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by Steve Wright, published 27.12.2015
YOU'VE GOT TO LEARN TO BE SUCCESSFUL! Isn't this so true? Do you agree? No matter what you hear, Success in anything requires LEARNING how to succeed! Why did every job you've ever had have require some sort of training at the very beginning? Why? Because there was something to LEARN. And even if you already knew the job quite well from previous experience, there was always some kind of training on how the new company expected you to perform this job or on what the new company's mission and values were, right? Continue reading →

by Alexandra Vincent, published 25.12.2015
WholeWorld Partnership Fundraising is the opportunity to make a difference in this world. Help others and be helped in return. Registrations are activated with $5 for the personal account service fee, and donations to public charity are made once a year with the amount of $100. This will lead youto acquirethe status of Business, and then, you are ready to receive donations from members from of all over the world. Continue reading →

by Tamara Martin, published 25.12.2015
Try an Investment Company with a Compensation Plan I can GUARANTEE will work. Would you like to earn additional income? More than likely, your answer is YES! I have witnessed peoples live change through Onecoin. Just like many people who want their lives to change, financially. I put money into tons of MLM opportunities over the course of 10 years and nothing produced anything I can show for it. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 25.12.2015
So, a New Year is approaching, are you ready for it ?How is your job ? Is your company downsizing ? Are your hours of work likely to be reduced ? Have you any plans if you get laid off ? How is your savings account ? Spent to much during the Christmas Holiday ?There are many questions that you have to answer for the upcoming New Year. Many people are hoping that it will be a good one for them, even if they have no plan to get out of the debt that they have incurred. Continue reading →

by John Deane, published 23.12.2015
This conversation comes up often, and people are always very confused by my statement.It happens in a casual setting, as well as a Business environment, we'll get onto the topic of a potential recession or how bad the economies are doing, etc.... Everyone begins to moan and gets into a gloom and doom kind of mindset. I however have a completely different opinion and i turn the conversation around very quickly. Continue reading →

by Frank Lawson, published 23.12.2015
It's the end of 2015, are you still looking for a business to get into? Are you still not making what you know you have the potential to make? If 2015 didn't produce like you thought and you seem to be stuck in a rut then stop what you are doing and reevaluate what you did and why. Sometimes (we) are the only thing that is in our own way. Ask yourself what you did, why did you do it that way? Continue reading →

Imagine playing the kind of games you already love to play but being able to play games for FREE and being able to win real CASH AND PRIZES. I have been following this from the beginning and it is absolutely amazing! Obviously she does not need to pay people money to play free games where they can win real cash and prizes but she is going to pay us to Beta test them and rate them too. She is also going to pay us when the people we refer and they refer and so on do the same thing up to 35 levels deep. Continue reading →

by Steve Wright, published 23.12.2015
CHECKING YOUR COMMITMENT LEVEL! We all make commitments. There is really no way we can doubt or deny that, am I right? And once we finally decide to actually really Commit to something, what actually happens? We really go "all out" to reach whatever level of success we are shooting for. So if we are not really Committed to something, then what really happens? It sees like we almost always do NOT become successful at it! Continue reading →

by Debra Diamond, published 22.12.2015
You know how the saying goes… You are what you eat. So why is it that so many people still have issues with eating right? The facts is, we have been so well trained with all the marketing exposures over the years of commercials being shown to us! Even today we are constantly inundated with subliminal messages that we eat particular foods. Everywhere you look, we are receiving messages and sometimes these messages contradict what we should be doing. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 22.12.2015
Have you ever dreamed of working from home, going out to dinner to a fine restaurant. Or purchasing a vehicle for cash, going on a vacation to the place you always wanted to go to. If you have thought of any of the above, do you have any plans to achieve those dreams ? Ever thought of going into the office of your boss and handing him your notice ? Ever thought what it would be like to get up every morning without worrying about money issues. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 21.12.2015
So here we are at the end of the year, how is your job ? Are you still working and making money for someone else ? Want to become your own boss ? The Christmas shopping period got you in debt, how are you going to pay for it in the new year. Could it be driving you further into debt ?My wife Patti and I have the answer, why not be in business for yourself and in a short period of time FIRE your boss and be debt free. Continue reading →

by Grace Mashumba, published 20.12.2015
Are you tired of barely making ends meet? Could you do with more liquidity in your life? If you answered, yes, check this out. A legal and proven online business opportunity that pays you a steady income and offers professional life changing training in financial literacy. This is a fully registered company, legit and ethical built on a system that allows you to introduce friends to the products and get paid as you build your matrix at your own pace. Continue reading →

by Jan Terry, published 20.12.2015
As we approach the beginning of a new year, it is time to reflect on our accomplishments, failures, plans, hopes and dreams. Are you in the same place you found yourself last year at this same time or have you moved closer to or further away from where you really want to be? Have you analyzed your situation to death or just made a plans that you have not fully set into motion? Have you at least taken the first step to working the plan? Continue reading →

Its the holiday season and its coming up to New Year. Many people want to make changes in their life - to live a healthier life and possibly lose some weight, but not sure how to go about doing this. Or maybe you have had a cancer scare or even lost a loved one to cancer or a dreaded disease. Or you're unwell and want something that would help you, because you want to be around to see your kids grow up or be able to play with the grand kids. Continue reading →

by Cheryl Keyworth, published 17.12.2015
Why Spend More Than You Have To?Am sure everyone is busy preparing for the holidays, shopping and spending a lot of money on "things." We all get caught up in the "just one more gift" mentality. It's shocking how much people will spend at the holidays. And it's equally shocking to me how much people will spend to join a business or buy a product from an MLM.Let's just think about something here. Continue reading →

by Network Marketing Assistance, published 17.12.2015
Online Contracting: - Electronic Communications and Trasactions Act 2002. Some definitions: 1. Supplier - is any person who offers goods or services for sale, hire or exchange on the web. (Definition of supplier can be different in different acts.) ie: It must be someone who sells goods or services on the web in the ordinary course of business 2. Consumer - any natural person, so not a company or other juristic entity, who enters into a transaction with a supplier. Continue reading →

by Yadav Timmal, published 17.12.2015
Voidable Contracts: Married persons - transactions made without the required consent (can later be ratified) 2. Insolvent's contracts - voidable at the instance of the trustee. 3. Contracts can also be voidable when all the requirments for a valid contract are present but there is a defect in the consent of one of the parties. (Duress, misrepresentation etc. Continue reading →

Hello everyone, This is a great opportunity for new business partners or just customers to join me in my business. Start with minimal cost. I joined this company January this year 2015. Since then i have experienced massive improvement in my health and finances. I have tried my hands on various other network marketing business and didnt get much success. This company appealed to me because itprovides great products at very affordable prices. Continue reading →

by Tamara Martin, published 17.12.2015
Try an Investment Company with a Compensation Plan I can GUARANTEE will work.Would you like to earn additional income? More than likely, your answer is YES! I have witnessed peoples live change through Onecoin. Just like many people who want their lives to change, financially. I put money into tons of MLM opportunities over the course of 10 years and nothing produced anything I can show for it. Nothing that was financially life changing. Continue reading →

by Mohammed Omer El-tom, published 17.12.2015
Hello Partners :)Like I said in the Last B.A that I will start explain about my companies that I am associated with AND I really Hope to get your Approval and SupportOneCoin is a Network Marketing Company where the head office is in Bulgaria but most activities are in launched from China and Hong Kong (but it is an International company)This Company is working in creating the Next Big Thing, A crypto-currency that is stable AND can be actually be called currency (Backed with Gold and assists to support it ). Continue reading →

by Deborah Chezem, published 16.12.2015
Wave Score is the newest technology to come along in social media.Put in a bit of InstagramItunes, Youtube & Facebook With a bit of American Idol but we call it Idol wave Radio and you have WaveScore.It's a free Platform anyone can join. As you begin to play on the platform and more people begin toFollow you, you are making spending money. There is however, an upgrade you are welcome to do,but only if you so desire. Continue reading →

by Rodney Pless, published 16.12.2015
Prepaid telecommunications business. easy to do low startup cost . packages include cell phoness prepaid sims already preloaded with service from t-mobile, verizon, cricket, many more Lyco mobile, mnvo sprint with bring your own phone plans. Over 1200 suppliers dropshipping all over the world. Prepaid internet service home phone service and more. Our company info YNOT MOBILE LLC IS A WHOLE SALE AND RETAIL TELECOM PROVIDER. Continue reading →

by Mohammed Omer El-tom, published 16.12.2015
Hello Fellow Marketersin the Past B.A I touched on the importance of creating New Streams of Income,But how you can identify the best opportunity to re-invest your earnings ?Well, the reality of it, There is NO BEST, only Calculated RisksHow Calculated? Simple, Your initial strategy is to retreve your capital (the money you started with) then you start working from the earnings :)the most important thing too is that you only pick businesses that are either NEW ideas OR easy to work withregardless wither your community will accept it or notBecause you are Re-inviting your previous effort into this new one, That includes Your Network Structure :). Continue reading →

by Ashley Rode, published 16.12.2015
This is an awesome opportunity for those looking for work in the booming industry of nutrition, dietary support, and tower gardening. Our environment does not produce the same quality of food as it used to, and this is evident by the nutritional value of our produce today. Even though people are becoming more encouraged to eat healthy, there may be gaps in their nutrition that can be filled with this fantastic product. Continue reading →

by Mohammed Omer El-tom, published 16.12.2015
Hello Everyone,Financial Freedom: A term that is the MAIN engine-drive to Hustle when it comes to joining or Marketing a Network Marketing to F\Direct Selling Opportunity, BUT most people DON'T know what is Financial Freedom!!if you asked your Upliner/Coach/Sponsor about that term they will tell you something like:" Oh, it's a dream come true, You never think about money again, you buy whatever you want. Continue reading →

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