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by Shawna Wright Freeman, published 15.06.2016
For the last 15 years I was heavy and unhealthy. Within the last 5 years I worked in a position that made me unhappy. I was stressed to the max and my body does not handle stress well. I was exhausted beyond belief, sometimes not being able to get out of bed. I sat at a computer and hardly ever moved. I was depressed and new that life had to have more to offer. I never got to see my kids and had an hour commute each way. Continue reading →

by Joanne States, published 15.06.2016
Are you looking for a reputable work from home business that doesn’t cost a fortune to join? No sales quotas? No monthly auto ship? One with FREE online training and the opportunity for FREE one-on-one personal business coaching? One where you can sell products retail or wholesale, do home parties, events, markets, fundraisers, or online recruiting all on your own schedule? If so, our J.R. Watkins business opportunity could be right for you. Continue reading →

by Troy Savary, published 15.06.2016
I have been involved with network marketing off and on for several years. During this time, I have had both successes and failures. I have seen companies start up, then disappear. Through it all, one thing has been consistent. My wife always thought I was wasting my time with scams. I couldn't find a business that had a product she was interested in that I also thought had a viable business model. Continue reading →

by Abe Dumlao, published 15.06.2016
Hi,My Name is Abe Dumlao, been into business for the Fast Few years, in MLM Industry i join last 2002 for the Resensa Green Ice Tea business. I learn it the hard way but i apply that learning into my previous Job as A Car Sales Person. As i continue to learn and i apply it to my Business as i establish my Online Car Showroom last 2006 and up until now the business is running. As of now i am here in America, i do live and stat here in Paradise of Big Island of Hawaii. Continue reading →

by Ivana Dalmacija, published 15.06.2016
Hi, my name is IvanaFour months ago I've decided to "Give it a go" and start my very own Home based business. As soon as I started ,even though I didn't know much about marketing, I've realised this was one of my best decisions ever! My fear of the unknown went away after only couple of days after I've done my "homework" and made sure I am in the right place.My " Strong Future International " company gave me everything I need to develop my business and grow my income. Continue reading →

by Deborah Perry, published 15.06.2016
Do you want to join a well established MLM company? Are you an entrepreneur with real ambition? I am a Forever Living Business owner looking to recruit people to my team. Are you motivated and want to start your own global business? If so then this opportunity might be for you. This is a fantastic company which has a proven track record built up over the past 38 years. The Forever opportunity has helped millions worldwide achieve their dreams - whatever they might be. Continue reading →

by Jon Kovach, published 14.06.2016
Countless people all across the globe obtain their water source straight from the tap, in bottled water from retail stores, or purchase filters that only last for a short time to produce suitable quality drinking water.What many people do not realize is that the water they consume on a daily basis is highly ACIDIC. So, what's the big deal with acidity, if it's just water, right?Go into any of your local grocery stores, and look in the water section. Continue reading →

by Whitney Booker, published 14.06.2016
Do you have a great product or service, but just need to get it in front of the right people? If you could use 3-5 sign ups in your business on a daily basis, then continue reading.As network marketers we all know it's important to have our products and services in front of the right people. With that being said, it's time to get your business in front of the right people! Let me help you!I have a marketing system that could very well get you 3-5 sign ups in your business everyday. Continue reading →

Do you spend hours on Facebook? ....If so you will LOVE THIS !Futurenet is a new social media networking platform that is similar to Facebook, but with the added bonus of a HUGE potential to share profits and make a second income. There are several ways to do this in the platform, from a revenue share in the advertising program, to being paid simply to use the social media side and message your friends! Continue reading →

by Jeanette Du Toit, published 14.06.2016
Jeanette du Toit is the founder ofJaydee Media and as an IT specialist, wespecialize in device appropriate website design, maintenance and development.Whether you require a small website, a blog for your travels or recipes, a proffessional business site developed with Joomla, a custom Wordpress blog, a database driven website (for business or membership) or an eCommerce Website with a shopping cart integrated into a payment gateway, we can deliver it within your budget. Continue reading →

Yes I said Education based with credible Diplomas,You will get credit from each new member and down line. The website is well laid out and simple.I am thrilled to present this program it is honest and helpful.I am Howard Sammons Click the following link to check this out. phone and email below Phone number 3522019476 email howie327g@gmail. Continue reading →

by Natalie Elliott, published 14.06.2016
One should never battle to enter and remain in network marketing because of cash flow - it is the gateway to changing one's live - in fact, it's the gateway to changing many lives worldwide.Network marketing is fantastic if you are an entrepreneur! Network Marketing is the highest grossing industry in the world. The American NFL grosses $95 billion per year, the music industry grosses $16.5 billion per year. Continue reading →

by Kerwin Boxill, published 14.06.2016
Welcome to inCruisesA brand new company which just started in Mid January 2016 and already has affiliation in over 150 countries and growing, With a product that many desire and only 20% of North America has been able to tap into so far, cruising which is an 8 trillion dollar industry and growingAt inCruises we make cruising affordable, accessible and profitable for our membersWe are an invitation only club and our members enjoy huge savings on cruises starting at 50%-75% off. Continue reading →

by Tilly S Davies, published 14.06.2016
I live in a country, South Africa, which needs help. People are debt ridden, jobless and scared. Everybody desperately is looking for answers and I say the answer is Network Marketing! Regardless of past experiences or opinions network marketing is a valid business opportunity. It is a team of individuals that market together with one voice, one message and one presentation. The strength of a network marketing business lies in the team and not in the amazing product of the company that the team aligns them with. Continue reading →

Let me pass this on to you... take a look at it... is the real deal... for only $7 to start. The actual cost is $320 ... but you start with $160 or $80 or $40 or $20 or $11 or $7. Let me pass this on to you... take a look at it... is the real deal... for only $7 to start. The actual cost is $320 ... but you start with $160 or $80 or $40 or $20 or $11 or $7. You can start at any stage and upgrade to a higher stage as you earn money. Continue reading →

by Michael Kruger, published 14.06.2016
Hi ladies and Gents.My name is Michael, Ill just be talking to you about picking a MLM company that not only has the best compensation plan but is this really what your chasing? The comp plan could be one of the very best. BUT you don't have a leader, now you might think you know what a leader is you may not. but a leader is a person that not only strives for their own success but also shows you and teaches you how to achieve and learn to be a great leader not just for yourself but for your team. Continue reading →

by Stephanie Kenion Mcmillan, published 14.06.2016
I entered the world of Network Marketing with the intent of using it as a resource to help other people change their financial future for the better. In addition, I saw it as way to help those who wanted to have a sense of ownership over when they worked, where they worked and how they worked. It is absolutely true that the sky is yours when it comes to Network Marketing. Sure it takes faith, hard work and committment to meet whatever level of success you set for yourself. Continue reading →

by Bob Broughton, published 14.06.2016
Hello everyone, as the title says I would like your help. In return I will reward you.I've created a generic report about making money with a focus on network marketing. It doesn't promote or endorse any companies or products. I've put the link at the bottom of this announcement.The goal of the report is to show people how simple network marketing is and why it's the most viable business and money making model for the average person. Continue reading →

Are you a network marketer, home based business owner, who is ready to take your business to the next level? If so, keep reading and I will show you how!Many people join the network marketing industry as an independent business owner with great intentions of making 5, 6, & even 7 figures working from home. One of these reasons being is because the top earners of these businesses make it look so easy. Continue reading →

Interested in the Healthy Active Lifestyle Sector? New Division opening soon!Our company Herbalife International, who has been established for over 36 years now is in prelaunch phase of a new division for the Healthy Active Lifestyle Sector. Our company is an international opportunity, which means you can develop business in any of the 94 countries we're currently in. Our company is well established and currently doing more than US$7. Continue reading →

by Jess Motto, published 13.06.2016
If you are looking for a way to make easy money based on just sharing a link that is given to you, here's the way. You earn $30 just for getting people to join for free, it ends up costing nothing and it also gives everyone an extra way to make money. If you have a list of people already this would be a super easy way to add to your bank account. It has exceptional ratings and is super easy to join. Continue reading →

by Brian Davis, published 13.06.2016
I remember when I first started Web Wealth System, back in may, I was so excited, I had finally found something that looked promising, was not a scam, and was affordable only $27.00 one time cost to get started.I decided to share my new business opportunity with my family one Sunday after church. I stood up in front of my family and told them I had an announcement to make, that I had started a new business, that I was excited because of the huge income opportunity and I wanted them to be a part of something that could be a blessing to everyone. Continue reading →

by Valentino Fornito, published 13.06.2016
There we are. After 3 years building up awareness, business and programmes, Switzerland raised the sales of Europe (UK included) by 60%! How is this possible? In a country where not only everyone knows everything better, but Multilevel Network-Marketing has such a bad reputation that noone wants to even hear about it?The Answer? Results. Results that noone can deny, results that people can see and feel, media awareness, books that talk about the problem that we're solving AND good team-work within the Network. Continue reading →

by Peter Ameri, published 13.06.2016
Receive A FREE $1000 GIFT When You Join TodayWhat Is The 30 Days To $5K Program?The 30 Days To $5K program was recently released on the 30th May 2016. It is the internets first ever comprehensive guide that shows you on a daily basis how to make $5000 in 30 days. The founder of the program Peter Ameri has designed it to be a simple copy and paste system (with minimal effort required on your behalf) so that no matter of your experience with computers or home business, you can succeed. Continue reading → COMPANY VISION We create the first social network platform that has innovative tools for communicating and our own products to help people around the world realize their full potential on the Internet. Company Mission We are the most innovative social networking platform that connects and inspires people around the world to pursue their potential on the Internet, providing them with constantly new products and creative solutions. Continue reading →


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