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by Wendy Dili, published 16.06.2020
If you want a glowing skin without black spots, dark knuckles etcSay HiI have a cream for you Dm me for ur skin care products (Oriflame) body spray... perfumes unisex..roll on ... Original make up.. ..99.9% sure u gonna love it ND it works like magic Your skin..ur glow..Oriflame give you that glow you are looking for Do you want your skin to glow like milk? you want your kids to have a smooth & glowing skin without bleaching? Continue reading →

by Steven Riley, published 11.07.2020
Hello There I Want To Introduce You To Textbot And Show You Why This Is An Amazing Opportunity To Be A Part Of.Textbot Is Basically Your Very Own Automated Virtual Assistant Who Does All Of The Heavy Lifting For You.She Does The Selling And Telling For You.She Does The Qualifying For YouShe Instructs Your Prospects On Where They Can Send Payment To Once They Decide To Join.To Put It In A Better Way, She Is Your Automated Sales Person. Continue reading →

by Arietta Mamikele, published 11.07.2020
My network marketing journey has been nothing but a rollercoaster.I saw an advertisement on Facebook about a business opportunity,I went on and contacted the person and made enquiries about the business,it sounded too good to be true that's when i went online and did my own research,there were some good things about the business that were said and some were not so good,some even went as far as calling it SCAM due to the fact that the company does not have any products it sells. Continue reading →

by Rona Leah Oribado, published 11.07.2020
How to understand your capacity is to go extreme and beyond your capability , learn new things and teach yourself how to excel where others failed. Never say never until you reach the top . When an opportunity is thrown at you try and take a bold step and make it to the top. Success lies in your own hands. With only €99 you can get started with crowd1 and by joining the right team.All the people you have convinced that Network Marketing is a scam, have now missed out their opportunity for joining soon one of the worlds most attractive Crowds. Continue reading →

by Selma Ruben, published 07.07.2020
During lockdown I was unable to live a normal life. My husband and I we both lost the job , and when corona virus attack the world, everything became miserable. We were unable to bring food on the table and ay our medical and other expenses. My friend introduced me to Crowd1 but first I was saying it is a shame. She provided me the compnay website so that I can search about it. Continue reading →

by Olivia Nonye, published 11.07.2020
THE FIRST 100% MOBILE NETWORKING mobile technology, thus affording you the unique opportunity to turn your smartphone into an ATM.MORE ABOUT CROWD1Crowd1 is using crowd marketing and online networking to create a solid crowd of members eager to take advantage of agreements negotiated with profitable third party companies, in the entertainment industry.Crowd1 is creating a truly unique business model which will enable RESIDUAL INCOME FOR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who become part of this Crowd Economy Revolution. Continue reading →

by Tapiwa Mseuli, published 11.07.2020
XOXO NetworkI introduce you to a smart contract called XOXO Network which requires 0.1 ETH to join. XOXO has 2 methods of earning which are passive and refferals. Passive earning happens when you join autopools 2 to 7 and you are paid 50% of your entry fee as follows Autopool Entry Fee (ETH) Earnings per cycle (ETH) 1 0.1 Referals 2 0.2 0. Continue reading →

by David Ng'ethe, published 11.07.2020
hae everyone I have good news for everyone you know the pademic covid 19 can stop your salary but not your needs that's why am offering a good opportunity for you to start earning good money everyday is simple and easy. The online business platform is called Crowd1.What is Crowd1Crowd1 is an online network marketing business in affiliation with mygrithub,lifetrends, Affligo and miggsterMygrithub deals with e-learning through education packagesLifetrends is a travel booking engine which people use to book flights,hotels and resorts when they travelAffligo is involved in online gaming and gambling software and it's productsMiggster is involved in Mobile gaming,e-sports and social gaming products used by billions of people daily. Continue reading →

by Scott Moore, published 11.07.2020
I learned some things yesterday that I didn't know as I watched some more of the training videos in the back office. I set up and edited a landing page with an opt in form in a different way after I got more training on it.Now, since I have already used other auto responders, I know what is out there and that we all need to choose what works best for us as individuals.I fully respect whatever choice you make. Continue reading →

Aujourd'hui, tout le monde essaie de se trouver une solution pour pouvoir travaillez depuis chez lui avec Internet et gagner sa vie.Mais nombreux sont ceux qui se présente à vous et plusieurs d'entre eux sont sans succès, certains demandent un abonnement ou des investissement énorme, d'autres sont complètement desscams.On sait tous que cette crise sanitaire va supprimer des millions d'emplois dans le monde, c'est pourquoi il faut monter d'altitude avec Internet. Continue reading →

by Peter Emmanuel, published 11.07.2020
FL mission means ; Faithful leader's mission. This organization was established few years ago with a mandate to cover. It was initiated after a lengthy process of studying and research on the problems confronting most business organization developers and finding what solution will fit in to each problems discover from the business. We carry out our study majorly on the strategies to adopt in finding more partnering organization or agency, to help in boosting the growth of every organization that partners with us. Continue reading →

by Isaac Babarinde , published 11.07.2020
THE NEWEST AND GREATEST smart contract is now live on the ethereum blockchain tagged lion’s share.Earn ethereum without hassle_Be amongst the first to participate in this opportunity of a lifetime_Our team has all marketing strategies to pull sufficient crowds which will boosts spillover earnings across all our members.No time for delay and regrets._Alot of people missed the forsage opportunity,and million money is cliches currently. Continue reading →

by Olawale Ayodeji Emmanuel, published 11.07.2020
#Do you know you can make up to $50-$300 in a month in this lock down period with just a simple WORKING STRATEGYAll from your MOBILE PHONE,PC & TABS while sitting at HOME & ENJOY....... it could be a PERMANENT SOURCE OF INCOME...___       ($50-$300)...BE YOUR OWN KINGS & QUEENS*_#DM ALL U NEED TO KNOW ITS LEGIT_    #YOURS OLAWALE AYODEJI EMMANUEL_#its SCAM u DETERMINE U EARNINGS DIRECTLY_        #no 3RD PARTY no ADMIN. Continue reading →

by Stephanie Onyeche, published 11.07.2020
I want to share with you my free business in a box.But first, here are some of my results:These are my commissions after just 3 weeks of joining this program, without a list and free traffic.Since then I've received another $20 commission, making my total for the first month $100...and it's recurring income!Not only that, but I now have an email list of 300+ subscribers, and growing.This business is designed for newbies and struggling entrepreneurs who are looking to get their break in online marketing. Continue reading →

by Ojukwu Adachukwu Progress , published 11.07.2020
*Please read till the end*Interested in learning forex trading and don’t know how to get started?Team formidable will be having a forex trading training and also giving out video course and everything needed to understand and trade the foreign exchange market profitaly.Do you wish to become a professional website developer and create sites like renderforest,a professional artist,a professional photographer,a makeup artist,a shoe maker,a decorator,a baker,a professional website or social media account hacker,3D animator,an importer,etc. Continue reading →

by Grace Mburu, published 11.07.2020
What is crowd 1?It is an online Multi-level marketing opportunity. The company offers great packages and with every purchase once you join with a package of choice, you becoming a share holder. You will also earn from building to your network.Crowd1 is a company that gives people the opportunity and access to educational Apps, websites, videos and other forms of educational packages, gaming apps, gambling apps, travel opportunities and international networking. Continue reading →

Just like Bitcoin is the first block chain decentralized currency, ethereum takes the second positionBitcoin was worth 100-150K close as at 2009. Today 1 Bitcoin is Worth over 3.5million NairaAs at February this year, 1 ethereum was worth 45K. Today it's 110K. Just in the space of how many months.Andexperts have predicted an ethereum boom by the end of this year and years to come where 1 ethereum would likely to equal $1000 or morePeople who invested their money in Bitcoin some years back are the ones enjoying now. Continue reading →

by Rachael John, published 11.07.2020
Hello, am Rachael am into a Networking business called SUPERLIFE, we sell a product called STC30 plant stem cells which cures numerous Ailments at cellular levels, which includes:CatarrhSTIsCervical cancerKidney and liver healthSyphilisMenopause problemFractureStaphylococcusUlcerOvarian tumorPilesHepatitis (liver)HypertensionCardio vascular DiseaseImpotenceDiabetes 1&2FibroidsUrinary tract infectionLow immunityUnhealthy skinHigh cholesterolVaginal yeast infectionLow sperm countPostrate cancer and MANY MORE. Continue reading →

by Nokukhanya Vinjwa, published 11.07.2020
Dream Team.A lot of people are struggling financially because of the lockdown. The world is changing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about to take over this means that a lot of people will loose their jobs. This will result in people searching for alternative methods to find money and some of these methods might be illegal. To avoid finding yourself in that situation you can be a member of the DREAM TEAM it's much safer with us. Continue reading →

by Felicia Witsell, published 11.07.2020
Hey Beauty Bosses, Avon Calling! There is no better time to become an Avon Representative with our free sign up special going on now! Or, if you would like a starter kit, you may sign up for $30. I started on this journey over 10 years ago and did not give up or look back! I love what I do!Avon has been going strong for over 130 years helping women and their families around the world! In addition, Avon is the #1 supporter of the American Cancer Society, and also works with Domestic Violence against women, and Feed The Children. Continue reading →

by Stella Peters, published 10.07.2020
I have a full time paid job and I am also an Independent business Affiliate with VIDA DIVINA. VIDA DIVINA is an American company that manufactures 100% organic health and wellness products and gives her independent Affiliates the opportunity to EARN IN 12 DIFFERENT WAYS including 50% retail profit on product sales. Armand Puyolt is the Founder/CEO who is a MLMGuru (a quick research on him will do) while his wife Dr. Continue reading →

by Michael Deluca, published 11.07.2020
"As I sit feeling kind of lazy,and not really in the moodfor any kind of promotingToday"....Doing my normal thing, getting up.It's not too bad today, mediocre heat,but still, I turn on my A.C. and click onmy Laptop. A simple DELL Laptop: sitsright next to my bed...(talk about lazy, right?)Anyhow, I decided to click on myguaranteedownline Club Linkthat Pays Referrals $5 to Join yourList Free...I logged in, just to see if I got moresignups! Continue reading →

by Kimberly Strickland, published 11.07.2020
I am blessed that I was offered this amazing opportunity with Farmasi! Being a stay at home mom of 3, it has given me the opportunity to be home with my kids, earn an income, and ensure my husband comes home to a nice hot meal!It’s $19.99 to join with a sample kit with the option to upgrade your kit with full-sized products! There are 3 upgrade options! A $49.99, $125, and $200 add-on kit upgrades! Continue reading →

by Leah Wanjiru Macharia, published 11.07.2020
Join me in a good paying online business where you earn through referrals. You register using 500/- only. You get to refund your registration fee at ease by only referring two people. From there you continue earning handsomely from bonuses and more referrals that you make. I know after you join and see the benefits yourself you can't regret joining let's join hands and earn from the comfort of our homes. Continue reading →

by Yunusa Mubarak, published 11.07.2020
Good day guys, I'm Mubarak.I bring to you all a life changing smart contract on the block chain . It's simply the best start up smart contracts anyone could use as a gateway into the crpto world.All that is required is just a one time activation of 0.006eth which is approximately $1.80 and stand a chance of earning 17eth in just 50 days.The best part of it is that you earn from it forever as long as the block chain keeps existing. Continue reading →


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