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by Wendy Crocker, published 10.08.2019
I’m a mother to a little girl and 3 fur babies! (2 dogs and a cat). I have a wonderful husband. Hobbies of mine include camping & ice fishing but my favorite hobby is tap dancing, you could say I live for it! Family is my number one priority. I’m a huge sports fan! I live for the Patriots, the Red Sox and the Bruins. I don’t watch much basketball anymore but when I do it’s the Celtics! I have a full time job as a veterinary technician but my dream is to be able to stay home and help support my family through my business. Continue reading →

by Cassondra Khadijah Adams, published 10.08.2019
Being a professional in the cannabis and hemp industries does have its challenges, one of which is re-educating a public that has been lied to by our own government for over 80+ years. Sharing the truth about cannabis and hemp; how and why it became illegal as well as the benefits of positioning in this industry brings new possibilities. At most of the conferences that I speak at, one of the most popular questions I receive is: “How is cannabis (marijuana) different from hemp? Continue reading →

by Sultan Ndabagobetse, published 10.08.2019
Become a € millionaire within 4 months by joining Crowd1 , 5 minutes to register and pay. Simple online business marketing .you earn 5 differents types of bonuses and get owners rights .Crowd1 is in 54 countries worldwide and headquaters in Dubai. Join now this life changer business opportunity ..start earning € by enviting minimum 2 people to unlock your bonuses. Join this Amazing business opportunity. Continue reading →

by Henk Bakker, published 10.08.2019
Beste netwerkers,na bijna 2 jaar bouwen, testen, doorontwikkelen, intensieve gebruikerstests en 10 update-versies verder is het zover!Mylikies is LIVE ...!We praten misschien wel over de meest succesvolle community app uit Nederland afkomstig. Dat succes bepalen we samen en de toekomst zal ons dat leren.MyLikies is wereldwijd uniek en richt zich op 3 doelgroepen:1. MyLikies GebruikersConsumenten kopen het liefst mooie merken, gebruiken graag couponkortingen, bouwen aan communities, willen geld verdienen en vooral plezier beleven. Continue reading →

My name is David Ingham and I am excited to share this knowledge with you. I have aligned myself with amazing people who are leaders and innovators in new technologies and crypto currencies.Gold has been a product for the rich for many years but now things have changed and now everyone has the opportunity to acquire Gold and Gold Backed crypto currency assets. This is amazing news as we all now can take part in wealth creation for our families in generations to come and to break the cycle of poverty and change this to prosperity love and abundance. Continue reading →

by Chuck Holmes, published 10.08.2019
Today, I would like to share 7 MLM Recruiting Secrets. These are simple and practical things I have learned during the past 17-years. They are listed in no particular order. # 1 Networking or Marketing It network marketing, when it comes to recruiting, you have two choices: you can focus on networking or you can focus on marketing. Networking is when you talk to people and you build relationships. You get people to like know and trust you. Continue reading →

by Deon Christie, published 10.08.2019
Latest Keyword Strategy in SEOHave you ever heard of the predicted keyword and search phrase strategy? Most probably not because it's a new discovery and rather surprisingly effective. There are millions of people searching Google using keywords that has never been searched before. And those are the keywords you want to target. Because these are curious visitors. And they’re not finding what they’re looking for. Continue reading →

by Lewis West, published 10.08.2019
Hello,My name is Lewis (Lew) West. Currently I am in the education industry, 48 years as full - time teacher and substitute. Teaching is my passion!Being in the education industry. For the longest time I have been searching for an industry where I can help myself and others in having a better life. It is my pleasure to announce the I FOUND IT! I can only speak for myself, it has been a long journey! Continue reading →

by Sadie Stuglik, published 10.08.2019
If you love makeup, want to be part of an amazing company, and want to join me and my amazing Y-sisters, then Younique is the perfect fit for you!! I joined 2 months ago just to try it out, and I fell in love with the products, and all the support you get!! We always have great deals going on. And as soon as you join, you start making 20% off everything that you sell, and you also get a 20% discount! Continue reading →

I am offering a worldwide unique product of scientific or technological innovation, that could transform peoples vitality and wellbeing with breathtaking speed. It's enough to think of the innovation of electricity or penicillin or the tech-revolution of the recent decade.The active ingredients and vibrational essences from medicinal plants, mineral salts, healing crystals, colloidal metals,etc are combined to support one another, which means that 3000 different pieces of information are being offered to the cells. Continue reading →

by Tyron Gibson, published 10.08.2019
Most people are living the 40x 40x 40 plan but too afraid to admit it. The 40x40x40 plan means you work 40 hrs per week, for 40years of your life, to only retire with 40% of what you've made.I started working with this real estate investing group about two years ago Straight out of the military looking for something new to do this Group provided me with the tools and knowledge I need to build a business and start investing. Continue reading →

by Yehoshua Pinto, published 10.08.2019
Yes, there are big brand names selling plus size clothing, but how many stores totally dedicate their focus to customers that are women in larger sizes. Well, welcome to plus size clothing.Let us begin with the specific qualitative values of our group the plus size women. Clearly physically larger women will represent a part of the population that1. Stands out from the average population in physical size. Continue reading →

by Victor Ronzulli, published 10.08.2019
You will be presented with twogenuine opportunities in your lifetime, the question you should ask yourself, is this my first or my last? rNetwork is changing the way people make and save money. How would you like to get paid every time ANYONE swipes their debit card around the world? How would you like to save more with our company than what you spend to be in the business?Our retention rate is over 74%, NO ONE LEAVES, this is the last company you will ever have to build and probably the first you will have success in. Continue reading →

by Loredan Enuta, published 10.08.2019
”Aș prefera să câștig 1% din munca a 100 de oameni decât 100% din munca mea”. John D. Rockefeller Bine ai venit în viitorul tău! Future of Digital – Fod – vrea să te aducă în viitor înaintea celorlalți. Vei afla cum toti membrii retelei tale vor deveni activi. As putea extinde aceasta afirmatie spunand ca ai putea activa chiar si membrii care deja au renuntat. Sti bine, mai ales daca ai o experienta de 5, 10 15 ani in networkmarketing, ca doar 15 sau 20 la suta dintre oamenii din reteaua ta au facut o prezentare luna trecuta. Continue reading →

Are you fed up with working for someone? Don't worry i have discovered an opportunity which is open to everyone.Care to be your own boss? Care to have personal development? Want to know more about the business? I will be with you each step of the way.What we do is taking to the world the best nutrition ever so that the world will become healthier and happier. The company is Herbalife Nutrition of Loss AngelesWhat we basically do is so simple:1. Continue reading →

by Anna Super, published 10.08.2019
I was always looking for a way to get out off my job. I did the same things every day. Day in day out. I started to wonder what it was all good for. I wanted it differently. I didn't like working for a boss. They always drive in the niceness cars and have beautiful houses. I wanted that too. So I looked at the internet for an opportunity from home. And I found one. Software for Forex trading witch will learn me how to trade by myself. Continue reading →

by Katrina Edgecombe, published 10.08.2019
Hi to all the awesome people out there, Now tell me who doesn’t love looking after yourself inside and out and feeling great and also making sure the family pet is in A1 condition and happy, well I know I sure do, that’s why I decided to become a consultant for HBN Naturals. HBN is an American based company that involves there time , essential oils and beautiful products to the rest of the world, so if you were to order you have to keep in mind that the pricing is in US Dollars and allow for the difference in dollar value, but really your purchasing awesome products so that’s no big issue. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 10.08.2019
Hey again, how's it going? Today I'm going to talk to you about death, which can be kind of a scary subject, or maybe something you don't want to think about. I believe you should think about it and I'm going to tell you why.Luke Perry died just the other day, and he was 52 years old, apparently a few days ago. He suffered a massive stroke and then he was in the hospital, and he died in the hospital. Continue reading →

by Laszlo Bengyik, published 09.08.2019
Hello everyone , my name is Laszlo Bengyik . living in Canada and I have been in the Airline Business for the last 32 years, looking to retire in a few years. I just found a way to earn money on people's telecom and energy bills. I have been in this business for only 45 days and I can see the earning potential, When my close friends said to me hey Laszlo " IF I COULD OFFER YOU A BETTER VALUE ON ANY OF THE SERVICES YOU USE SUCH AS MOBILE PHONE, TV, INTERNET,GAS AND ELECTRICITY; WOULD YOU BE COME MY CUSTOMER? Continue reading →

by Lucas Vidarson, published 09.08.2019
The Enagic MagicDo you want to learn how to funnel, leverage and automize HIGH TICKET sales of products that are good for your health, creates wealth and takes care of the planet?So what is it?It is a training platform called AI, where you learn specific skillsets from the best online marketers in the world. What you learn is affiliate marketing, copywriting, Facebook ads, traffic, funnels, content creation and much more. Continue reading →

by Bridget Sutton, published 09.08.2019
I want you to imagine this scenario. Really see it in your head. Back in 2010 I was a single, happily self employed lady, cruising along through life. I didn't have anyone depending on me, I was a free agent. But one day a client introduced me to this tiny little bundle of joy. And she instantly stole my heart. I stood dumbfounded in the driveway holding this little angel to my chest. I'd made my peace with being childless - I was as single as anyone can be and had hectic hormonal issues that made having kids an impossibility. Continue reading →

by Kelsey Asklund , published 09.08.2019
August is the month to shop, or if you're looking for a great at home business join! Everything is 10 percent off this month so there are sales everywhere! Plus our Fall-Winter catalog launches September. We are also now in incentive earning time, so you want the possibility to earn a free trip to Bermuda, now is the time to join! Besides that, our new pet line comes out in just a few weeks, and our Marvel collection comes out MONDAY! Continue reading →

Are we there yet?It seems as people search out affiliate marketing programs, people always ask this question. They sign up for the latest and greatest program, all psyched up to give it all. They watch the courses online, their minds taking in everything believing with a few clicks riches will happen tomorrow.The truth of the matter, becoming a truly successful affiliate marketer it takes hard work and dedication. Continue reading →

by Jutta Arntz, published 09.08.2019
Dear Networkers,I would like to introduce a very special business to you today, it works really great, within a short time everyone, even beginners, can build up a great extra income. watch our video, the business can be run worldwide, I come from Germany, and would like to become international.Here the link with all information: website is available in German: http://julion. Continue reading →

by Felix Noyes, published 09.08.2019
My Business is simple and easy to play and get new members.Everyone already know about the Lottery. This Business need no Introduction.Why; Because its been around a long time and we know it pays if you purchasethe winning ticket(s). With that said there are ways to significantly increase yourchances of winning any Lottery by purchasing the right ticket.This company gives you a chance to do just that! Continue reading →


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