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by Krishna Veni Ramasamy, published 12.01.2017
Proud to introduce a new business that is going to give up stable income. The company is a public listed company having various properties in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and they own a bank since the year 2010. They have a honey bee farm and have introduced another café business. The honey is used to make ice-cream. Recently company had participated in Fintech Exhibition in Singapore organized by MAS (Singapore Government). Continue reading →

Have you ever heard of Russell Brunson? Russell started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University. Within a year of graduating, he had sold over a million dollars worth of his own products and services from his basement! He is a bestselling author who owns a software company called (ClickFunnels) and is one of the top super affiliates in the world. With that said, we are now just starting to see that engaging type funnels are the newest and best way to attract extremely targeted traffic to anything and everything you may be promoting or marketing! Continue reading →

Looking for an opportunity that rewards you with an excellent pay plan and a product that sells itself? Then this is the opportunity you have been looking for. The new product is a fitbit on steroids. It measures Heart Rate, Step counter, calories, distance covered, sleep quality, ECG/EKG, Blood pressure, mood sensor, Fatigue sensor, Remotely monitor others vital signs, germanium plates, himalayan salt plates, panic button, Emergency SOS GPS location, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood sugar, mosquito shield, Blood Alcohol. Continue reading →

by Ogundepo John , published 12.01.2017
Notification on mode of contact... please I hereby appeal to those that ate interested in helping hands international or are waiting for me to approve there request, please I might not be able to add you for now due to sum cogent reasons BT in case you wanna reach me, you can call or reach me on WhatsApp with +2349038209313.... Helping hand international is the only mlm platform where there is no buying nor selling of product, u earn big cash and some other incentives right from your room, anyone can join whether you are a student,corp members, unemployed, employed(it doesn't stop your work) all you need is a donation of $40/#6600, a bank account or any mode of payment where you will be getting your cash and just only two people. Continue reading →

by Ivy Ikpeme-mbakwem, published 11.01.2017
Have you ever asked yourself ''how can I preserve the wealth I earn from my various businesses?''. Well investing in OneCoin Crypto Currency and becoming a miner allows you to do just that. OneCoin, with over 2.8milion miners all over the world is giving you an opportunity to own some NOW, before it goes public in 2018. As the future of payments, OneCoin also give merchants an opportunity to accept OneCoin as a form of payment and it can be used for remittances to anyone in the world with very little fees. Continue reading →

by Donald Bailey, published 11.01.2017
Simple they need to make more money. If they had an abundance of money, they wouldn't be looking.Problem: Most people don't have the money needed to start a home based business. Some online businesses have high start up costs, and even if they have the money, most people who sponsor them don't have enough knowledge to make the business profitable. Solution: A home based business solution that includes a business (with predictable income), a marketing plan (with everything you need to get started), and proven strategies that work (we can prove it to you) , that don't break the bank, (you can start for the price of lunch)! Continue reading →

by Cc Lim, published 11.01.2017
Are you a stay-at-home mom, who wants to earn extra cash and is looking for legitimate work-from-home opportunity? Are you a working mom but feels that you are not always there for your kids and you do not have control over your hours? Are you a regular employee, tired of working long hours and weekends and still struggling to makes ends meet? Or are you looking into network marketing but does not know where to start? Continue reading →

by Robel Mulatu, published 11.01.2017
EARN $7 PER LEAD FROM ALIBABA WITHOUT SELLING ANY PRODUCT. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via web portals.Alibaba is the most popular destination for online shopping, in the world's fastest growing e-commerce market. Transactions on its online sites totaled $248 billion last year, more than those of eBay and Amazon. Continue reading →

by Chantel Thompson, published 11.01.2017
We all know you need to have a list. But a list of people who aren't qualified is no list at all. In network marketing, you can get a list many ways; through face to face, online, local advertising. We all know that those ways work. But how are you getting ahead of the pack? If you want to get ahead of the pack, you have to do something a little different. Did you know that over 75% of business calls end up in voicemail? Continue reading →

by Seun Matthew, published 11.01.2017
I know you have heard about BITCOINS and cryptocurrency and how it's leading the financial transformation of the ever changing digital world we live in. Let's be frank, cryptocurrency is the currency of the NOW and FUTURE with maximum return on investments as we have seen in the last few years. Bitcoins has gained increased in value from 10 cents to over a 1000USD in the last six years, it's the first currency to ever gain higher value to gold in history. Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 11.01.2017
For most people, when they realize how tough MLM prospecting and recruiting can be, instantly go the internet looking for a MLM marketing system to help them accomplish the task. But, many times, most people can't even use a MLM marketing system to make their team duplicate, and fall short all together.So in this business announcement I want to share with you a marketing system I personally have found to be perfect for duplicating, for many reasons. Continue reading →

by Laura Jordan, published 11.01.2017
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are looking for and finding a way to build their own version of a life that can be lived with un-limited possibilities & opportunities to enjoy.Let's face it, without your health; your wealth and everything else in your life does not flourish. I choseZija International with the Ameo Difference because I like certainty, I like quality & I like to know that something is natural & a sure thing. Continue reading →

by Vallen Cordon , published 11.01.2017
Could you use an additional $1000 a month? Love to travel or want to travel more? Want to make money while doing it? Trave more! Save more! Earn more with Surge365! Surge365 is a private travel and lifestyle club that offers highly discounted travel prices. With Surge365, you can offer travel discounts from 15%-90% to your friends, family, and even strangers and make passive income through our Vortex link. Continue reading →

by Kadie Romanowski, published 11.01.2017
Plexus offers 16 plant based products that are geared toward jumpstarting your gut health! Did you know that if your gut isn't healthy, it can cause you a bunch of other problems as well?? Fat and toxins from the food that we eat every day settle in our bodies, unable to be flushed out, and collect in our joints, blood, and other parts of the body causing pain, inflammation, and disease! The start to a healthy you, is a healthy gut! Continue reading →

by Chelsea Kozak , published 11.01.2017
Get paid to lose weight!Visit the link and watch the life changing video - sign up to pre enroll and secure your placementSimple business model that puts people under you in the business tree! Start earning instantlyGenerous commissions and cash rewardsThis is a young business which means the less people who know about it, the more you can tell!Once your friends and family see you being healthier and wealthier they will want to know your secrets. Continue reading →

Hi. I am inviting you to share in a new opportunity I found. This opportunity allows you to raise funds for whatever project you may have; be it rent, school fees, landed property etc. These funds are raised via direct peer to peer cooperative funding, and can be achieved within a short period of time. Joining fee is just N1,000 ONLY which you will pay directly into your upline's account and you'll be upgraded to Level 1 upon confirmation by your upline You'll need 4 people who will also donate N1,000 each to you = N4,000, directly into your bank account and that completes your Level 1 Next, you upgrade to Level 2, by donating N2,500 out of the N4,000 to your Level 2 upline and this upgrade qualifies you to receive donation of N2,500 from each of your Level 2 downlines (16 people = N40,000). Continue reading →

by Julie Haynes, published 11.01.2017
Vasayo is Transforming Lives Physically, Financially, and Socially! Vasayo just had their soft launch. This means you still have time to get into the ground floor. We are a binary compensation plan which means there is 8 ways to get paid in this company. Here is a link to follow to learn more about Vasayo and the products we carry: . We are a New health and wellness company going viral! Continue reading →

by Quick Silver , published 11.01.2017
Hi it's Brent here from Zoomers News and I would like to talk a little today about the power of positive thinking in business. It is very essential to program your thinking to be successful at your business.Being happy and presenting yourself in a sales pitch for example is a way of convincing that prospect you are a persona of prosperity and what you are offering will also make them feel the same way. Continue reading →

by Kristy Ebert, published 11.01.2017
Wine Shop, based in Napa, CA, is absolutely amazing! Everything from the wines, the people, the pay, the trips, to the charitable partner, America's Mighty Warriors. I just cannot say enough about the company. Our Wine Club is one of the best in the country with no contracts and no fluxuating prices. Starting at $29.95 plus tax and shipping, it's worth trying! When it comes to choosing a business, you'll want to do your research. Continue reading →

by Theo Blignaut, published 11.01.2017
All sms's are answered within 5 minutes! The new quickest way to do digital marketing is by mobile. Do not wait to join this unique constructed mobile system.I have watched many webinars concerning this and it is a very good responsive system .It all made sense and subsequently I have joined. It is a surprisingly vigorous easy system to operate! The Beta testers were all 6 figure inter marketing earners. Continue reading →

by Gail Scheibel, published 11.01.2017
Hello!We all know that starting your own business is a Key Important part of Financial Success. However, finding the right business that is the right fit for you can be daunting!!! There are so many MLM companies out there and making sure the one you choose is quality, ethical and has staying power takes precious time researching. The business I am aligned with has won multiple awards in the MLM industry! Continue reading →

BITCLUB NETWORK… even the last person who joins will earn. No other compensation plan I know of can offer this.Eeveryone can get a piece of all the Bitcoin being mined by Bitclub Network. Most mining pools don’t pay referral commissions, or if they do maybe it’s a one time with no residuals on the people you introduce.BitClub Network, bitcoin mining with a is different, we have a cutting edge referral based pay plan that uses Bitcoin mining to offer a unique income opportunity for members. Continue reading →

by Liz Awujoola , published 11.01.2017
Ever wondered if you could have a stay-at-home opportunity that's fun and on the lips of everyone? You need look no further.Travel is the number one searched word on the internet between the hours of 9 to 5 when most people are on their job, but guess what? They're looking for a location for their next vacation., their honeymoon or for that overdue weekend getaway. Travel is the largest industry and its never going out of style. Continue reading →

by Eweka Yvonne Lee , published 11.01.2017
Are you thinking of how to get started in a great way in 2017?,then look no further,because i could show you a business model that has work for me,and a lot of people in the last twenty - six years. Its a system where love pays. The power of love is what we leverage through. This is because if you love your family and friends,you would like them to be fit and well. The system allows you to earn income in ten different ways,its pensionable and give you daily spending money. Continue reading →

by Jed Stevens, published 11.01.2017
Hello , and thank you for reading about my very unique business opportunity. We started 14 months ago, as a very small company. The United States Department of Defense, wanted tests run on the United States Navy Seals. For those who do not understand. The U.S. Navy Seals are a team of divers that go very deep to the ocean floor. Some U.S. Navy Seals were having brain hemorraging and brain cognitive problems as they dove to the ocean floor. Continue reading →

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