them with better and stronger cars at a more affordable cost that pertains in the industry currently through crowdfunding. Continue reading →


by Demi Sanya, published 29.04.2021
What a great day it is! Why do I say this? Because if you are reading this you got the gift you have been asking for; it's called life! What a great thing, with all the turmoil going on, you and I got another chance to keep going. Another day another opportunity .The Power is in your hands? What do I mean by this? Well my journey since 2011 in network marketing has been nothing but the best. Once I learned that rejection is the nature of the business, but Freedom is the ultimate goal, it's been a smooth ride based on the development of my mindset and the lives I touched doing this journey. Continue reading →

by Antonio Mamede Triplo Royal, published 29.04.2021
Empreendedorismo no século XXI Este século está surpreendente e paradoxal , tanto conquistamos avanços maravilhosos na tecnologia, engenharia, biologia, medicina e consciência espiritual, que poderíamos dizer que houve um salto quântico.Por outro lado porém, nunca estivemos tão conturbados na política e na saúde pública, a atual pandemia, tanto nos assola provocando medo e preocupações, como afeta a economia de forma desastrosa. Continue reading →

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