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by Johnny Giles, published 20.10.2020
Hello, my name is Johnny and I own and operate as a professional business consultant. I have helped many of my MLM Clients attract more participants and gain a larger audience organically. I am a published author on using social media for business and I offer a wide range of turnkey and a-la-carte services to my Clients that saves them time, money and also produces impressive results. Continue reading →

by Joan Kearns, published 19.10.2020
Welcome and let's get personal here: After years of refusing to use Facebook, I finally knuckled down and decided it was time to focus on the biggest lead generator in the world. No, I'm not talking about buying FB ads on Facebook and throwing money down a dry well (been there, ugh!) I'm talking about simply doing a few simple daily tasks on our own timeline and storyline to gather leads and sales. Continue reading →

by Barbara McNeal, published 19.10.2020
I'm a 70 year old great-grandmother who wants to share the reason I have a passion for health and wellness. I had to retire from my occupation as a Licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist because of my work injuries and many surgeries.  I don't want anyone to go through what I went through because now there is something natural out here that has been tested and approved by Informed Choice and Professional athletes can take, that's how pure it is. Continue reading →

You may know Burke from his books: Who stole the American Dream, Copycat Marketing 101, You, Inc. Discover the CEO within, etc. But he has a book that has not been published yet called The Servant Soul. He is now, together with Doug Wellens and Joshua Beistle – one of the leaders behind the Hyper SHIFT Marketing System. Couple of months ago (in March 2020) Burk was put on the clock. Physicians gave him 5 years to live. Continue reading →

by Caroline Wambui Irungu, published 19.10.2020
Hello good people My name is Caroline and I'd like to introduce you all to my company Crowd1 . Similar to Uber and Airbnb who owns neither cars nor beds ... Crowd1 one too has no products of it's own we market and recommend digital products from our third party companies and we get compensated for it . Crowd1 is basically a customer acquisition program .We are currently over 12 million members and the number keeps growing. Continue reading →

by The Mighty Crowd, published 19.10.2020
ATTENTION Continue reading →

I'm looking to EXPAND my TEAM. There is so much Potential with this opportunity, and I am looking grow my business family. Becoming a Valentus representative is a great way to earn some extra cash and achieve your goals of that perfect lifestyle. I never imagined when I started 5 months ago that I would have all this success in such a short period of time, and I am now looking to expand Valentus is a Multi-level marketing company that specialises in health and wellness products. Continue reading →

by Robert Senior, published 19.10.2020
First, I would like to thank you for you interest in this life changing business opportunity. I am looking for serious individuals who are committed to launching their own homebased business. I am looking for a few people to take on as business partners, I will be coaching you and mentoring you to a six figure earning position in the next 90 days .I confess, when I accepted this business opportunity a short while ago, before my life wasn't going anywhere and I had to make a smart decision for change. Continue reading →

Ever heard of gifting?  I hadn't until a few months ago. I am now in complete belief that this program and others like it, can help our overall economy because as a community, we all help each other earn money in the form of gifts.  We give gifts all the time! For birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Gifts are fun to get! This is an honestly lucrative, fun and easy way to put a supplemental income in your bank account within a few days. Continue reading →

by Michael Limo, published 19.10.2020
Hello, My name is Michael Limo. Am an online entrepreneur and also a second year student in the university. I have a new opportunity that I would like to share with you. I work with Smile-We-Care International an N.G.O company . Smile-We-Care International is a human capacity oriented empowerment based membership multilevel Marketing program duly registered with corporate affairs commission, with great passion and dedicated to building a community of developed, skilled and financially free youths, Businessmen/women in the society. Continue reading →

by Layla Greening, published 19.10.2020
️TRAVEL LOVERS WANTED️I am looking for passionate and motivated individuals who would love to work from home as a Travel Agent, who would like to travel more, earn more, save more and earn money from any location you wish!Full training provided - Full legal, systems, supplier snd marketingProfessional website and booking portal snd the option to brand your business in a way that suits you. Continue reading →

by Yemisi Akintayo, published 19.10.2020
Pure is a multi million dollar company from USA into direct sales and reward system, their vision is to unitedly reach out to everyone because health is for ALL- mission is Cleanse Build and BalanceIt was established in 2008as Genesis Pure, it is an international company with offices in the US, Japan Korea, etc and headquarters in Frisco TexasThe company have opperated for over 11years from 2008 till date in the US and one yet in AfricaThe company is in more than 12 countries and presently in Nigeria, Ghana South Africa, Kenya Cameroon and so onWe have recorded mind blowing testimonies from persons that have used our products, people United reaching everyone is a leading innovator in health and wellness products with a mission to enrich lives through simplified nutrition and a supportive culture. Continue reading →

by Richard Murphy, published 16.10.2020
It may be difficult to answer this question as many people may have different definitions for what serious means when it comes to their work. To begin with, this is a difficult question for anyone to answer since everyone has a different view of what a business is and how serious they are about their business. If you have been working in the business for any length of time, then it is possible that you are at least somewhat serious about what you are doing. Continue reading →

by Just Thrive, published 16.10.2020
The Tools and Training We All Need -- All in One PlaceWhether you are an affiliate, business, consultant or entrepreneur, you need tools to educate, connect, and communicate with prospects, clients and customers. Finally, one company has brought everything we need into one truly affordable platform and packed in all the training you'll need to master the tools and use them to achieve your goals. Continue reading →

by Andrzej Tonderski, published 16.10.2020
We have another wave of the crisis, people are losing their jobs, companies are collapsing, hospitals are failing, social life is practically non-existent. Within less than a year, the world has been standing on its head and most people realized that in order to take care of their future they need to have a backup plan (the so-called plan B). Perhaps they will need to change their profession, job, place of residence, way of maintaining their home. Continue reading →

by Ed Hendrix, published 16.10.2020
HCG Group, in conjunction with the IIMFL and Smart Money Alliance, announces The Entrepreneur Program, a 4 week program for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain valuable knowledge and processes to successfully start a business, and to gain access to capital as well. The 4 week consists of the following courses produced by the FDIC and promoted by the SBA:Week I - Planning For A Successful Business- Create a business plan and determine the validity of the entrepreneurial dream. Continue reading →

by Cynthia Acoff, published 16.10.2020
With the many CBD oil products being sold daily by different companies many ask what do I look for in a CBD product? Better yet, many have tried CBD oils and have found to receive no relief from pain or notice any difference when they consume it. There are a lot of options out there. Some of them good, some are not so good. Some only contain a speck of CBD oil in it and really does not help people. Continue reading →

by Tarzanna Mckinney, published 16.10.2020
Hi everyone!I have found something that suitable for almost any and everyone. It's called forex trading. I have been trying to gain perspective into this industry for quite sometime now and never been able to find the right fit for me. The copy I am refer to is called Epic trading educational program. They offer so much for everyone's learning curve. They are basically hand walking you through the whole process from the beginning stages to advance level. Continue reading →

by Deborah Collins, published 16.10.2020
We all know because of covid many people lost jobs, and a lot of jobs have to downsize.It would be a good thing if you can stay home and make your money.We all are looking for financial security. No one wants to worry if they are going to lose their job.Worry about catching a contagion that's new and no one really knows anything about.Having a safe environment to work in everyday, and not having to worry about catching anything from others. Continue reading →

by Rosemary Mofolo, published 16.10.2020
BE is a revolution on its own, changing the way the world does business, the way we make money, the way we enjoy leisure and the way we travel and holiday. BE is now the #1 Business For Home leader AAA+ for 2020. BE is disrupting the way we use our cell phones to achieve wealth, by using Artificial Intelligence applications to make and create wealth in the largest industries of the world, such as Forex trading and the Travel industry, to name a few. Continue reading →

by Melson Ramel Spruill, published 16.10.2020

by Carolina Collins, published 16.10.2020
This Is A Special Invitation To Join A Private Exclusive Wholesale Buyers Club Would you like to have a Free Membership? The Club is a 10-year-old International Company. Their annual revenue is 1.3 Billion. They have 9.8 Million Members and Growing The Membership is FREE... NO joining fees, NO monthly, NO annual fees ever. "IT IS FREE FOREVER". "NO" NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! It is by invitation only. Continue reading →

by Mashell Chapeyama, published 16.10.2020
Levelnaut is a new star on the horizon, with benefits you can accrue right away. You don’t know about this, let me explain. Levelnaut is an information hub of genuine online earning opportunities. This is a one stop centre for both fiat and crypto earning opportunities. Crypto opportunities are business programs where you invest in cryptos and get returns in cryptocurrencies. Fiat business opportunities are earning programs where you invest or participate and earn in fiat currencies such as United States dollars ($) or any local currencies. Continue reading →

With increase in competition in each & every business, you've to be on your toes to increase sales. And there is a new trend of giving away prized/ free vacations to your clients. FREE TRIAL WHICH GIVES YOU & YOUR FAMILY A FREE VACATION BEFORE YOU OFFER THE SAME TO YOUR CLIENTS...  The most effective method to Instantly Boost Sales by 60% or More... Also, Turn Buyers Into Loyal Fans With Incentive Based Marketing. Continue reading →

by Connie Mcvicker, published 16.10.2020
You've seen the word "Forex" before, but what exactly is it? Or why do you think Forex is a scam or not legit? Probably because you've seen all those scammy posts from people promising you to make $10,000 today or $5,000 per day.Here's the thing - search 'what is foreign exchange' on Google. Foreign exchange has been around for over 500 years. Are there people out there promising you the world? Continue reading →

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