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by Dawn-marie Nesbitt, published 17.05.2017
Over the years I have looked at one network marketer and studied her actions. I looked at her Instagram posts, Facebook posts and watched her videos. I grew to like her because she knew a thing or two about attracting prospects. And boy did she have a loyal following. She definitely was not a master at this when she started network marketing four years ago so exactly what did she do over those years to be the leader that she has become? Continue reading →

by Thabiso Ngoepe, published 17.05.2017
Hi ThereBy means of virtual introduction, my name is Thabiso Ngoepe. I run a distribution business in the Network Marketing industry, where we distribute various health and wellness products. Not only do we distribute these products, but we also focus on bringing in individuals who are eager to run their own business and start their journey to creating wealth and financial freedom for themselves.This is all done through a network marketing company that I have partnered with and you could do the same. Continue reading →

by Matthew Venni, published 17.05.2017
What can I say other that WOW This opportunityis giving me all the tools I needas a young entrepreneur - The website the products the support the training! everything is givento you, you just needto take it and apply it into the world andstart making a better life for yourself!Getting into this I didn't know much aboutNetworkMarketing but the training provided has given me everything I need to start making a better life for my family and thatis all I want to do. Continue reading →

by Dawn-marie Nesbitt, published 17.05.2017
Since I started network marketing in 2014 it took me a long time, 2 ½ years to be exact, to get it. I do not know why it took me so long to figure that out but sometimes you have to go through tough things to become a stronger person. Everything happens for a reason they say. And after all the years of hitting my head against a brick wall, losing money, being frustrated and almost giving up, I could not imagine that it was that easy to understand. Continue reading →

by Noel Figueroa , published 17.05.2017
Most people I know are in search of security. They are looking for the security of a job with all the bells and whistles. You know what I mean, a secure job with good benefits and a salary to pay the bills. It doesn’t end with just a salary to pay the bills they want some extra money to boot. How dare you! The problem with seeking security is that it doesn’t exist. Security is a state of mind, not reality. Continue reading →

by Irene Chemney, published 16.05.2017
The words THANK YOU are very powerful on their own but when accompanied with a gesture of appreciation it is magnified to visions beyond belief.So few people say THANK YOU today for what others do. Go to a drive thru and how many times to people say PLEASE & THANK YOU. I catch myself often telling them it would sound so much better if they were to use those two little words as it would make their customers feel appreciated. Continue reading →

by Shiketa Days, published 16.05.2017
It is such A GREAT AND WONDERFUL FEELING! I love raising awareness world wide, Educating men and women about a product that is changing and saving the lives of women and children. The Now We No campaign was designed for everyone to Know..For more information Nowweno.netLets empower women all over and let the no that there are better options! Now your probably wondering what our campaign is about?No social media private only! Continue reading →

by Derrick Days, published 11.04.2017
Yes how you doing today guy's I'm here to talk about the campaign Now We Know and we're introducing the cherish sanitary napkins as our leading product and I'm here to tell you guys that this is a movement like no other.The campaign Now We know movement it's consists of knowing about your body knowing about the health benefits and knowing about product that can affect your health. Continue reading →

by James Day, published 10.05.2017
Hello Everyone,Thanks for taking a look at my first business announcement here on MLM Gateway! I'm super excited to bring to you an amazing opportunity that I have been introduced to - USI-Tech.In a nutshell, the amazing thing about USI-Tech is that you can buy Bitcoin packages for about $55 USD (the price varies with the price of bitcoin) and these packages return 1% daily GUARANTEED on your Bitcoin investment. Continue reading →

by Claire Newdigate, published 16.05.2017
Time is our most precious commodity. I am sure most of you reading this will feel that at some point in your life, you had time but did not quite know what to do with it. Looking back, you will possibly feel regret for having wasted so much of it.That is how I feel when I think of the time that has been wasted by countless brilliant minds. Time they could have spent adding value to this world. Wasted, while they waited for that vital funding that would help them take their invention from concept to prototype. Continue reading →

by Shawn Black, published 14.05.2017
Introducing A Powerful.....Video Syndication SoftwareThis Software is Cloud-based, so you don't have to worry about any technical efforts on your part. You will have the ability to post the same videos that you post on youtube across multiple platforms using multiple accounts. Most people look at this as cheating. But, I see this as an opportunity to set yourself apart of the other SEO experts on video. Continue reading →

by Sujan Acharya, published 16.05.2017
Hi guys how are you all ? It's me Sujan Acharya from Kathmandu..Nepal. I have been a part of an European Company named Axiscrude from some days and am in profit.So You too can.You can be a part as low price as 10$ and get interest of 150% for 50 daysI.e 6 % Interest daily.It's a real company with real results . Don't miss this great opportunity . check this out.If you have any questions regarding this feel free to message me. Continue reading →

by Leslye Scarbrough, published 16.05.2017
For more than 20 years, I struggled with low energy, inability to focus and body pain. I identified that I needed to adjust my diet and that helped. I knew I was on the right track, but I still could not function at the level that I wanted. I could not exerciseand spent many nights after work going to bed early and weekends sleeping to have the energy for the following work week. My life was dictated by how much I energy I needed to conserve to ensure I could continue at work. Continue reading →

by Michelle West, published 16.05.2017
If you've had trouble making serious money online, enough to really change your life and enable you to fulfill all your dreams, please consider joining a remarkable real business now. It’s totally PASSIVE, you do not to have to do anything but join. (But as with all things, you can make more if you want to tell a few friends about it.)The Association is a private network of people dedicated to making very serious honest money online. Continue reading →

My husband and I are independent marketing consultants for Ambit Energy. We are looking to hire part time consultants in our area. One of our top paid consultant will be coming to Ohio to do our business presentations. We would like to make reservations for anyone who would be interested in part time with full time income position with this company. If you look at the picture starting from left to right on top. Continue reading →

by Demi Sanya, published 15.05.2017
In a changing world, and new economy, our actions and decisions must run with the flow of our current environment. Our educational system teaches us nothing about money, so we come out into the real world with a mindset that is traditional past on to us from our parents, and we take what is handed to us from our Linear positions in the work force, dealing with traditional investments that we ask no questions about. Continue reading →

by Evangeline Onwuachu, published 15.05.2017
About Helping Hands International? It is a human facility advancement organization which is on a mission to touch lives positively, empower people across different cultures and like to partner with people who don’t give up fighting on what they believe in. Why I joined touching lives through helping hands international? Continue reading →

by Cody Sampson, published 15.05.2017
Hello everyone!I would like to personally invite you guys to my Easy 1Up program. There are several levels to join at, however I want to explain more about the program and how it can change your life forever!! This program is a affiliate program that will show you step by step how to create and generate your down-lines. This is a referral business that with time and faith will have the company working for you. Continue reading →

by David Johnson, published 15.05.2017
All around the world, glasses are clinking in toasts. To life. To happiness. To success. And let me tell you the most passionate and interesting of these toasts, are made with wine. All around the world, glasses are clinking in toasts. To life. To happiness. To success.Wine is a beautiful drink, as those who drink it often can all agree to. And that’s the thing. Everyone who is a regular wine drinker is always looking for the next best wine. Continue reading →

by Kevin B. Young, published 25.02.2017
Press Release: Vermillion, SD 02/24/17Led by Midwesterners Tony and Jennifer Heisterkamp, a new direct sales company has been launched to promote the aronia berry, a superfood that grows naturally in the northern United States. The Heisterkamp's have engaged Kevin B. Young as Director of Sales to oversee the sales and marketing efforts and to build the distributor foundation through a Presidential Founders Candidate program. Continue reading →

by Dawn Hay, published 15.05.2017
Ive seen over the years many downline build systems and team builders that promise the moon. YA right lol so I was very pessimistic as I signed up for this thing.So I thought I would heavily promote it for one week and see how things turn out. I began, well I wrote my results on my blog after 3 days and also did a update after 5 days which you will see as I will leave my link for you straight to my page where I mention TVTB. Continue reading →

by D S Epps, published 15.05.2017
Major Announcement Dee Elite Travels is looking for 8 people to train to become Certified Travel Specialist. This is a home based opportunity to work part time, full time or spare time. No experience needed. Will train must pass training for certification. Great benefits including savings on shopping, dining, entertainment, scholarship & share pool opportunity and wholesale traveling access. Book others travels- Air, Hotel, Car Rental, Cruise, Wedding and Vacations you receive 80% Commission. Continue reading →

by Tonshia Fluitt , published 15.05.2017
Hello everyone. My name is Tonshia Fluitt. I'm a 45 year old distributor for an health & wellness company that's taking this world by storm. We are doing a RIGHT TO FIGHT campaign. THE MISSION of our RIGHT TO FIGHT campaign is to make every woman we come in contact with, young & old aware of the dangers & deadly chemicals in a feminine product that ALL WOMAN MUST use on a monthly basis. Continue reading →

by Mike Williams, published 15.05.2017
New Page 1 It’s a sad fact that far too many businesses go under. That’s as true online as it is off line. And that is a concern with Joint Ventures and promoting other people’s businesses. You have no direct control over their business or how professional the owner(s) of any particular business are. If you put 100% of your effort into promoting someone else’s business and, for whatever reason, that business goes under you will also go under. Continue reading →

by Irene Chemney, published 15.05.2017
You are struggling to get ahead in your business. You need some way to get people’s attention, to get people to look at what you are offering. Put yourself in this situation. A cab driver wants to promote his services, so he starts giving out GoodLife $200 gift cards to all his customers. In turn those customers start using the gift card he gave for which he gets paid 50% on what they use. They need to use a cab again so because he had put his contact info on the back of the gift card with a clear label they could easily get in touch with him which is repeat business for him. Continue reading →

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