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by Erik Praecius, published 01.04.2019
Crowd Marketing - The new way to launch Luxury BrandsTen years ago a new Brand could send products to Bloggers and Influencers which would write about the products and poste pictures. This would make a consumer demand for the products. The watch Brand Daniel Wellington became one of the biggest watch companies in a few years with this strategy. Today the Bloggers cost a lot of money to use and the consumers no longer trust them because they are aware of it is paid for. Continue reading →

by London King, published 10.09.2019
Hello, my name is London and I am an independent consultant with Usborne Books & More. I have a 2 year old little boy and two amazing bonus kiddos who are 14 and 10! We are a very adventure family and spend most of our free time outdoors or on the go.I decided to start Usborne after seeing how much my youngest enjoyed these books. At only 2 years old he is already so interested in reading, plus I can work from home while spending time with my family. Continue reading →

QUESTIONS BEGINNERS ASK:1. How do I know and join the right network marketing company?2. I don't know anyone, how do I recruit people easily when I join? 3. Can you tell me the most difficult challenges I will encounter in network marketing? Many people have said that my answers are the most certifying and workable answers they've ever come across. If you are a network marketing leader, my advice for you is to share this article and have all your team members read it. Continue reading →

by Jasmin Bryant, published 20.03.2019
I was a successful journalist for more than 20 years and decided a couple of years ago to be a full-time health coach and doTERRA wellness advocate. Essential oils are amazing and I am on a mission to share these powerful tools with as many people as I can. I literally travel the world showing people how to live happier, healthier lives through essential oils and personal coaching. There is no person on Earth who doesn't need an essential oil product in their lives. Continue reading →

by Sherry Loftus, published 10.09.2019
We’ve all been to the same networking meetings. Everyone stands up, introduces themselves and passes their business cards around. Did you know that 88% of paper business cards are thrown away within a week? Now is the time to get a digital business card. But this not just a card. It’s a full mobile marketing platform to showcase your business! You can upload videos, testimonials, a contact me page, links to outside sources. Continue reading →

by Chad Marohl, published 10.09.2019
Who do you know that uses electric and gas? Why not get paid every time they turn on the lights or turn on the heat. You can even earn free energy for yourself while helping your friends and family save on their monthly bills. Energy deregulation has given us a golden opportunity to cash in on wealth that has never never been shared until now. If you have any interest in learning more I encourage you to reach out and let’s talk about how Ambit can be your vehicle to where you want to go in life. Continue reading →

by Marcus Jackson, published 10.09.2019
There's a lot that goes into building an online business from the ground up. It takes money, time, and much grit. Many first time internet marketers fail or give up within the first year of getting started. That can be from a lack of education, resources, or results. One of the most important assets to have in your business is your email list. Yes, that's one of the very first things taught to all marketers is to build your list. Continue reading →

Hi my name is Sarah I live in I'm a mother of 3 beautiful girls. I'm fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom thanks to my business. I decided to join Pink Zebra because I needed extra money I was going through a seperation and needed to be able to provide for my children as a new single mom I was entering this new scary world that I hadand this opportunity presented itself. Our company is like one BIG family. Continue reading →

by Charla Conroy , published 10.09.2019
Hello everyone I am a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant and I am super excited to be here with you all. All of my Jew is lead and nickel free. We sell jewelry for women, men . And all those little divas out there. All of our jewelry is $5 unless you buy our ZI Collection and it is $25. If you are interested at all please let me know. I will also post my business link below just in case anyone is interested in purchasing anything from me. Continue reading →

Abundance Network is a powerful automated SMS Lead Generating System. How it work is you pay $150 and get a phone number that will generate and QUALIFY LEADS for your primary business, while the system SELLS the software for you on the back end and you earn instant daily $100 commissions when someone buys the system.People have made $1000s in a matter of a week or two just from the $100 commissions of selling the system and this was in the beta testing stage. Continue reading →

by Marcus Jackson, published 10.09.2019
There's allot that goes into building an online business from the ground up. It take's money, time, and much grit. Many first time internet marketer's fail or give up within the first year of getting started. That can be from a lack of education, resources, or result's. One of the most important assets to have in your business is your email list. Yes, that's the one of the very first thing's taught to all marketer's is to build your list. Continue reading →

by Tshanna Lenz, published 10.09.2019
I train you from start to finish, and have an entire team of dedicated girls to support you! You only need a phone or computer, and PayPal to run this business.You earn a 25% commission off of sales. This could be through just sharing your link, or through hosting parties online. The company provides hostess rewards, so nothing out of your pocket! All codes used (either your personal code, or party codes) provide customers with 25% off, so added incentive for customers. Continue reading →

by Kim Duran Cruz, published 10.09.2019
So, this happened in a side business that is only 21 months old. Most established companies in the industry add this many new reps in one MONTH. Diamond Ambassador is the company's top rank and many of them are earning 7-figure incomes. �������������������������������������We broke 4 BRAND NEW DIAMOND AMBASSADORS LAST WEEK! Continue reading →

For SOUTH AFRICA for now. Any interested parties from countries around the world, do get in touch if this may be of interest to you. We will be launching Internationally soon. Be the first in your country to introduce this amazing initiative to the masses. If you have a business and would love to have more customers at no extra cost to you, please contact me. This applies to anyone offering services or selling something, whether it's online or from a store or flea market stall or from your own home! Continue reading →

You will know by now that paper currency is declining. Are you doing enough to protect your wealth should the paper current crash? This is why you need to protect your financial future/wealth and earn a lot more by letting your money work for you. This is how great entrepreneur thinks. If saving just 1 gram of GOLD monthly could change your life financially would you sign up for free, right now? Continue reading →

by Chuck Holmes, published 10.09.2019
Saturday, September 7th was my day 120 in my new network marketing business. I joined the company as an independent rep on May 7, 2019. I’ve been in the industry for 17-years now and I’ve always dreamed of finding the right company at the right time. After 17-years of working hard and paying my dues, I can honestly say that my ship has come in!It’s amazing how much you can change your life in just a few short months if you buckle down and do what most people are not willing to do AND you do that with the right company at the right time. Continue reading →

One Minute Vestige Business Opportunity Presentation for Time and Financial Freedom Hi Friend, Hope you are doing well. As a sensible individual, you would probably agree like most people do that: 1. Profit is better than salary. Salary makes you a living which is fine but Profit earns you a fortune which is superfine through a business model that grows by Compounding Effect for generations to come. Continue reading →

by Fee Ogilvie, published 10.09.2019
Hello and Welcome.Please come and join my group you will make some money. Contact me via email madfee1970@icloud .comThe offers are easy to set up but if you need help, admin are there to help you. Turn one POUND, yes i said one pound, into hundreds of pounds as easy as 1 2 3 ! No con, no scam, just easy free money... Money that you can transfer into your bank account. Continue reading →

by Robert Rettermayer, published 08.09.2019
In the current day and age we get taught to save,but at the same time main stream marketing is geared to entice us to purchase on credit.Everywhere you look you see advertising selling instant gratification by offering credit!So how can one save these days and protect the purchasing power of your hard earned savings?Lets look at personal inflation, take everything you purchase throughout the month and research what the price was 10 years ago, 5 years ago as well as the current price. Continue reading →

by Leonard L Redmond, published 09.09.2019
If you've ever said to yourself, "If I had known that Microsoft, Apple, Coca-Cola or bottled water were going to be this big when they first got started I would have invested in those companies at the beginning", then you don't want to miss out on this! Something to consider before I share a link to information that is truly a game changer is that in 2017 the total number of debit card transactions amounted to 2. Continue reading →

by Helena Chevalia Estancia, published 09.09.2019
Hello! My name is Helena Loveland and I am an affiliate of Hempworx, a global, rapidly expanding CBD oil and other products company that is one of the fastest growing companies in the world! The CBD business is booming right now, as more and more people are turning to holistic methods to health and healing instead of pursuing traditional medical care. CBDs are the wave of the future in improving wellness in a natural and holistic way, allowing the body to come into homeostasis. Continue reading →

by Line Lajeunesse, published 09.09.2019
Do you want to be part of the Avon team? Do you like products? Do you want to introduce them to people in your family and to your family or neighborhood? Want to work the hours you want, from your home?Become an Avon representative and you will be able to do all that. You will have at your disposal, a free virtual shop and will be entitled to 25% discount on products.To become an Avon representative, simply register on my shop by clicking 'join' and place an order, so the registration fee becomes free. Continue reading →

by Suzanne Mcluckie, published 09.09.2019
I have an amazing new business opportunity being an affiliate of Ts-Life™ basically what we do is promote our health and wellness products, affiliates such as myself use the products and sell them by sharing our own results on our pages and stories. And the results really speak for themselves.We have 6 products at the moment aimed mainly at weight loss, increased energy, better sleep etc and we also have a brand new CBD infused skincare range that people are going crazy for! Continue reading →

by Laura Ray, published 09.09.2019
You canEarn by browsing. All you have to do is download and install and just use it. The browser will mine your bitcoin for you. Also the more people you refer the more money you can make. You can also earn every time one of your referrals successfully recruits someone. This site has up to 10 levels of referral earnings. You earn a certain percentage of the referral earnings for each level of referrals that you have. Continue reading →

by Mus Millz , published 09.09.2019
*Mus Millz*Haha hah...I just fired the Boss of the employment company I was slaving away for.When you've got the COURAGE you've got the PORRIDGE!It's Sunday... the first day of the week.What's the date?The 08th of September 2019.I fired the Boss... and I say it like that because he's definitely not my BOSS.All this happened with the space of 48 hours.A decision taken by me, that I stook with 100% conviction. Continue reading →


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