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by Chrystal Templeton, published 08.05.2019
When I began my adventure with Mary Kay as an Independent Beauty Consultant, it was simply for the skin care. I needed a simple routine and no one had ever showed me the proper way to take care of my skin. I had purchased the skin care and after a short time learned to be consistent, wow what a difference it made! I made the decision to become a consultant and soon realized that it is so much more! Continue reading →

by Ralph Sipho Maphumulo, published 08.05.2019
Creating wealth has nothing to do with money, it all has to do with people. Before i tell you what Crypto Builder is, here is a question. How would you like to bank over $100 000 in less than six months from now? Crypto Builder is an online crypto matrix program that is taking the internet marketing community by storm. It has been invented by a South African citizen by the name of Mr Hannes Jordaan who is a true genius when it comes to this space. Continue reading →

by David Williams, published 07.05.2019
Why in the world would I say something like that? Great question, I'm glad you asked!Let me explain it to you. Karatbars International is the ONLY company in the world that I have ever seen or been in with the ability to make you RICH without talking to a soul. To be honest with you all you have to do is join for FREE as an Affiliate, start Saving in Gold and acquire as much Crypto Currency backed by gold you can handle. Continue reading →

by Sandra Victor, published 07.05.2019
I know most of you must have heard about this now Oriflame,most of you just ignored it because its all about networking.At first that was my thinking until I met this friend of mine,she spoke to me on how Oriflame works,I had to take that bold step and am not regretting it at all,I joined just two months ago. my friend registered me successfully,I ordered products which gave me 200bp(bp means bonus points,you get it as you make order,and as you order your bp will increase and that is what they will calculate to pay you)if you didn't acquire any bonus points in a full month then they won't pay you your salary,my first payment was #38000,that is outside the profit I made through selling their products. Continue reading →

by Dreama. Wallace, published 07.05.2019
I am doing a drawing and to be entered all you have todo is sign up as a promoter or customer and make a purchase and u will get $50 Cash or your choice of product up to $50 if your name is drew. Odds are good their is only one entry so far. If we get more than 2 signups active we will do 2 drawings :) this is an amazing a journey and a new skincare with CBD just launched and has been a success you should see the photos of actual people no photo shop either its all natural results from real people just like me and you it took me a year to make the decision to become a promoter and I am so happy I did, I have gained an all new family that I am excited to get to know on this journey, and go on the paid vacations they offer. Continue reading →

by Gabriel Nsofor, published 07.05.2019
FOREX dates back as early as the bible era when money exchanging exercise was erroneously done in the Jerusalem temple portion meant for gentile worshipper and may have existed much earlier than that. Pilgrims all over the world come with their individual’s national currency to trade and make exchange in order to obtain the temple currency meant to buy the material for sacrifice at the temple. Over year this has metarmophosised to what we have today as one of the largest if not the most market liquidity of our time. Continue reading →

by Ann Sutherland, published 07.05.2019
Hi my name is AnnI am looking for Like minded individual to join me and my community.No pervious experience needed We provide all the tool and training AcademyYou will have your personal AdvisorSupport form 3,000 like minded to support you24/7 supportWeekly mastermind .This opportunity might be for you if you are looking forTime Freedom ( work 10-15 hr/ week)Financial FreedomLocation Freedom ( work form anywhere)What we do online and teach average people is called affiliate marketing. Continue reading →

by Leanne Downey, published 07.05.2019
Scentsy is celebrating 15 years of business by offering an opportunity to start your own business for just $15 in the month of May! With this $15 deal, you’ll get a mini warmer valued at $20, so you’re already getting an amazing deal! But you’ll also receive a wax bar, 15 catalogs, 15 scent testers and more tools to help you get your business going! What have you got to lose? If you’d like to save even more on products for your business, the regular $99 kit is still available with over $300 worth of product included! Continue reading →

by Ethel Mabasa, published 07.05.2019
Hi if you are reading this then you must be an amazing person who really like living healthy and having a fat bank balance. Well i am Ethel Norland Diamond Distributor. i'm here to introduce my business what can i say except that this is an amazing journey of living healthy, staying young and having a six figure bank balance. Earn as much as $4 844,11 (R336000) per week together with other bonuses that comes with it. Continue reading →

Tired of joining company after company and seeking out the next pre-launch or shiny object, following every step they told you, and still struggling or losing money and not able to get your business off the ground?
I was you only a few months ago. Then it all changed.I have seen many amazing looking business opportunities go into pre-launch but fail because of bad hype and lies after lies.It is clear that without plenty of due-diligence and a good solid product, all your effort and in many cases; money invested in these so called business opportunities are wasted. Continue reading →

by Cathy Carden, published 07.05.2019
Our big launch is May 23-25th at Jeunesse Headquarter at Lake Mary, FL near Orlando. If you sign up by May 6 and have your two signed up by May 6th, you will be eligible to be flown in for the big launch. The company will pay for your airfare up to $500, pay for hotel, food, and transportation. If the launch date does not work for you, the most important part is to register before the launch.In Brig Hart's binary matrix, the minimum investment is purchase $300 package in product per month. Continue reading →

by Lucretia Hudson , published 07.05.2019
Deciding to join this company has been the best decision I’ve ever made. We have amazing products that are changing people’s lives, physically, mentally and financially! Just by drinking a cup of coffee & taking a capsule and then sharing your story with others. The powerful combination of the two products helps get your body to promote its own “happy hormones”; Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin & Endorphins. Continue reading →

by Emmanuel Okokpujie, published 07.05.2019
I introduce to you GROSSBYTE international company . A company where you have residual income guaranteed . Grossbyte is an international wealth and portfolio management company that helps earning through a diversified means of transaction such as crypto currency, mining, real estate and other equivalent commodities.Grossbyte is easy to get started. All you need is some dollars and you have access to the company. Continue reading →

by Jeff Shaw, published 07.05.2019
Hi all come, learn and join my team with 100% natural high quality grade essential oils, blends, skincare personal care, nutritional support and tons more, please invest in yourself and your loved ones, wether they be ailments or hormonal or stresses that life gives, these fantastic oils are so high quality grade and concentrated and are not mixed with rubbish, that you only need the tiniest amount, so not only are they absolutely fantastic to support your health and wellbeing they are great value for money and last ages (months), they are a great all rounder, you can not only use them for aromatherapy but topically and internally, also if used properly are safe for children and pets. Continue reading →

Have you ever wanted to be part of something massive at the very beginning before it goes viral? What if you could make an additional income stream without selling any products or services? That's right! No selling Any products or services. What's so amazing about this new company is that it is being launched worldwide from the beginning and offers the benefits of FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE! You can see more information about this global movement and why marketers around the world are joining our team and utilizing our DONE FOR YOU MODEL SYSTEM here: https://roklurfreedom. Continue reading →

Hi, I’m Kat Shetliffe, I am an Avon (UK) Sales Leader and Representative from Nottinghamshire UK.I can only work with members from the UK unfortunately as all recruits must have valid UK identification with a UK address.I am looking for new Representatives to sign up and join my team. You can do this by messaging me or by using the following link and click apply now: can sell Avon in a number of ways - online using your personal Avon website, Facebook etc, or sell to friends/family, hold parties, post brochures door to door, or you can even have an account just to buy your own products at a discounted price! Continue reading →

by Brendon Hansen, published 06.05.2019
This is my story. In all of my years of searching for a home based business that worked for me, I never considered the possibility that maybe it was a non-standard business opportunity that I was looking for. I tried a variety of opportunities, MLM's, eBay stores, dropshipping, i even started my own construction company, all with varying degrees of success, and never really found what I was looking for. Continue reading →

by Suzie-ann Haughton, published 06.05.2019
Are you struggling to get more persons to join your business? What would it feel like if you had 5 or more people that you had never met before, enrolling into your team or program each week? What if you were able to do all of this without sending messages to strangers, annoying your friends and family, cold calling or having to leave your house? I Found it very difficult to find 5 like minded people into my business. Continue reading →

by Cecelia Morris, published 06.05.2019
With MyEcon American workers will learn How To... Reduce Taxes, Manage Debt, Improve Credit, Maximize Investments, and get Cash Back for your online shopping experiences.To find out the 5 reasons you need MyEcon click here to watch a 5 minute video.Why Is This Information So Important? ➡️If you are currently working a job, you need to know how to maximize your take home pay ➡️Once you learn these tools you need to know how to use this extra money to quickly pay off debt ➡️Your credit score impacts your ability to get loans, housing, utilities, car insurance, jobs, and more ➡️Leaving a legacy of financial literacy for your familyA lot of people over-complicate personal finance and getting their financial house in order when it really only takes 6 simple steps. Continue reading →

by Angernette Coy-coates, published 06.05.2019
Let's look at the timeline, shall we? For 2014, Rodan and Fields was the #4 skincare brand behind 3 of the very well known and long established non-MLM companies in the skincare industry. I joined the company in 2015 and it rose to the #2 skincare brand. For the last three years, it has been #1. This is not your drugstore brand. You will not find us in stores nor on Amazon. However, you will see us often in magazines and across social media. Continue reading →

Who wants work from home and build there credit score just by posting ads??!!!I have an online job opportunity that pays you weekly also with residual pay. This company helps you build your credit score as well. You advertise and promote their company by posting ads on social media and help build a team of dedicated online entrepreneurs. This company also sells high demand products and offers free training as well as tutorial videos on how to build your business profile and build your credit score. Continue reading →

by David Nicholas, published 06.05.2019
BittrainFully automated forex and crypto currency trading that pays its investors 8% Weekly, 32% Monthly R.O.I for a period of 24 Months.Global investment platform, opperating currency btc.Referral Income, Binary Income and Unilevel Income Structures in place for the networkers and teambuilders aswell.100 USD Min Investment Package known as the Starter Package.250 000 USD Max Investment Package known as the Millionaire Combo Package. Continue reading →

by King OfmlmTraffic, published 06.05.2019
What isQuickSilver?It is an awesome new Home Business that also allows you to build your wealth. How do you build it. You build it in numerous ways. One way is to sell precious metals. Who doesn't like Silver and Gold. Everybody I think. Set yourself up in a monthly plan that allows you to collect Coins every month. Start off with as little as 20 dollars a month. This is only one way to build your wealth. Continue reading →

by Caroleh Caroleh, published 06.05.2019
McKoo Projects (Pty) Ltd email or call 0027835289849 Caroleh for quotations and services.We are fully registered with the relevant construction boards including CSD and CIDB for General Building and Renovations jobs, Civil and Mechanical works including Roads and Asphalt and General Supplies. We are currently venturing in to the lifting industry with cranes up to 720t and have our own Red Seal Riggers and we can make safety files and do transport as well. Continue reading →

by Winston Gilling, published 06.05.2019
Network Marketing is Really Easy. Successful Network Marketers Make It LOOK Hard.Network marketers tell you that in order to be successful, you need to be a leader. You need to motivate people. You have to invite them to meetings. You have to follow up on customers. You have to be prepared to speak with 5 to 10 persons per day about your business. ALL OF THAT IS GOOD. ALL OF THAT WORKS! ALL OF THAT IS UNNECESSARY! Continue reading →


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