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by Menyene Jack, published 04.07.2016
Have you thought about getting paid for watching online movies, commenting on adverts etc.? Yes, this is food for thought. Almost everyone spends 3 or more hours daily on the social media. Translated, that gives 21 hours a week. An average worker spends 40 hours a week doing tedious office work, often for an unsecure and unrewarding job. Oftentimes, the job satisfaction we seek cannot be found because we are truly not independent. Continue reading →

Well my name is William I live in the island of Puerto Rico and I am looking for ways to make some extra income from the comfort of my home. If other people are doing it why can't I do it. We are all entitle to a better chance in life to make things happen. Of couse I am a born again christian and I always as in prayer if this is the right thing to do. I try to get products that will be of a benefit to other people. Continue reading →

Greetings I like to share with you my interest in Network Marketing. I have been doing this for some time and its been very good for me. Right now I have made some research on two online businesses. One of them is call THWGlobal, the other one is Vida Divina. Both of these companies have a great team behind them working very hard to promote and get exposure to the products and services.THW GlobalI also have joined another company that is into health products and they are growing like wild fire. Continue reading →

by Jessica Agnew, published 04.07.2016
Hello my name is Jessica and I have some amazing news. I have recently joined a amazing health and wellness company called Vida Divina. With great products and a compensation plan that is out of this world. This make this company one of the best business opportunities on the web. Right now you can join for free. Join with me and you will get a amazing team dedicated to everyone earning. Not just to people on top but every one. Continue reading →

GOD'S PLANS FOR YOU IS TO MAKE YOU PROSPERHAVE HOPE AND A GREAT FUTURE.AS THE BIBLE VERSE ....JEREMIAH 29:11"FOR I KNOW THE plans I have for you..declares the LORD,plans to PROSPER YOU, AND NOT TO HARM YOUplans to give you hope and a future"as GOD declares....PROSPER YOU...MEANING YOU HAVE IT IN YOU...all you need todo is take action....use your uniqueness your inner strength to accomplish yourdreams and goals. Continue reading →

July 4th A New Company called THWGlobal is launching a brand new concept in advertising and income opportunities that will pay all participants up to $25 an hour (up to 10 hours per week) to view & comment on commercials, TV pilots, movie trailers, video surveys and more. Could you use an easy extra $250 per week? They even do better than that... If you refer others to this very special opportunity, not only will you get paid for the videos you watch but you will also earn $5 for every hour your referrals spend doing the same! Continue reading →

by Ingrita Gayle, published 04.07.2016
Are you looking to achieve financial freedom? If so, Global Wealth Trade (GWT) is an excellent option for you. Global Wealth Trade manufactures and sells high-end luxury fashion, and has the best compensation plan to offer. Unlike most Multi-Level Marketing companies, WE PAY INTO INFINITY. Sounds good so far? Receive payment through six streams of income with no restrictions, no re-qualifications and no cap on volume; our highest earner makes $100,000/month. Continue reading →

THWglobal is in its prelaunch and more than 1000 new members are joining every hour. It is going to start on 4th july 2016. If you are above 21 years having HS Diploma, then it is for you. Earn upto $25 per hour for watching videos and commenting on commercials. It is free to register. After registration, login to THWglobal and get your referral URL in the welcome letter. Earn $5 for every $25 earned by your referral in your first level. Continue reading →

by Gerry Delaney, published 03.07.2016
Hello ,My name is Gerry Delaney and i hail from the beautiful country that is Ireland .I have been involved in Network Marketing since 2013 ,when i decided i had enough of the daily grind of the 9 -5 job , although for me it was more a case of the 5-8 job as i was self employed in the construction sector for almost 20 years .I guess the recession did'nt help either .So i took to the worldwide web for a solution , man its a vast place , so many online opportunities , I tell you now , I got lost I a few scams and you learn quickly that all is not what it seems with these jobs , but thankfully I didn't lose too much money . Continue reading →

Through scripture we know that God wants us to succeed in life. By growing and using our faith & trust in the Lord we can be strengthened to fulfill His will for our lives- this is true success. Use these collection of Bible verses to gain a better understanding of how God defines success, and how we can truly succeed in life. ALL YOU NEED IS FAIT AND BELIEF AND YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.......WHAT YOU THINK. Continue reading →

by Calvin Acklin, published 03.07.2016
Let's face facts, most of you have bad credit, that 550 credit score won't cut it any longer. You are paying more for your mortgage, (if you can get one) more for your car, and insurance on both. Even employers now view your credit score before making a decision about hiring you. Your bad credit is costing you money, but your creditors LOVES YOU because you are making them rich. They are betting on you to continue what you are doing just like 93% of the population. Continue reading →

by Fred Bunyan, published 03.07.2016
FREE to Join....This company is launching on July 4th's like YouTube in Reverse..This is "EXPLODING" globally - within 10 short days I have over 253,645 members in my down-line, and so can YOU. In a nutshell, the way this works is for 10 hours a week you are paid at $25 per hour to watch videos and make comments. That's $250, however it does not stop there. When you refer others you are also Paid $5 per hour on those members. Continue reading →

by Richard Vaughan, published 03.07.2016
So, network marketing is a good thing right? Hey, some of you experiencing success would even call it great, amazing, fantastic, the best thing since sliced bread, and so on... The big question I'd like to ask is this - is your fantastic business really as great as it could be? Certainly a bold question, and I've no doubt a lot of you think I'm probably insane - after all, you've built your business to give you freedom, take control of your income, get your time back, and live the life you want to lead - how it possibly be any better? Continue reading →

by Ibanga Ekong, published 03.07.2016
Have you thought about getting paid for watching online movies, commenting on adverts etc.? Yes, this is food for thought. Almost everyone spends 3 or more hours daily on the social media. Translated, that gives 21 hours a week. An average worker spends 40 hours a week doing tedious office work, often for an unsecure and unrewarding job. Oftentimes, the job satisfaction we seek cannot be found because we are truly not independent. Continue reading →

Hello, Dear Colleagues!My name is Veselin Hadzhiev. I'm located in Bulgaria.Around 8 years ago I started with online business full time. Had a lot of bumps along the way but what an amazing ride!Now I would like to offer you to get acquainted in detail with a new technology that world will know very soon this year.Perhaps many of us have dreamed to be close to Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg and become co-owner of their company, when they were in the beginning. Continue reading →

In a few months, we will present a hybrid network marketing and direct selling opportunity; a software business opportunity. Essentially we are enabling partners to become their own software company focusing on small self employed business people and even companies consulting then on "process automation". What does that mean? ask and find out. Software is the now and the future. You routinely hear of software companies and millionaires. Continue reading →

by Nengi Miraa, published 03.07.2016
I wanted to write this press release because we JUST crossed the halfway mark and with an upcoming long weekend it is the perfect time to set time aside to evaluate goals and contemplate what our game plan should be in the second half of the year. We all know we are in business for ourselves. Nobody is going to come knocking on our door looking for a progress report. This is the fun part of being our own boss. Continue reading →

by cals5839 ., published 02.07.2016
I introduced the New Oil Barons' uni-level marketing program in April 2016. It's based on the low price of bulk oil and therefor a sure winner for anyone who joins. The monthly membership cost is only twenty five dollars and features ten levels of ultra generous recruiting commissions in both cash and oil shares. Members can work at home with no buying or selling requirements.You'd think it would have been an instant success, but that's just not the case. Continue reading →

ATTENTION!! FREE TO JOIN. INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY THIS IS EXPLODING ON FACEBOOK.- PRE LAUNCH STARTED NOW! HURRY SIGN UP CLOSE 4 OF JULY .-WHO WANTS TO EARN 25$ PER HOUR? Watching Videos and Earn $5 every time your referral watch videos and $1 per hr for there referrals just for watching videos with you referrals you can make more of $3.000 dollar a month.--LOOKING FOR NETWORK MARKETER AND ALL THE PEOPLE HERE WHO WANT TO MAKE MONEY TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM FREE. Continue reading →

Without the CORRECT will not reachyour need a mindset that is firmly focusedon accomplishment....start a project and seeing it completedas flawlessly as possible....the very fist step is BELIEVINGIN YOURSELF.You have the AMAZING POWER....It is within youYou have the ability to make and partake and completeyour life's wants and a lifestyle that you are meantto be. Continue reading →

Are you a network marketer who's in need of targeted network marketing leads for your business? If so, I can help! You see, I have always had a love for helping people and along the way in life, I gained a strong love for marketing and the marketing system that I would like to introduce you to, is allowing me to do these two things on a daily basis.That's right! I get the opportunity everyday to not only grow my business but also help others in the process to grow their businesses and for a small one time affordable payment. Continue reading →

by Oyeniran Abdul Matini, published 02.07.2016
Skyway-Capital is an organisation dealing with the construction of new generation of cars and trains. The projet is taking place in Russia and some Europeans countries. Skyway needs private investors and decide to have an MLM compensation plan which will permit members to gain from referral and at the same time gain from the share bought. You will get 26250 shares with $250 which is paid cash or in installment for the period of 10 months. Continue reading →

by Rashid Masood, published 02.07.2016
Join here= Hi People I Have An Opportunity of Lifetime For You A Sustainable Program Called Myadstory it has four adpcks 1$adpack mature at 150% 10$ adpack mature at 115% 25$ adpack mature at 110% 50$ adpack mature at 125% you atleast must have one 50$ active adpack to get 5% commission daily ABOUT THE OWNER MAHMOUD CHERIF Based in Canada Transparent, honest, and 100% legit Has a graphics and IT company Has a background in Network Marketing Mad Marketers have complete faith in him https://www. Continue reading →

by Second Streams Llc, published 01.07.2016
In association with Elon Musk and Solar City, POWUR is the newly established network marketing opportunitywith two simple steps to success: 1.) Refer homeowner leads to Solar City sales for a free, no obligation, phone proposal on no-money-down solar panel installations and 2.) Teach others to do the same. We were lucky enough to discover this incredible pre-launch business opportunity where the entry is ground-floor, the leadership is brilliant, the industry is exploding, the keys to success are simple, the bonuses come quickly and the residuals are GUARANTEED FOR TWENTY YEARS. Continue reading →

by David Foster, published 01.07.2016
Firstly thank you to anyone reading this announcement for taking the time, I recently joined the ranks of a non profit organisation called The Rising Son ( The purpose of this NPO is to build schools across South Africa to cater for the educational need of the population. As an NPO we have had to put some serious thought into the way we will be conducting our business in order to raise the funds needed to undertake our projects. Continue reading →

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