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by Ayanda Steven, published 12.05.2019
Starting out in the world of entrepreneurship and investing can be rather trickyI learned this when I went blindly into the investment world.Without any prior experience or someone to hold my hand and guide me through all of the challenges that come with being an investorWhile starting out as an immature and clueless businessman/investor I learned one of the most important lessons the hard way- "CASHFLOW"Whether you are an individual or an aspiring business owner,No matter what kind of business you are in. Continue reading →

by Joe Baiden, published 12.05.2019
The headaches of Transaction Fees in a modern economy! I recently came across a guy ranting on a Youtube video claiming a major Payment Processor (that we all know about and love to hate) is now not going to refund the fees when the merchant refunds the customer! Not too long ago, I was involved with a company that had over $65 Million in their account with the same Payment Processor. What did they do? Continue reading →

I personally have always wanted my own online store of some type. I never gave up on this idea and always knew that as long as I never give up that I will have one. I also share the dream of being without a Job or any Boss at all. Fact is all of us on here all look forward to the day that we become our own Boss period!I know I do and I know I have endured some of the same ups and downs as mostly everyone here. Continue reading →

by Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma, published 12.05.2019
Having referrals for any kind of business a dream for money. Yet a reality for a few. Those who get referrals do they have special skills? what do they really do? especially those in network marketing. If your business is not getting fresh leads and referrals on a daily basis then chances are that you may not benefit the commissions. Today I will share a story.A story of referrals that changed the way I look at the internet foreverOne morning, I woke up to read some blog posts as usual (you can read the story click here to read her full story about getting 60 referrals in 30 days) there was this story of a lady who shared how she set some challenges to go on referring people to her primary business. Continue reading →

by David Williams, published 12.05.2019
Are You In Karatbars Yet? Seems like a fair question to ask. Honestly out of 7.2 billion people on the planet there is only 600,000 plus of us worldwide. So there is plenty of room for you and your family. But what do we do? All we do is exchange our over deflated and overtaxed paper dollars for real 999.9 24ct Gold 1 gram at a time. Why do we do that? Simple, gold is a precious metal that has only gone up in value whereas paper dollars worldwide our failing with plenty of them already being worthless. Continue reading →

by Liz Hong, published 12.05.2019
The Metal-air battery is a kind of electro-chemical power source generating the electricity in a process of chemical reaction of catalyst with the oxygen supplied from the ambient air as the positive active material, the metal as the negative active material, and the conducting solution as the electrolyte. It has so high ampere-hour capacity that this kind of battery is attractive. And this is a kind of battery green to the environment, friendly to human, no risk of explosion or the like. Continue reading →

by Dorcas Whyte, published 12.05.2019
Hello everyone, Did you all know that a sound mind propelled a healthy body? I am convinced that when the mind is sound the body cannot fall into sickness.You cannot hide your body into your mind. But undoubtedly you can always protect your mind into your body. No one has to be sick. Everyone needs to eat healthily.The foods that you are eating today will prepare your body against some diseases of tomorrow if you eat Nutritious foods. Continue reading →

by Alan Turco, published 12.05.2019
We have all been told when we were starting this business, or when we want to change our lives for the better, that we need to list our reasons why we are doing this business.I have heard and read said advice thousands of times over the years, however it took a long time for it to actually get from my head to my heart and do it!I won't go into how the world works as far as the Law of Attraction or spiritual things are concerned, except to say this: It works. Continue reading →

by Khalid Elneser, published 12.05.2019
Are you seeking a natural way to feel better? More energized, less stressed, less pain... more happy?Quite honestly, there’s a LOT of CBD out there...and most of it is not great quality. There are more and more CBD companies popping up every day because everyone wants to hop on the CBD train and make a quick buck.The majority of how we run our business is by focusing on education. Not all CBD is created equal and there are several KEY things you want to look for when it comes to finding a quality CBD oil*these are things anybody trying to sell you CBD oil should be able to educate you about inIs CBD water solubleThe quick answer is NO but let me explain a little bit about water soluble CBD oil and why it's not a great as others make it out to be. Continue reading →

It seems for many people in the MLM industry, they only have the money to pay for their autoship, and nothing more.So, in this case, one would need to rely on a free tactic, that can be effective and cost nothing to pursue.But what can do this?It may seem that many free programs come your way, and they do not perform well enough to get you results.If you do get a result from time to time, you are replacing people versus growing. Continue reading →

by Fred Ten Haaf, published 12.05.2019
Hi,I like to educate you for this new 100% mobile opportunity named CROWD1During the pre-launch, you will get the unique opportunity to build a global business in a way that never been possible before! As a pioneer, you’ll be able to take part of the company’s success and a greater part of all future income.The earlier you join during prelaunch, the more beneficial the Owner Rights program will be for you, as the Owner Rights will steadily increase in value. Continue reading →

by Ora Travelor, published 12.05.2019
Dear friend!Thank you, for your interest in Travelor social company!Do you have a great knowledge of how to sell hotels online? This is great! We want you to join our company!If not, don't worry. We'll teach you everything that you need in order to succeed step by step!We have a mentor who can assist you to create your own online business.This is really Amazing opportunity to earn money online in a simple way! Continue reading →

by Ofosuhene Agyei Marcz, published 12.05.2019
It all started when I was in high school the senior introduce me to match international but I didn't believe by then. After high School I came to the house waiting for my results don't I have a severe health condition and that was severe migraine I didn't know what to do then I was quickly rushed to the hospital by my parents and was admitted for 3 days I was discharged although the migraine didn't go but it came down. Continue reading →

by Akos Murai, published 12.05.2019
Welcome everyone!I think many would like this, they just don't know how to get it or they are afraid, and they don't think it's like that.But this is the future!Collecting email lists, harassing friends, phoning is a thing of the past. work in MlM for six years, two in another company, there is a product to sell. The income depends on how many people buy and the people under you work, how much they sell. Continue reading →

Good day everyone.Thank you for visiting my profile. and gladly cant wait to also hear from you soon.I'm Pewa Iyambo from Windhoek Namibia. I grew up in the rural area in the Northern part of Namibia. I grew up with my siblings and my parents and I’m the first born, first borns are normally regarded as assistant parents as you have to take care of the young siblings. Over the years after I finished my degree things has not been really easy as I have also support my parents as well as my grandmother. Continue reading →

by Chimei May, published 12.05.2019
We are Valentus, a company that strives to be an example to others.It is one of the fastest home-based businesses in the world, with an average growth of 40% each month. Valentus makes success easier to achieve because it markets a product that's consumptions is only second to that of water - coffee. Coffee is consumed by 50% of the world's population, that's over 1 billion people every day. Continue reading →

After extensive beta testing and 10+ years of developing the biggest leaders you see online today… this breakthrough software is ready to take YOUR business to the next level.Are you tired of spinning your wheels on social media in dead-end conversations trying to convince tire-kickers because you have no authority?How many people are NOT buying your life-changing products and services because you aren't perceived as a leader in your industry? Continue reading →

by Rudy Harmsen, published 10.05.2019
Hello,My name is Rudy Harmsen, I live in The Netherlands. I'm married, have 5 children, 4 daughters and 1 son and I'm a lucky grandfather of 9 grandchildren. I work as a forklifter and machine operator.I'm always busy with the computer, (is a hobby) and surf around the whole internet, searching for a passive income. It is not easy to do that, because I have my regular job in 5 shifts, but when I have the time I go for it. Continue reading →

by Andrea Reiss, published 10.05.2019
I joined posh because i believe in the products and what they stand for! Making others feel better and have more faith in themselves is the greatest feeling! I sell pampering products which can be complicated sometimes but my passion for my brand stands for itself and im incredibly thank you to have it! Its helpped my depression in a massive way!! I am more myself now and i am happier now because i have my secret happy place i can go to when i need to find myself again! Continue reading →

by Douson Odeh, published 10.05.2019
My name is Douson Odeh. I am a sponsor of Easyup1. Do you want to know the secret to HUGE FAST money? Our members get paid 100% directly for each product sale plus team bonuses. Cutting-edge online company expanding globally looking for the right people. I want to let you know I have been a member of E1UP for almost a year and I am very happy with the performance. Continue reading →

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that more money is always better.We aim to make money from our MLM companies, by selling product.But, can we step outside of just selling our product and make a good income on top of that?Yes.And today I will share with you many ways you can earn more money in your MLM business, on top of what your existing MLM company is paying you.The BasicsOf course the basic way we earn income in MLM, is through the selling of our companies products. Continue reading →

by Alan Turco, published 10.05.2019
The title of this article may be a bit dramatic. But only a bit. If you have gotten involved in the industry relatively recently, say since 2000, some of what I write might be foreign to you. If, on the other hand you have been involved or were once involved back in our "heyday", you will know what I mean.Network Marketing has gotten so far away from its roots; from its purpose; from the way this business is supposed to be conducted, it resembles just a shell of its former self. Continue reading →

by Faith Nelson, published 10.05.2019
Hey guys! If I were to tell you there is a better way to for you to ensure your finances for a better future, and that it doesn't involve monthly website fees or costs in order to make money, etc., wouldn’t you want to know about it? If I were to tell you that you can join for free and even earn for free, wouldn’t you want to know about it? If I were to tell you that you can make a total wealth transformation, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Continue reading →

by Walter Peguise, published 10.05.2019
My name is Walter Peguise and I'm an affiliate marketer. I would like to introduce you to BEST TRAVEL DEALS. Best Travel Deals is an online travel site which offers you the opportunity to make a substantial passive income as well as offer tremendous travel savings to the public looking for the best travel deals. I'm always on the look out for fantastic marketing opportunities that will earn me significant passive income. Continue reading →

by Sherry L Foster, published 10.05.2019
Home Based MLM Business Affiliate opportunity for anyone over the age of 18. If you have a business that is running 24 hours it's meant to keep you forever. Save money and time and invest in a business like ours. It's time to learn how to make money in your sleep, 24/7. Can you see the opportunity? For things to change you have to change.We think we need to make big earth-shattering decisions to build meaningful lives, to make positive changes. Continue reading →


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