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by Donna Witham, published 19.05.2019
Hello,My name is Donna and I am an Independent Brand Influencer for revital U. I do not sell anything, I sample. I offer coffee, cocoa, capsules and our newest product that just launched, Sweet Dreams Sleep Oil! The products I sample are amazing and sell themselves! I love these products and can honestly tell you they work because I have personally tried them all and they have helped me tremendously. Continue reading →

by Roger Dowe, published 19.05.2019
Everyone makes mistakes in our day to day lives. Many are conscience mistakes that we don’t mean to do; likes not asking for napkins after leaving the drive-thru at McDonalds before driving off, not counting our change before leaving the gas station, forgetting to grab all our bags when we leave Wal-Mart or Publix, just to name a few. However, there was an even bigger mistake that the majority of us had no idea of, that cost each of us over One Million Dollar! Continue reading →

Time and era traditionally has their business dominance and acceptance in tune with the trend and focus of their respective generations. Wellness industry and the direct sales marketing approach are, and still remain some of the few leading industries of the 21st century. Human life Global is a two faced coin that provides wellness and direct sale marketing on a platter of gold. An ASEAN company located primarily in Malaysia attempts to make a difference In her unique concept of providing stem cell antioxidant infused products in their various appealing forms not only to make them desirable but also available and affordable for consumption, there by taking STEM CELL NUTRITION AND SKIN CARE PRODUCTS to another level. Continue reading →

Our company is expanding into the remaining provinces in Canada October 1, 2019. Currently we are in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. We are currently in 50 USA States and will also Launch into the UK market (London, Wales) in July 2019.This is an exciting opportunity for you to start building a team in each province and state to market these services and earn a commission, bonuses, overrides, residual income and trips! Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 19.05.2019
If there is one thing we need, it's more and more leads.So since we are involved in the MLM industry, I want to focus on generating MLM leads.It's actually, not that hard to do. Most of the time, it's just over thought, and over stressed.So in today's business announcement, I will be sharing with you - ways to generate MLM leads, that will not cost you any extra money to generate (at least not directly for the task). Continue reading →

by Eddy Pierre Pierre, published 19.05.2019
Traditional job versus Network Marketing. Why is it a good idea to embrace Network Marketing? Job limitation. There is a limit to the number of traditional jobs you can work in a day. On the contrary, a Network marketer can work dozens of jobs in a day for the simple reason that most of these jobs can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Convenience. Most traditional jobs require you to show up for work at a certain location. Continue reading →

by Gerhard Kruger, published 19.05.2019
HiEk stuur graag die inligting vir jou.Contantia Versekerings maatskappy, wat in 1952 geregistreer is, het besef dat ons ekonomie baie sleg lyk en dat mense nie werk het nie. Hulle het toe 'n model ontwikkel wat hulle Duepoint noem, wat al hulle kliënte toelaat om 'n vaste inkomste te verdien sonder dat hulle self enige produkte hoef te verkoop. Jy werk nie vir Duepoint nie maar bedryf jou eie besigheid en hulle het al die tegnologie gekoop en ingespan om dit te kan doen en stel dit gratis aan jou beskikbaar. Continue reading →

by Jenna Rossi, published 19.05.2019
Bigger and better things are in store for Arbonne and I looking to see who else is ready to jump in! Arbonne is exploding and consistently releasing life-changing products. This is a solid company that has been around for 39 years! Not many MLM companies last this long. When looking for the right MLM company to join there are four factors that you should be looking for that lets you know it has a well established business model. Continue reading →

Kannaway is the first direct selling company in the cannabis space.We operate already in 35 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey Island, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Island, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. Continue reading →

by Duane Harkins, published 19.05.2019
That's right you can get three paychecks a week on autopilot in the hottest biz on the market .Changing the future outcome (CTFO) is a free biz offering health products for weight-loss, nutrition and personal care with CBD and non CBD products. All of our products are lab tested and verified.I personally use several CBD products with amazing results, I broke my back nearly 30 years ago and now have severe arthritis with back pain which limits walking and any movement. Continue reading →

by Petisamaria Hall, published 19.05.2019
Our newest addition to our Ts-Life health brand family has arrived with our fabulous anti-aging CBD infused Skincare line! While everyone else was making cbd chocolates & gummies, we did something completely different from everybody else and infused our skincare line with purified cbd in a way nobody else thought of, and we’re making headline news! Certified organic, FDA approved, with all natural, pure, clean health brand products and supplements to help our clients & customers on their journey to better health. Continue reading →

by Chuck Holmes, published 19.05.2019
Today, I want to share some simple and practical tips for launching your new MLM Distributors correctly.Please realize upfront thatthis is a coaching and teaching business.It’s not your job to build anyone’s business for them, but it would be in your best interest to HELP your new people get started right.Your new distributor is like a newborn baby. They require constant help, support, love and attention. Continue reading →

by Tenisha (Nisha) Mccline, published 17.05.2019
Hello, my name is TenishaI would love to share my opportunity with you. You can either watch a video or look at my online presentation. No selling! I make money when my customers save!Or if you would like to pass on the business opportunity and would like to save up to 50% on travel contact me! Do you want to travel like a millionaire, staying in five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️ places at three star ⭐️⭐️⭐️prices? Continue reading →

by David Easley, published 17.05.2019
Coming Soon.....OnPassive!This is truly the only on line project that Guarantees everyone's success 100% Hands Free. There are many biz ops that claim to be hands free BUT they fall well short when it comes to delivering traffic. When OnPassive goes live it WILL deliver quality, targeted, traffic to every members site(s) and that is for as long as you are a member. There are two reasons I said (sites). Continue reading →

by Demetrius Taylor, published 17.05.2019
1 864-302-1878VCS Hosting & Marketing Is Offering Free Business Landing Pages or HostingDesign We give your business a great web presence by customizing our site templates to your business. We also offer completely customized sites as well. Our sites are clean and professional with a purpose!Maintenance We maintain your site and keep your business on the world wide web. Make changes to your site with a simple phone call. Continue reading →

by Angela Holman, published 17.05.2019
As other travel networks prepares for there public debut , analyst suggest they will be valued between $80 - $91 BILLION!! With this tidbit of information, had the opportunity been available for you to become a founding member of these networks, would you have done so?Well guess, what, I am a Founding member of a rapidly growing company mirroring other travel philosophy in an $8 TRILLION industry!! Continue reading →

by Alisa Joseph, published 17.05.2019
Do you feel sluggish, tired, can’t focus at work or school? Do you have a few lbs you’d like to drop as well? Try ketones! I have trials available now!! 10, 15, 20 day! I can also do a 5 day trial if needed. These are instant ketones, your body will go into ketosis within a half hour! Have you tried the keto diet by its self? I have! I can’t stick to diets, and for keto to work you must get your body in a state of ketosis, these drinks do just that! Continue reading →

by Walusiku Jm, published 17.05.2019
Workmines is a company that pays you for watching a minimum of 35 seconds on their geo-tagged videos. You can get a trial account for 14 days during which period you will be paid for 2 videos each day. The videos vary depending on your location while some videos are from Netflix and other similar companies. This is one of the few ideas which does not require you to recruit people in order to get paid. Continue reading →

by Patson Mtema, published 17.05.2019
Hi my name is Patson Mtema, l'm in the business of plants stemcells.Stemcell therapy is the next best treatment of all kinds of ailments in the near future and already has proven to produce good results. The plants DNA convert to Protien molecules which are compatible to human beings so there is no body rejection and no risk of use. I also refer to it as the miracle or wonder product. There has been testimonies from people suffering from HIV & Aids to those suffering from different kinds of cancer as well as diabetes, athritis, fibroids, erectile dysfunction in men, hearing and eyesight problems. Continue reading →

by Carla Allen, published 17.05.2019
Lets jump right in with a little personal development: Each moment of the day we are choosing our next move. At the end of the day you have to decide if your choices have helped you advance closer to your goals. If not it’s ok, you can always remedy or remove what didn’t serve you and try again. We keep trying until we get it right. Determination, will power, intuition and believing will get you to your goal. Continue reading →

by Arthur Scott , published 16.05.2019
How would you like to receive $10,000 worth of quality life coaching for free, All you would have to do is donate $50 and bring in two people to do the same and you will receive this free offer. contact me I will show you how. email me in the subject line, write I want in, acaviyah2008@gmail.comBRAYSHEET LIFE COACHING SYSTEMS,Braysheet Life Coaching Systems is an organic concept – designed with painstaking effort and precision – intended to help ordinary people maximize their ability to make a contribution towards the development of a new world of peace and happiness for all – a literal paradise on earth. Continue reading →

by Rotatia Shipman, published 16.05.2019
I was involved in a car accident in June 2016, that messed my knees & back up... Was in rehab for months & the pain meds had awful side affects. I couldn't sleep in my bed, had to sleep sitting up in a chair. I stop taking the pain meds cause they were affecting my vision. Started taking Tylenol RA (for the arthritis in my lower back)... It helped with the pain during the day, but I still couldn't sleep in my bed. Continue reading →

by David Ingham, published 16.05.2019
Once the realm of the rich, Gold is now available to EVERYONE!! Yes this business is going crazy : ) I just won a Prize and going to Cape Town in June for a Karatbars Convention New developments are: 1: New Voice over Blockchain patented technology Impulse K1 Smartphone, unlimited data, storage, no roaming charges, private Conventions, secure, Crypto wallet and much more. 2: Gold backed Crypto symbol KBC trading on most exchanges 3: Owe Crypto currency exchange called Karatbit 4: New Token called KCB as Karatbars opens first Crypto currency bank in Miami 5: Developing own Blockchain called Mainnet 6: Better compensation plan 7: Karatbars product line starts from €150 -€1,000,000 Check this out https://impulse. Continue reading →

by Adrianne Epley, published 16.05.2019
Hot off the the presses, we're still holding number one in network marketing!When we started this venture we knew it was going to grow, but not this fast or this big. Partnering with the leading company in network marketing has been rewarding on SO many levels!It truly goes beyond the 8 ways we get paid or the fantabulous non flushing binary. The personal development and growth are priceless.Our founders have made this part of the magnificent model they have in place. Continue reading →

by Steven Quick, published 16.05.2019
My team within MyEcon is looking for business partners that want to be part of a team and community that cares about each other. When you join my MyEcon under our team we will give a marketing and training app for FREE that was developed by the top online marketers in the industry. We provide step by step training on everything from the MyEcon business, mindset, goal setting, running traffic and how to rank videos on Youtube. Continue reading →


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