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by Rafael Cruz, published 18.05.2016
This is a topic in the continuing series of lessons fromRetired US Navy Chief Cruz....a VISUALIZATION instructora MOTIVATIONAL TEACHER....A Professional NETWORK MARKETER.MY Goal for the rest of my life is to help as many people as I canto wake up to the power they have within them.... that will turn themto what GOD has planned for them.......plans that God alreadycreated....even before we were conceived and even before we are born. Continue reading →

by Cheryl Morgan, published 18.05.2016
I am very excited by the response from everyone since yesterday! I just spoke to my business partner, the leading associate with Sisel International, Steve Farr. There is so much to share to everyone about this opportunity, I don't know where to begin.Natural supplements for health and wellness are one of the top products people are looking for - for themselves and for family. Especially products with no toxins, that are safe to use. Continue reading →

by Ross Matthews , published 18.05.2016
Hi there I am part of a neutraceutical network marketing company that has had 80,000 distributors in the U.S. In the last 18months!! I am looking to expand my team here in the UK or abroad as there is a lot of opportunity with them. Have all business and product info for you to check out. The car programme involved as well as the commission structure is so unique it is patented. Get in touch if you are interested in making a residual income. Continue reading →

by John Correa, published 18.05.2016
Hi my name is John TorresI'm inviting you to for part of the most amazing social platform ever.Join the highest paying social site on the internet. Forced matrix ad packs and much more earn 29,000 a month,on the basic level join free and get an upgrade from. Generate free traffic and advertise your own offers. Youalreadyspend time on FB and Twitter promoting your offers why not get paid for doing so? Continue reading →

The PHOENIX POWER RISINGPAY-IT-FORWARD offer will expire onMay 31st 2016Hurry and get your $120 valuePAY-IT-FORWARD offer by the CEO.after May will cost you $120 to getinto the FAST MOVING 2x3 matrix...Hurry and grab yourself some beforethey are all gone...spread the word to yourfriends and have the ability to earn$7,500 over and over.Take my personal testimonial about the program:I joined the pay it forward offer on May 1st and today is May 17. Continue reading →

by Hanrico van der Westhuizen, published 18.05.2016
I am a young entrepreneur that will stop at nothing to be successful in my quest to helping other people improve their health and their lifestyle. I am an associate in Mannatech and take great pride in referring other people to these amazing products and to help find leaders who are ambitious and committed enough to be able to do the same. My main focus is to improve the lives of others and to make leaders out of them. Continue reading →

by Andrew Smith, published 18.05.2016
Do you struggle to recruit? Or tired of team building altogether?Do you struggle to make money online especially in MLM?I've been in MLM and internet marketing for 24 years and have built many many teams with some being 10's of thousand's strong and know exactly how teams can grow as well as shrink. No doubt if you have built a team before, you will know how difficult it can be as well as time consuming. Continue reading →

by Erik Kletecka, published 18.05.2016
Have you been struggling in your Network Marketing business?Can't seem to find leads or people interested in joining your business?This is a common problem with network marketer's and it's not your fault. It's the lack of training provided for you to be able to build your business the way you want to.Let me guess how your experiences has gone so far. You got someone who created a presentation for you, you got all hyped up and ready to go, you joined, and nothing you seem to try works. Continue reading →

by Daniel Zykaj, published 17.05.2016
About 2 years ago I was struggling to make ends meet, after selling my restaurant and paying off my parents home. I found myself strapped and searching for an opportunity to earn some income, but because of my lack of a college degree I couldn't find anything readily available. I actually got involved with a different network marketing company for a few months but it all fell apart after building it and I was back to square one. Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 17.05.2016
Isn't the best feeling when a person signs up into your business without you having to give the presentation, and spend the time answering questions?Of course it is, and it happens.But many people will not see this happen or experience that feeling.Mostly because, they do not know how to drive traffic from the internet to their offers. That simple.If they did, they would really focus on doing more and more to get as many visitors a day to their sites as possible. Continue reading →

by Jack Swank, published 17.05.2016
Since I had so much feedback on my last business announcement, I wanted to clarify how I help people make money. I am not interested in joining your business, so please do not ask me to join your program. I receive multiple offers every day to join 100 or so different opportunities.What I looked for in a company is quite simple.....I want something that is free, works, and can be started by anyone. Continue reading →

If this is your first reading of my continuing series of the subject I titledYou can go to my profile by clicking my name at the bottomof the page.....I really want you to continue readingmy announcements so that I can wake you up tothe power within you....YES, you have all thepower within you to change your life throughcorrect mindset, positive thinking, and the powersGod has given you even before you were conceivedand born. Continue reading →

by Seth Lavinder, published 17.05.2016
Hello My name is Seth Lavinder, My fiance and I are looking to Change the world. If you were to look up Ketosis on Google you would realize that it is an amazing thing helping people day in and day out. It is helping people with fast sustained Energy, Fat Burning, Better Awareness, Better Focus, Helping Gut health, Reduced Brain Fog, Better Mood, Appetite Supression, Clearer Skin, Helping people sleep better and so on. Continue reading →

by Claudia Hill, published 17.05.2016
As a husband, father and all around good guy, I am probably the last person that has time (or energy) to commit to a new venture. But after trying the product, I was compelled to join Dynamico. I’m a guy that works swing shift 10 hours a day for a Biotechnology Firm. I stand on my feet all day and have to monitor machines that help research scientists in finding the cure for some of the most deadly diseases like Cancer and AIDS. Continue reading →

Most People struggle to get sign ups and sales to their business and most of You probably need a few hundred or even thoushand's of people in your downline to make a full-time income.Now imagine the power of having $1,000 instant (not in the end of the month) comissions for every sale made and ... imagine being able to make 10K a month with only 10 people in your Team.That is the power of Exitus Elite. Continue reading →

by Cheryl Morgan, published 17.05.2016
For years now I have successfully resisted supplement companies that used multilevel marketing to promote their products. My reason was not just that I had an aversion to signing people up to get a discount on products, or that the opportunity seemed to good to be true. My focus was that the products all had toxins or added preservatives that I earnestly try to avoid in my food. Now I have been introduced to a company that has most everything I am looking for myself that I would be comfortable sharing with my family and friends. Continue reading →

by Shirley Potter, published 17.05.2016
Hello from Shirley's FM Boutique I sell and love using FM World products. They have Perfumes with 20% essential oil. 100% Mineral Make up. Pet care with Aloe Vera that animals and owners love, safe for their skin and yours. A beautiful Chocolate & Cherry natural range that is so smooth safe and yum to smell. Lip gloss lipstick it tastes like candy love it. Some stuff about the company: The company is called FM World, (Joining is FREE) it is a European company with branches in 45 different countries, including Australia. Continue reading →

by Paul Collins, published 17.05.2016
Hi Friends.If you want to work from home , operating a global business online then this could be the ideal opportunity for you.Established Tech company that develop and promote a range of communication video tools have just launched its MLM businessANY business must have products which have a value and can add value when used. PIP has products that will help ANY business grow and increase its profitability, so it has a universal appeal. Continue reading →

Yes, I am 70 years old..born on Dec. 12, 1945....and yes I did a 27 years and two months of active duty.and yes, even at 70 years old I still feel like being a young sailor when I drinka few bears....Let me show you what it's like.As they say: "Bartender....give Chief 6 more of the beers....I'll pay for them at closing time""Yeah, give more of them F&c^k@ng beer!!!!!!!!!!!Whooooaaah, where did this beautiful women come from? Continue reading →

by Brandon Flood, published 17.05.2016
Hello EveryoneI know alot of you on here are looking for a great home based business or Multi Level Marketing Business to join and i have the right opportunity for you thats smart and simple and i think anyone can duplicate it. First let me introduce this wonderful opportunity thats called Save10! Save10 is a Smart & Simple company thats based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Save10 has two different parts to it. Continue reading →

Here, you can do either, or both, if you choose!First, let me explain the ECA program. As an E-Commerce Affiliate, (ECA) all your listings are FREE, and there is no limit to the amount of listings you can post! You will also get your own FREE website, to promote any way YOU wish. You have the option to sell globally if it's feasible, and you choose to. You will have over a million affiliates, through SFI, marketing, and, or, buying your products! Continue reading →

They say the third time is the charm so I believe they are correct as this is the third time I joined GDI but this time with Team Elite and after just four months I became the leader of my own team EzGDI Team Elite and we are getting signups every week and assigning them to members that have promoted their personal team link we give them and for getting 1000 hits a week to it thru safelists which we teach you how to do. Continue reading →

by Erik Kletecka, published 17.05.2016
Have you been struggling in your Network Marketing business?Can't seem to find leads or people interested in joining your business?This is a common problem with network marketer's and it's not your fault. It's the lack of training provided for you to be able to build your business the way you want to.Let me guess how your experiences has gone so far. You got someone who created a presentation for you, you got all hyped up and ready to go, you joined, and nothing you seem to try works. Continue reading →

by Terri Jones, published 17.05.2016
Greetings!As a licensed insurance agent I enjoy helping people. I would like to share with you my fantastic business opportunity. This opportunity will allow you to:• Earn what you are really worth. • Have total control over your time.• Create a better quality of life.• Build true financial freedom for your family so you can live your dream. • Earn unlimited monthly residual income. • Make a 6 figure salary. Continue reading →

by Jose Espinosa Carrillo , published 17.05.2016
I'm extremely proud to introduce you Evergreen Life Products as your potential business partner as you work hard to achieve your financial future. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding, proven products that you will be proud to represent and share with others—products that are of the highest quality and built with ingredients that have a 6,000 year history. Products that are perfectly positioned in the wellness revolution and booming anti-aging marketplace. Continue reading →


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