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by Melissa A Schubert, published 27.07.2021
Hello and let me introduce myself. I am a former social worker turned stay at home mom, turned entrepreneur. I have a passion for helping others succeed. I was frustrated with Corporate America and we quickly learned in 2020, no job is guaranteed. I was looking for a company who cared about their people and did not put a limit on how much they could earn or how successful they could become. I found a company with great health and wellness products, amazing leadership, and an excellent training and compensation program. Continue reading →

by Andrea Sywy, published 27.07.2021
I believe everything happens for a reason (which is usually God's reason). The opportunity to start my business with Primerica came shortly after my father's passing. I saw just how expensive funerals are. My father worked hard his whole life so that my mother, sisters and I could have a great life. But the truth is, my parents just weren't that great with money. He had a small whole life policy that covered costs, but didn't leave much after that for my mom to live off of. Continue reading →

by William Wilson, published 27.07.2021
We have all probably participated in lotteries where the jackpot was approaching maybe $500 million. It’s hard to imagine winning that much money. What if it was doubled making it a $1 billion prize? Can you imagine winning a prize that big? Is there a lottery or drawing that even offers a prize that big? There is now. The folks at AVAZOO aim to be the first charity to give away $1 billion plus. You can sign up for their raffle here:Join the AVAZOO Raffle The AVAZOO charity will be selling 50 million tickets for their raffle worldwide. Continue reading →

Hi New Business partners, I understand how you all feel. We all work very hard for our money, and would not wants to part with it except for something which has the potential to bring us value in return. As it relates to your lack of knowledge in the cryptocurrency space you are not alone it is estimated that only 3% of the world is crypto savvy and the number is growing daily as more corporations and even some countries regulate and adopt its use. Continue reading →

After spending years making some good money online and running my own digital marketing agency I have seen so many opportunities, and have got involved in some good and some really bad ones, but haven't we all.Recently though I have found something that stopped me in my tracks, a real service that businesses need to succeed, and they listen with intent when I talk to them about it. There is some really serious money to be made but before I go into this very lucrative opportunity I want to cover the mindset that stops so many people from succeeding, and if I'm honest I want to work with certain types of people. Continue reading →

by Marianne Deijk, published 25.07.2021
Hello everyone,Why i started with younique: I have a sensitive skin. that manifests itself in red and dry spots and when I use care products I often get itchy. I do this with makeup too. red eyes, itchy skin and an allergic reaction. I have tried many types of makeup and masks but none I could stand. Over time, I started having allergies again. I had almost given up hope. Until a friend introduced me to younigue. Continue reading →

by Kevin Williams, published 26.07.2021
When you look at some of the highest paid recruiters in the know the ones that make 6 figures a month and have the freedom to be literally anywhere in the world at anytime of the day doing anything they please?Some people will probably say things like:"They just got really lucky.""They just have magic recruiting powers""It's easy for them to recruit since they're already successful. Continue reading →

by George Black, published 26.07.2021
HOW TO JOIN 1. Go to 2. At the top right, click on JOIN. 3. In the drop-down box, click on FREE CONSULTANT. 4. Complete the REGISTRATION FORM. 5. Where it says, Mobile No., if you live in the U.S., be sure to put a 1 in front of it. 6. Where it says, Sponsor ID, put 18872 and when you click on or you just see in the blue box, my Name: George Black 7. Continue reading →

by Lacy Pierskalla, published 26.07.2021
I am looking to bring in 10 driven individuals who are looking to take their income to the next level. Build your wealth legacy for future generations, are you lacking leadership in your organization? Direction? Mentorship? Look no further. Our team and platform is off the charts! We have mindset calls, opportunity calls, leadership etc. we strive to bring team together so everyone wins! No one gets left behind! Continue reading →

Here's 3 Neutron Bombs to Obliterate the Limiting Beliefs that are Holding You Back from Enrolling More RepsI almost quit. Then I didn't because I found the right strategy. And that was gonna change everything. Right? Well I certainly thought it would... But it didn't. Everything was ready - I built my online sales funnel, and waited. And waited. And waited! There was a whole lot more going on than just having everything ready. Continue reading →

Are You Tired of Being Scammed by Promise to Pay You companies? Do You Know anybody that feels the same way? Did you give up on Trying to find the correct solution? I have Good news for you: There is a better model available where You always remain in possession and control of your own assets in Crypto, it is called private custody dear friends Learning is constant and knowledge applied correctly is the key going forward, unfortunately most people keep on doing the same mistakes over and over without learning Think about this: Learn first then Earn follows What if you could Earn while you Learn and finally properly plan for your own Financial Freedom with the correct mindset and knowledge? Continue reading →

Sick and tired of prospecting your friends and family all the time? Is your warm market dry? Are you looking for ways to take your MLM to the next level? Do you need to sign up heavy hitters who are ready to join and build a business with you? Then please take a moment out of your day to look at the following. This might change the game for you!I invite you to check out The Freedom Finders Program 7 Day Free Trial and receive a $300 Hotel Savings Card just for checking it out, whether you join or not! Continue reading →

by Bri Biz Consulting, published 26.07.2021
For years I suffered the corporate prison, getting up too early to the alarm clock, spending too long in the car during rush hour traffic, enduring too many hours captive to a desk and unpleasant people. Working my butt off for companies with moral or ethical question. Watching unfair practices grant unqualified, less senior people get promoted before me. Lazy coworkers slacking off but getting bigger raises than me. Continue reading →

by Mariann Taylor, published 06.04.2021
Be part of a thriving and very quickly developing company, where customers can get the support to find what they are looking for and members can get the support to achieve their full potential.What does that mean. You can be new in MLM or experienced, either way, if you decide to join to the team here you don't have to worry about direct sales because what we do only inform the people how and where they can have more information about the company and/or the products. Continue reading →

by Njideka N. Olatunde, published 26.07.2021
Crowdfunding is the best way to raise money for personal causes and business startups and projects, side hustle, and nonprofit, without going into debt. Let me introduce you to Coop Life peer-to-peer crowdfunding system that’s changing the crowdfunding platform to receive donations immediately and stress free. For entrepreneurs and donation seekers, using the Coop Life peer-to-peer crowdfunding method are raising funds expediently compared to other crowdfunding platforms. Continue reading →

by Francisco 10K, published 26.07.2021
Have you heard about Tapestri yet?Tapestri is a free app that is about to be released initially in US, both for IOS and Android, that will let you earn money in a monthly basis just by downloading it, installing it, and allowing it to run in the background.We all know that every single webpage, not only the big ones like Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc, collect our data for their own benefit and to sell it to third party organizations to target us with their products and services. Continue reading →

If you're a resident in one of these 4 parts of Africa, then you are in luck if health and wellness is something you take interest in!MyDailyChoice/Hempworx is a health and wellness company/opportunity platform that has recently opened for business over the past couple of years within these places.Now with 4 current locations open for business on the African continent, you can now start an online based health/wellness CBD business where you can share products with friends and family, recruit other business builders onto your team and create a large additional income for you and/or your family! Continue reading →

** Note : This opportunity is only available in the U.S.A. and Canada at this time.Our Best Personal Levels of Health Respond to a Truly Clean Environment ! Consider, for a moment, Three Essentials for Life : (1) Air (2) Water (3) Food Which Essential component is most important to us ? It's obvious : We can go weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air. Air, and especially oxygen, is vital to us. Continue reading →

by Bryan Hedges, published 25.07.2021
Hello, Yes it is True this system offers you the opportunity to literally make money from thin air. It is a small hub mining machine that plugs into your wall socket And mines Helium tokens, while at the same time it operates as a hot spot for wireless internet connections. This truly is FREE money from thin air. The current value of HNT (Helium) is about $11.00 per coin... HOWEVER, the predicted value of the HNT token by the end of the year is $52. Continue reading →

Start earning from home today for free, yes FREE You will earn money for every £1 you sell. You can work whenever you’d like to. You will have a digital brochure and your own online store too, which you can share with whoever you’d like to share it with. If you’d like to you could also be a sales leader too and earn even more money. I will give you as much or as little support that you’d like or need. Continue reading →

If you're looking for leads in your network marketing business, it's pretty obvious that social media is the first place people tend to go to first.Places like Facebook and Instagram come to mind.And yes... even TikTok.However, there's one place in particular that I think a lot of people don't think about or it just goes right over their head.And that place my friends is a little known place called Linkedin. Continue reading →

by Gwen Gorski, published 25.07.2021
For years I have been looking for something that will get me out of the rat race, we call employment. Due to ill health I finally had to give up my current job and as fate would have it, I found this wonderful Home Business Opportunity from a little add on social media. I contacted them and they sent me some amazing online videos that really resonated with me, what I was looking for and was ethically sound. Continue reading →

by Iceal Ouedel, published 24.07.2021
Mary kay cosmetics ( all genders)Hello queen and king. My name is Alice, mother of two beautiful children, I enjoy the time spent with family & friends. Among other things, I like to sing, pray, help others, cook, love to play with my kids, spend time with them. I am a loving a caring person and do wonders as my name, Alice in wonderland. Also, I am a Gospel singer and learning to play the piano. Continue reading →

by Fred Malone, published 24.07.2021
We are a multibillion-dollar group of companies that have taken the traditional business model and applied it to our customer acquisition plan. Let's look at a traditional business. You start a business with some capital, and you buy stock that you could sell at a profit. You then work your business as you see fit, and then decide what you can afford to pay yourself while still running your business. Continue reading →

by Brian Portelli , published 24.07.2021
Hi EveryoneI have joined an amazing Affiliate Marketing Team called Multiple Income Funnel.I am looking to recruit people under my Team and mentor them. You get all the training required to create a thriving Business.Income earning potential is uncapped.You are provided with all the tools you need to run a successful Business. Landing pages, auto follow ups, traffic, 4 streams of income it’s absolutely fantastic. Continue reading →

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USDA organic certified CBD com
Do you like to help people? CBD helps with pain, sleep, stress, digestive issues, arthritis, migraines, mood, skin and so much more. This is a USDA certified organic CBD company! Amazing compensation!

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