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by Trisha Rogasch, published 08.01.2020
Okay - I am 67 years young - retired over 2 years ago. Retirement is not for me - there is still too much for me to do!For 3 years I have suffered 24/7 with chronic right knee pain. As I am not with a private health fund, in the Queensland system my doctor has advised that the hospital will not do a knee replacement until I am 70 - ugh!! I have been hobbling around like a 90 year old woman! Also have a pinched nerve in my lower left back - excruciating pain! Continue reading →

by Trisha Rogasch, published 08.01.2020
I am in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.I would simply like to share my experiences with you and suggest your trying the product which has allowed me to achieve this cancer free status.Okay - far be it for me to try & suggest that anyone do anything - I can only tell you what I know to be true.In 2005 I had a breast cancer scare (I was 53)- 2 operations (right breast & under right arm). That was about August & I underwent maybe 8 weeks of daily radiation. Continue reading →

I recently joined a company that has no inventory or requirement to buy certain amounts of products every month.  Because I'm a member I have tremendous savings on phone bills. Our bill went from $500 per month to $220 per month.  You can also save huge amounts on automobiles, mortgages, and medicines.  I also save at local merchants and hotels.  But the most exciting part is that you can help others save money, earn money and become a part of a growing world-wide company. Continue reading →

by Travis Moore, published 08.01.2020
Today , we live in a time of challenges on personal freedoms, we see peoples attitudes are being influenced bysocial media and the mainstream NEWS media... our rights and freedoms of speech and assembly...even expressions are being curtailed....While I am not a politically motivated individual, in fact I am a Neutral person when it comes to politics, I do not vote or get involved in the policies of governments either. Continue reading →

by Joseph Doyle, published 08.01.2020
Hello,Internet marketing friends and colleges.Welcome to my world.I was born in the 50's, so you can put me in the "Old school catagory"Breaking new ground was not an easy task. Learning curves at every turn. What is a P.C. I didn't have a clue.Now I know. What is a Main-frame Computer? I know, but ask any modern student, or any street-wise internet marketer and they will look at you like you were from another planet. Continue reading →

by Lía K, published 08.01.2020
Dear Entrepreneurs / Employees ………. but also dear Network Marketers,It's time for PLAN B! ........... WHat? PLAN B?? "I already have a job / company …………" Great to hear that you already have a job, your own company or already involved in Network Marketing,Does this also deliver what you expected?Does it bring you freedom, or stress?Does it bring too much work pressure? What assurance do you have that you will keep that job? Continue reading →

by Mark Ayers, published 08.01.2020
Greetings & Happy New Year... 2020 is here, since January is always a slower month, I'm going to follow through on some of the most common clients' requests for advice from 2019. The most asked question is: "How can I, (a business owner) get the very largest funding amount?",  as "usual" lenders offer just 50% of their monthly deposit amount,max...even less if issues exist. Here are the 10 secret tips: 1) It seems simple and obvious, but it's shocking how many business owners aren't aware of this crucial fact: Have a Business Checking Account with a "brick and mortar" bank. Continue reading →

by Lucie Milerova, published 08.01.2020
Hi everyone :)My name is Lucy and I have started my new life journey.Life is never easy and I believe it is not easy when you are poor or rich.In all ways we have struggles and we need to go thru them.I am the same as all of us are.I had a normal life, but I also had a lot of struggles, I have family and kids to live for, but it is up to each of us how we decide to live our life.I did not realise that it is so difficult to do all the things around the family. Continue reading →

by Gerald Ballantyne, published 07.01.2020
Have you ever wanted to help causes and other people and receive Bitcoin all because you helped your Church, bought some rain forests to protect them, helped homeless people, saving for a child's college costs. Everyone is invited. This is what people have been waiting for. We are not the following: A Gifting Program / A Crowd Funding Program / A Ponzi Scheme / A Pyramid Scheme / A Binary program / An Investment plan / A Return base plan / A Pool program / A Board plan / A Single leg / A forex business / A HYIP scam / Gambling sites / Gold sites / Rev shares And we do not sell any physical products. Continue reading →

by William Steephen, published 07.01.2020
Hey MLM Gateway Family,Welcome to Abundance Network!Join The SMS Revolution The NEXT BIG THING In 2020Are you tired of NOT getting sales with the traditional marketing methods.Lets Crush it with text message marketing in 2020 & beyond!No hype, no fluff and no BS... SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook. The average person takes 90 seconds to reply to an SMS message — but 90 minutes to respond to an email. Continue reading →

Did you know that BY 2020 the Affiliate Marketing Industry is expected to be worth $6.8 BILLION a YEAR in the US alone? Industry-leaders like ClickBank PAYOUT MILLIONS EVERY YEAR to their Affiliates. As an Affiliate, your job is to find people who want to buy a product you are promoting.When those people buy you get paid commission. It's that simple!You DON'T have to develop or supply the products. Continue reading →

by Richard La Compte, published 07.01.2020
What does the framework involve…This is a lead generation site where a part gains admittance to a mailing framework and furthermore a hundred free leads every single day. This framework was made by Jim Harmon, he has made a serious name for himself on the web promoting space. What do you get when you buy MLGS? The framework itself…This framework can be compartmentalized into the accompanying classifications. Continue reading →

by Brydzia Elsenbach, published 07.01.2020
#KDSProponuję Ci współpracę w Firmie amerykańskiej. Nasza Firma działa w 34 Państwach na świecie w tym 11 w Europie.Polska, Niemcy,Holandia,Austria, Irlandia, Hiszpania, Litwa, Łotwa, Węgry, Estonia i cała Wielka Brytania.Szkolenia mamy w języku polskim i w tym języku pracujemy, więc nie ma różnicy w jakim kraju mieszkasz, ważne, aby było to Państwo w Europie i władasz językiem polskim. Continue reading →

by Ricardo Edwards, published 07.01.2020
Hey there Happy New Year! I just got back from 33 days in USA.  WOW.  It was AMAZING. How was your holiday?  Are you ready for an incredible New Year?  It's not only a New Year, but it's a NEW DECADE.  WOW!You are probably in the process of setting some New Years Resolutions and I wanted to share some truths with you about what it takes to be successful in ANY entrepreneurial business. Continue reading →

by Delight Deeh, published 07.01.2020
We offer two opportunities Health and wealth, Green world suits everyone who's capable of life changing. Our vision is to provide excitement with all natural resources for the human optimization of human health. We produce the products cater to the needs of our customers, delight them as well improving their well-being and quality of life. We supply a wide range of superior awards winning nutritional herbal supplements and cosmetics. Continue reading →

Have you ever played Grownup when You were a child?!While Growing Up ,you know.....          "One day when I'm Big"I had 3 things I wanted when I was a "Grownup"The first thing was, I wanted to be a Mommy, and have 4 children. In that department I'm an OverAchiever because I have 6.The Second thing I wanted was to Help People, I was always the girl that played with the unpopular kids, or the new kids. Continue reading →

by Pat Huddleston, published 07.01.2020
Hello. I am a independent designer with chalk couture.We have been in business for 2 years, we are a DIY Home decor and gifts company.If you love decorating or repurposing old things even new.Then you will want to give this a try, its my stress relief. A long with aBusiness you can take a peek at my web site and checkOut my products. I'm open to answer any questions. Continue reading →

by Retia Oberholzer, published 07.01.2020
I Ventured into a New Business in January 2019, so a had a bit of success from January to March , I myself understood how to start up, (I have been doing this for over 10 years in previous ventures on Facebook ~ back in the day before groups and pages) and Off, I struggled a lot but just put in more and more time and numbers. So I did make connections with ALOT of Hard work and Hours and Hours of Facebook advertising, posting in endless groups and sending thousands of whatsapp messages, but none of my Team did understand, and nobody was willing to put in the Hours and Time I did, so one by one they decided to drop out, and this really discouraged me to a point of just putting my tool down. Continue reading →

by Funsho Emmanuel, published 07.01.2020
Hi guys today i want to share with you some useful information and tricks on how to make money online from CPA networks as a beginnerAlthough i have a guaranteed proven method which i make money on a daily basis with i actually sells this method online at the rate of $100 you can check it out on my fiverr gig, But i will be giving it out here for free just by stressing the benefit for you just need to complete a simple survey/offer its going to be limitedCLICK ON THIS LINK After you complete the offer send me an email to melvinmichael367@gmail. Continue reading →

by Lena White, published 07.01.2020
I am Lena White, Independent Distributor with It Works Global. I have been with the company for a few years now . I recently relaunched my business in October 2019. I'm absolutely excited to take my business to a Whole 'Notha Level!!!!I am a wife and mom of 6 working this business full-time!! One of the best decisions I've made for my health and for my financial freedom journey. When I first sign-up, I signed up purely on faith. Continue reading →

I am a member of CROWD1 which is an online affiliate Mulit Level Marketing company of the 21st century. I like to look at CROWD1 as a twin towers business which comprises of self development through online Education Packages in Real Estate and financial freedom through an online Affiliate MLM towers.The 1st tower offers 4 online Education Packages to a lucrative Real Estate Industry. The value of the 4 packages are namely entry level White Package for €99, 2nd level Black Package for €299, 3rd level Gold Package for €599 and the top level Titanium Package for €2499. Continue reading →

by Mthokozisi Kubheka, published 07.01.2020
What is crowd1?=It's a network Company that is supporting online gaming and gambling. The Company has officially Launched and is in fifull operation as from 15 November 2019.HOW TO JOIN?You sign up using my SponSponsor link and upgrade to one of the essential packages. When you upgrade you get owner right and those owner rights can be reffered as shares and they are the one which will pay us dividends. Continue reading →

by Precious Okisa, published 07.01.2020
Hi, My name is Precious Okisa and i am full time digital marketer, I also train people how to build a six figure income business from home just leveraging on their Phones/Laptop.Today i want to share with you the same system that is making me and my team over $2000 in weekly commissions and this has been one the easiest way to building a six figure income from home.Our system is an already done for you system that all you have to do is plugin and make profit. Continue reading →

by Vikki Lee Omeara, published 07.01.2020
Definition: The ability to wait for something without frustration is a useful skill and a good aspect of one’s personality.Trying to introduce a company that will change peoples lives in the future - Foresight the ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future! is no easy task as we have all kinds of people some that want it now and cannot foresee growth.In 2018 only less than a handfull believed in me that this Company would build a Portfolio so Huge in the future of Realestate, Transport, Gold, Minerals, Restuarants, Banks then in 2019 CRU. Continue reading →

by Nkabinde Andile, published 07.01.2020
My name is Andile Nkabinde I stay in Durban South Africa I've been involved with network marketing for the past 10 year with a lot of success and few set backs but I've come to realize not even one industry can match network marketing industry in making millionaires and setting people free financially allowing people to time freedom and networking with people all over the worldI am currently working with a company called CROWD1 and my website is : crowd1. Continue reading →


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