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Valentus is a company that began July 2014.......Their intent was to go slow and steady...building a great base from which to work...bringing quality recruits, fabulously effective products, outstanding training and leadership by attracting top industry leaders...leaders coming on board NOT BECAUSE THEY WERE PAID TO LEAVE SOME OTHER company but because they saw a vision of a magnificient future and wanted to be part of it. Continue reading →

by Chaitanya Suradkar, published 05.05.2017
Hi friends I'm here for all of workers who interested in free online earning platform without investing any money.....!!!!In online work there are many scam site available on internet for scam on you...!!!But our company are working from 1995 to 2017and still working our program is very simple all are know about leading international platform FACEBOOK right our program is much same but different thing is we give money for promoting our company. Continue reading →

by Irene Chemney, published 05.05.2017
A fantastic IBO opportunity has come to Canada. Opening Friday, May 6th in Canada. Be among the first to start your business with GoodLife in Canada. $200 Gift Cards that will save you far more than you pay for it. As an IBO you pay less than 25 cents per card and price varies between US and Canada. At present Canada only has digital cards. Canadian Tire, Airmiles, grocery stores all have savings cards so why not have one that safes you holiday dollars. Continue reading →

by Charity Graham, published 04.05.2017
Goodlife usa give away "$200 vip hotel gift cards" and make "$100 from each!!!" thats a (50% comission) from a card purchased at a whopping (.20 each)!!! Let me tell you, if you are a business owner such as myself i inquire this in my business. As a master cosmetologisti am a cosmetologist i personally use these cards as incentive for new clients!! This is a great and productive way to build business and make an extra income! Continue reading →

by Matthew Dahlhauser , published 02.05.2017
Hello, My name is Matthew, I wanted to share with you this awesome business opportunity called (MCA) Motor Club Of America. This business is for anyone that lives in the US or Canada and over the age of 18. We have partners that are firing there bosses Daily. If you would like to fire your boss and be able to live the laptop dream, then this business is for you. This is also for those of you that want to make a little extra income on the side to maybe: Put your child through college Pay some unexpected bills Or just to pay your taxes for the year this business is for you. Continue reading →

by Temeka Thompson, published 04.05.2017
I'm looking to train 5 people to become Certified Travel Agent by the end of the week! Who's ready?Don't be stress, Travel 4 Less!!!No need to ask for more info, Here's all the information in a nutshell...Paycation enables you to run a successful business from the comfort of you home with the most exciting product worldwide-Travel. Whether you are a stay home mom, a retiree, Doctor , student, or one of the millions of full hardworking, yet underpaid and underappreciated employees, Paycation gives you the opportunity to become financially independent by working your own home base business. Continue reading →

You'll LOVE the way you feel! You can lose weight, sure, but these products also lower blood pressure and cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, reduce cravings...the list goes on! This is such an exciting time to join Plexus! The products just keep getting better andbetter!The list of all ingredients for eachproduct is listed on my web site! Please visit my site:�Fun! Continue reading →

by shawn thomas, published 04.05.2017
So I have always want to work from home and wanted something that I did not have to buy a bunch of invortory. So going on 5 month now as a karatbars Affiliate that dream has finally came though for me. A very good friend of mine invited me to karatbars and showed me there really is great opportunity out there so I did my research like everyone dose and found a lot of bad thing on the net so I looked even more and also found a few really great thing to. Continue reading →

by Daniel Acosta, published 04.05.2017
Hello! I hope you're doing well. I thought the reason I succeeded in life was the same reason I fell so hard. I was so loyal to my career that I lost the time in my life to do other important things like spend time with my family and friends while they were alive. I was a fighter in the face of adversity and I worked hard, but I didn't work smart. My heart was strong but my spirit wasn't focused. Continue reading →

Profit Opportunity Services, Inc. (POS) is building an agency under Stryde Savings. I am actively recruiting new agents. I will work the first transaction with you at no cost to you and a 50% split in commission. After you fully join, there is a $99/month fee. Commissions typically range from $5,000 - $15,000 depending on the type of business and how big it is - the bigger the better. Overrides for agents under you are in the $3,000 range. Continue reading →

by Whitney Booker, published 04.05.2017
Are you a marketer who is struggling to get leads in your business? Well, I would like to help you change that today by introducing you to a system that has been life changing since the day I joined. My first day I started receiving 100 leads coming in to my back office and by my third day of working this system I made my first sale, and well the rest is history! However. I would like to share with you how you too can get access to this very system and grow your business just like I've grown mine using this very system. Continue reading →

by Stevan Herring, published 04.05.2017
The words Elite Profit System (EPS) may not catch your eye by itself. You may be thinking just another program i'm not going to understand. Now let's add a 0% Credit and Debit card processing fees to it, that's where I come in. I'd like to make this as simple as I can for you to understand without using a lot of technical terms that will cause you to lose interest before you understand the program. Continue reading →

by David Mutchler, published 04.05.2017
My name is David Mutchler and I live in Spring Texas. I was introduced to GoodLifeUSA in mid March. I took a quick look and did not research at all. I put this opportunity on the back burner. That was a big mistake. On April 24, I received and email from, who is now, my sponsor. We had a good conversation and I decide to take the time and research this opportunity. After several videos and phone conversations, I took the step and joined on April 26. Continue reading →

Ok, so let's cut straight to the chase, everyone likes to make money however, not everyone likes to sale and recruit. Right? I mean let's face it, there are a lot of opportunities online that you can make money with but when you don't recruit anyone or make any sales, you don't make any money. Therefore, could you imagine an opportunity that allows you to make money daily whether you work or not? Continue reading →

by Stuart Domaille, published 04.05.2017
Network Marketing enables аnуоnе wіth drive, determination аnԁ аn entrepreneurial spirit tо create thеіг оwn home-based, income generating business wіth оnӏу а small investment іn time аnԁ money. Vida Divina offers thоѕе individuals thе opportunity tо build long-term generational wealth, fully supported bу industry leading professionals аnԁ аn easy tо υѕе аnԁ understand compensation program designed tо hеӏр franchise owners grow wealth. Continue reading →

by Angel Thompson, published 04.05.2017
I have been in network marketing for almost 30 years and have never had as much fun as I am having presently. I actually took the year off last year because I had lost my passion. I truly believe though, that once a network marketer, then always a network marketer. I love meeting people and providing them with something they not just need...but want. Boy, have I struck gold!! I have found a renewed sense of fulfillment because I can now help people have FUN! Continue reading →

by Dawn Sherman, published 04.05.2017
I would like to introduce you to Four Corners Alliance Group. It is one of the best network marketing programs that I have ever seen and I have seen a number of them. Four Corners Alliance Group is a company that has been around for a little over four years. It is an international company. So your recruiting efforts are endless. Speaking of recruiting, you only need to recruit four people. That's it. Continue reading →

by Dawn-marie Nesbitt, published 04.05.2017
The truth is, you cannot make money without spending money but the reality is, many people have a fear of losing money. I get it. You have worked hard for your income and it could really be spent on more important things than some fluke that you saw on the internet that is said to make you millions right? Maybe you have a spouse who is not so convinced and you are already up to your ears in debt. Continue reading →

by Kerry Smallwood, published 04.05.2017
To me building the dream is similar to the mindset of being an architect. Before the building can be constructed, the architect has to have a vision of what the structure should look like. Our Dreams take on the same principles. What would your first day of working from home look like? Hectic ? or more relaxed?The effort we put in for starters lays the foundation for the business you intend to build. Continue reading →

If you are a leader from African countries, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Pakistan, South Korean, Japan, China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, French-speaking countries… join and so that we can help you to build team in your country send an email at In order to educate people in (schools, universities, Churches, local organizations, public institutions) about Bitcoin, a Team has started to work with people building a huge network that anyone from the world can join and benefit from. Continue reading →

by Femi Iyanda, published 04.05.2017
Hello Friends,My name is Femi Iyanda, a GoldPreneur and Network Marketer.Recently, I have been studying the happenings in the World's Financial System and how currencies have been depreciating in the global market. A particualr study showed the inevitable collapse of the Dollar.Google: The Hidden Secrets of Money - by Mike Maloney)I took a look at my home currency and compared the purchasing power 5 years back. Continue reading →

by Ademir Basso, published 04.05.2017
Infinity btc is a bitcoin platform which based on a multilevel marketing system. The matrix (2*5) is described as follows.1) First step is to sign up and then you make your unique donation 0.006 btc and after that you invite 2 persons to do the same2) Your first level fills up and you receive 2 x 0.006 btc = 0.012 btc 0.01 btc is automatically deducted to upgrade you to level 2. So your real gain for this level is 0. Continue reading →

by Sylvie Plante, published 09.04.2017
I was introduced to Arbonne through a dear friend whom I totally trust and respect. She was all excited about Arbonne both for its products and the business opportunity it provides.I quickly fell in love with Arbonne for its story, the quality of its products, and mostly for the possibility of owning my own business. I had a wonderful career in Human Resources and I was impressed (and still am) by Arbonne's management philosophy centered on people and the constant recognition it offers their consultants. Continue reading →

by Sylvie Plante, published 09.04.2017
Are you a fan of Tony Robbins? Robert Kiyosaki? Richard Branson? Would you like to attend an event where they are the guest speakers? What about hearing and learning from former Heads of States, Sports, and Finances authorities? Do you like learning and would you like to become the best that you could be?Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Become the CEO of your life? Enjoy both time and financial freedom? Continue reading →

by Valencia D Robinson, published 03.05.2017
Countless successful people all have a common link: they had to battle personal fears. While all of us may fear something, there is a common thread that tends to bind all of us, and that common thread is the fear of rejection. Wow – rejection!Who likes to feel unwanted, dismissed, not a part of, not accepted? If you’ve lived longer than a few years, then at some point you’ve likely experienced rejection in some aspect of your life. Continue reading →

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