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by Vincent Green, published 29.04.2016
Why do we all want money? Are we all just greedy? Do we want the freedom and comfort that money provides? Or are we simply looking to get out from underneath someone else from calling the shots? The answer lies somewhere in between for most. Some people want to make extra money so they can go a family vacation, some dream of sports cars or a house by the beach. I personally am tired of trading MY time for someone else’s money. Continue reading →

by Oki Obiajulum Diana, published 29.04.2016
Helping Hands International (H2i) is a non- governmental organisation (NGO) was founded by Mrs. Mac-Elvis Luzviminda, a dynamic woman from the Phillippines with a passion to make life eaiser for the common man and co-founded by Dr. Ramiel Policarpio, a Dentist.H2i is poised to deliver humanitarian services that empower both members and non-members through her life changing business opportunity. She is structured also to build deliver to her partners residual income. Continue reading →

by Rafael Cruz, published 29.04.2016
For those of you who have not yet seenone of my lastBusiness Announcement or already seen it, and those of youwho wants MORE it is....I will give you the name of the program that lauchedApril 26th 2016 that will be a MUST for all network marketeers.This program is called 25 Dollar is full of toolsthat can help you maximize the exposure of your programsbecause of the vrious tools you can use as soon as you become a member. Continue reading →

by Kory Michalicek, published 29.04.2016
Hello everyone hope all is wonderful. Well every one if you could take a Dream Trip at some point this year. Where would you go for your Dream Trip? How would sitting on a beach in the Caribbean getting a cocktail brought to your chair sound or a Cruise to the Bahamas, maybe a trip to a sporting event, or even a guided turkey hunt in Kansas. Sounds to good to be true these days. Believe me before i found this I thought it was just a dream to take a Dream Trip. Continue reading →

I love network Marketing, it has brought back quality to my life. I never used to have time for my family, career and business interest. I missed out on so much of first child's development as I was busy chasing a career. By the time I arrived home i was always cranky and tired. I wanted my sons to have a good life, not the same life I had growing up in rural South Africa. I wanted them to be exposed to sporting activities, good nutrition, good schools and an overall quality life. Continue reading →

by Lee Miller, published 29.04.2016
Hello Did you ever ask yourself, what would you be doing today if you had been "in front of the bottled water" industry opportunity, when it was still a $25 million industry and people said "no way...what me buy water"?? Today it's a $300 Billion industry, and least to say you'd be rich and very comfortable. What if you'd been "in front of" the coffee industry, or iPhones, or e-books or any other growth industry's that's revolutionized tired old industries and changed the way they do business? Continue reading →

by Billie Jo Stebbins, published 28.04.2016
Hi my name is Billie Jo Stebbins, I live in the US. I'm an independent distributor with IT WORKS. What is IT WORKS you ask? It's a health and wellness line including nutritional supplements, weight loss products, body contouring products, essential oils, and a high end skin care line. It Works is a debt free company, making over 500$ million a year in the US alone. I'm looking for people to join my team, and help people attain their health goals. Continue reading →

by Gillian Foote, published 28.04.2016
Who doesn't love to travel & earn money..... Network Marketing is the " New Age" of business . Having now focused more on the Attraction side of the industry, I'ts super exciting to be part of such an amazing company as World Ventures with the added bonus of having a unique 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence to generating leads via the Internet & the two are coupled together giving you the whole package, a fantastic business opportunity with awesome support. Continue reading →

by Andre Frank, published 28.04.2016
Andre Frank here,I've been making money online since the year 2000. I've seen a lot of things in my 16 years( time sure does fly by). I've learned a few things in those years and I've always committed to providing value and being ethical in everything I do. Having money is great but if you are not ethical and honest, it really means very little and your success will be short lived.There are so many things changing on a daily basis that sometimes a little consistency does go a long way. Continue reading →

Welcome to Connecting Channels!Where we connect people to what really works for the "Stay at home" enthusiast!Since you are here reading this we are going assume that you are new to Connecting Channels and most likely new to internet marketing all together. Well first, we would like to welcome you to a new exciting world that can possibly change your life and earn income that you couldn’t possibly believe. Continue reading →

by Cherie Cary, published 28.04.2016
Welcome to Connecting Channels! Where we connect people to what really works for the "Stay at home" enthusiast!Since you are here reading this we are going assume that you are new to the marketing world and want to earn a real income from home, and possibly new to internet marketing all together. Well first, we would like to welcome you to a new exciting world that can possibly change your life and earn income that you couldn’t possibly believe. Continue reading →

by Oliver Batin, published 28.04.2016
Hi everyone welcome to kyani. We are one of the #1 networking companies. What I love about this business is that no one has what we have. We have purest form of health products that you can get. And have one of the best comp plans. This is not a pyramid scheme. This is the real deal. We work together as a team to create income. We make goals and constantly mentor each other so no one is left behind. Continue reading →

by Kristen Schultz , published 28.04.2016
Hello my name is Kristen Schultz. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and I'm a stay at home mom. I'm joining damsels in defense for all women who have been sexually assaulted, all women who have been abused, all women who have been killed on site cause someone tried to rob them. I am joining for my baby girls who can't protect theirselves. I want to show my kids when their older that you don't have to be defenseless. Continue reading →

Here is a brief introduction website of this company you ready for the new Philippine market?( by ceo of interush)Our Company has very successful cooperation with Apple, Google, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche ,as the example video link below. Interush is the main sponsor of Aston Martin Craft Bamboo in 2014)This is an Internet Company marketed through Affiliates in USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan , Singapore and Philippine ( open in May. Continue reading →

Hi and welcome to my announcementHow to Start an Online Business with Just $10.55 and 1m40 sec A Day!! Would you like to get paidWhilst Advertising Your Product orMLM business, well know you canwith Zukul Ad Network Zukul ad network this isa fantastic advertising site which delivers very high quality professional traffic within a short time of your advertisement being placed. Zukul Ad Network is perfect for online entrepreneurs looking for leads or sales for your programs or products, Zukul Ad Network is the solution for you. Continue reading →

by Rafael Cruz, published 27.04.2016
Launched just a few hours ago -- on April 26, 2016.This program is already getting thousands of sign upsand continues to grow and grow. Everyone knows a programlike this is the BEST and EASIEST way to FINANCIALand TIME FREEDOM. The compensation plan gives youthe opportunity to earn $35,000+ a month residual income.Everyone start with just buying a $25.00 in a 3x3 matrix and goto the next matrix.... Continue reading →

by Mike Walton, published 27.04.2016
If Only Advertising Were FREE In an Ideal World Advertising would be FREE because if you have something that you want to sell, you need to get eyes on your website right? You need the opportunity to share your product or service with the rest of the world, but the cost of doing so can seriously erode your profits!More Eyes Equals More Sales This is a simple FACT, the more eyes you can get your offer in front of the more you will sell. Continue reading →

by Chermaine Samphire, published 27.04.2016
Yes, that's right. I am under the Jamberrry flag and I get paid to show people my pretty nails.Jamberry have been in the UK since the beginning of April, but are established in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia - they have been around for 3 years now. Their product is a high quality vinyl nail wrap that gives you the salon look at home. The wraps are heat and pressure activated, they go on quicker than regular nail varnish without the drying times and risk of smudges or chipping. Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 27.04.2016
Believe it or not, if you miss this one huge mindset factor for creating network marketing success, then everything you are doing is getting you nowhere.It will be a frustrating battle, wondering why your ads are not getting results. Wondering why no one seems to want to join you. Wondering why your content gets no shares, likes, comments, or traffic.But, once you understand this one huge yet simple mindset factor for creating network marketing success, or any success in general, things will change. Continue reading →

by Gilberto Costa, published 27.04.2016
BOA NOITE ESSA EMPRESA E RECOMENDADA PRA QUEM DESEJA INVESTI UMA EMPRESA QUE PAGA UMA EMPRESA MUITO SERIA NANO O FUTURO EM FRENTE Estamos olhando com confiança para o futuro. A terceira revolução técnica é complicada por um número inteiro de fatores secundários. Todo o mundo moderno é semelhante a um campo minado em que ambos os pontos de referência ideológicos e econômicos parecem erros. Continue reading →

by Chris Hunter, published 27.04.2016
Have you heard the News???? It’s In!!! RODAN and FIELDS by the Creators of ‘Proactiv’ is taking over the Skincare Industry…. ‘Euromonitor International Shares Rodan Fields 2015 Results’ RODAN AND FIELDS IS THE #1 PREMIUN ANTI-AGER/ANTI-AGING BRAND IN THE U.S. RODAN AND FIELDS IS THE #1 PREMIUM ACNE BRAND IN THE U.S. RODAN AND FIELDS IS THE FASTEST GROWING SKINCARE BRAND IN THE U. Continue reading →

by Greg Brady, published 27.04.2016
If you are on Facebook you are being ripped off, My company FutureNet pays you do like, comment and share!This company started out 4 years ago out of Poland and is growing . It is the new way of Social Media, where you can join for free or pay a one time partnership fee of $10. Then sit back and watch the money come in, invite friends into a forced matrix that goes 5 levels deep, even if you don't recruit, you will get a downline anyway. Continue reading →

by Monica Bombuwala Dewage, published 27.04.2016
Sign up FREE, no costs, no fees, no upgrades. 10x10 matrix, bring in 10 FREE referrals and lets make some money for FREE. This is very easy way to make free money... Click on the link and click on join now, ones you sign up wait for an email with your member ID, and ones you got it just log in and grab your personal link...This is a new website, I just joined and I got already 6 sign ups, it is very easy, it pays by PayPal, and you don't need to wait days, months or Checks to get paid . Continue reading →

Rodan + Fields premium skincare is coming to AUSTRALIA! We currently are open in the US and Canada and have been rated the #1 fastest growing premium skincare brand in the US 5 years running! We were just announced the #2 Premium Skincare Brand in the US for 2015 surpassing companies like Estee Lauder and Lancome. Our virtual business opportunity allows you to fit the business into the nooks and crannies of your life! Continue reading →

This is a typical scenario. You join up to what you think is a business opportunity which will change your life. You're all gung-ho about it. You work hard at the business. You hold meetings, sample people with your products and you go all out promoting the business in all the ways you have been instructed.A month passes and your family and friends now start to ask you if you're making money and if not why not? Continue reading →

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