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Looking back at my life, I really don't know what I was thinking when I believed that I can be successful doing only what I was taught throughout my school years and by my folks and siblings. "If you want to be happy you have to have a good job"- they said - "and if you want to make good money you have to work very hard." So after I finished my formal education in my twenties, I immediately started working - I worked hard as an office admin/manager for many years, yet the reward didn't come. Continue reading →

by Olalekan Lasisi, published 02.07.2020
FORSAGE is a Long-Term Safe Business, Simple, Understandable, Effective and Lucrative.If you can afford a spare fund that is less than 5 digits in Naira, then let me show you a program that can generate a perpetual income for you as long as internet, blockchain technology and people existIt is one of the latest technological breakthrough in the world of financial freedom.This is 100% Decentralized Matrix Project that is Coded on Ethereum Smart Contract where 100% of the income goes to members In instant Payouts. Continue reading →

by Prakash Kunjeer, published 02.07.2020
Never in modern times United States or the world has been affected in major ways. Schools are closed. You cannot go to work. Mandatory lockdowns are enforced. The coronavirus has shown the human beings just how vulnerable we are.The coronavirus has also emphasized the importance of water. Imagine fighting the disease without water. NO WAY! Get Your Water Ionization Machine Now!Without water, people can not wash their hands to combat the spread of the disease. Continue reading →

by Rachel Bonsey, published 30.06.2020
Hi, Tradera is pretty simple. You sign up. Send me your referral link. And I build a team using your link. Why? Because when your team grows mine grows too! So we both get paid. Unlike a normal recruitment programme where only one person benefits. You can simply choose to recruit or have those above you place people in your team. We also have automated ads which are unbelievable !! They work when we post on Facebook, using your link, so you can choose to simply take a seat in the programme. Continue reading →

by Charlie White, published 02.07.2020
Our Blueprint Is So Good - we call it a "FREEMIUM"The Formula For Generating Endless Traffic, Leads, and Sales OnlineGET YOUR FREE MASS TRAFFIC BLUEPRINT NOWThe top 3 secrets that will turn you into a marketing machineExactly how to implement this blueprint, a step-by-step tutorialSpecific traffic sources that can bring you, quality visitors, in 24 hours or lessHow to get up to 100k targeted visitors per day, starting from scratchHow to increase your sales by up to 540% virtually overnightHow to make up to 900% more money without spending a dime extraHow to open floodgates of traffic, leads, and salesHow to never worry about traffic cost ever againHow to crush it in any company, market or industry, by design And much, much more! Continue reading →

by Mendes Lamussene, published 02.07.2020
Crowd1 is a multilevel marketing company present in several parts of the world. we offer exceptional earning opportunities with sales of education packages and we have partner companies like Affilgo and soon many products will be launched. don't waste any more time, come and be part of this wonderful company.How it works: earn money by referring more people to join crowd1 and make your network level grow. Continue reading →

by Carrie Clark, published 02.07.2020
My name is Carrie Clark and I was just like you, looking for a solid company that met my three criteria:1). Proven track record2). Consumable/recurring sales.3). Good commission structureThis company meets all three with flying colors!I have seen and heard about CBD Hemp products, but ignored it, until I realized I might benefit from it and at least needed to check it out.. The issues of not being able to sleep at times and stomach pains during the day, due to my surgeries. Continue reading →

Do you get positive engagement on your social media posts when you share a cute photo of your kids or your pets...but when you try and post about your business you get nothing but crickets and tumble weeds?Does it feel like you are being treated like some kind of internet leper when you try and share your MLM opportunity online?Does your approach to promoting your business online make you feel spammy and weird? Continue reading →

by Ruth Umphrey, published 02.07.2020
My fellow Network Marketer:Your time is your most valuable asset, right? You can not ever get it back. Ever. Just think, if you had a tool that could weed out the "tire kickers" and give you only qualified prospects?How much time would that free up for you? Imagine. Only talking to people who are truly interested in what you have to offer. No more tire kickers and people who scream and holler at you. Continue reading →

by Cassondra Mooney, published 02.07.2020
Hello everyone my name is Cassondra Mooney, I sell products that help with energy, weight management, and we also have a skin care line. Before I started this amazing journey I was working 40+ hours and was always exhausted. Those days are long gone and are staying in the past. Since I started this amazing journey my energy is always booming, I am losing weight, mood support is on point, and my clarity is on point. Continue reading →

by Edmore Gravel, published 01.06.2020
Crowd1 - IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHINGWelcome to Crowd1 where Impossible is Nothing, the rise of crowd-based capitalism, bringing you possibilities of a lifetime residual cash flow - and puts Crowd1 members in the central position of that cash flow.The crowd economy activity replaces the corporate-centred model putting Crowd1 members in the central position of cash flow. For you and I, this new movement in the crowd economy will increase freedom and flexibility. Continue reading →

by Eric Poulain, published 01.07.2020
Bonjour chers businessmans,En ces temps de crise conomique mondiale, je vous suggre de mettre vos actifs montaires l'abri en investissant dans le refuge ultime: l'orL'entreprise s'appelle GOLDENWAY. Il s'agit d'une socit europenne de ngoce et d'extraction d'or avec des bureaux Paris, Londres et Duba, et s'est associe GERETTI pour l'extraction d'or en Sierra Leone. Continue reading →

by Hope Mwende, published 01.07.2020
Affix web adverts is a multi level marketing platform ( that enables one to earn in three different ways;1. Free spinningFree spinning is available daily where you can spin and win upto $20.One free spin is available after every 24hours from your previous spin.2. Paid spinningPaid spinning is available at any given time.Minimum deposit for spin is $0.20 where you can spin and earn upto $20This can be done multiple times. Continue reading →

JEUNESSE GLOBAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.Timing is everything, be Part time or fulltime business partner with Jeunesse global Company. The business opportunity has no age limit, exercise the power of association and earn income in the comfort of your home and it has low entry price and start-up capital. The global company has :-a].Ranked as one of the top 100 direct selling companies in the worldb].Award winning productsc]. Continue reading →

Hi,I am Cyndi, and an individual who has had the legal shield and now the ID shield plan for years. The number of times I have used the legal shield law firms are countless. We never think we will need an attorney. We are good people right? Why would we are need one?Here are a few examples I have personally needed this plan and used it. First it is important to say that Legal Shield is a business that has been around since 1972. Continue reading →

by Mike Huey, published 01.07.2020
CAFE UTOPIA was originally created to be a survival product. In order to survive you need to become and remain healthy. Prep Store set out to create a survival wellness product that would havewide spectrumbenefitson both your physical and mental state. Prep Store wanted something that is easy to use and transport, and something that would also be satisfying.There are many great products that promise to help you by using one or two capsules per day. Continue reading →

by Daniel Remin, published 01.07.2020 thought that you would be definitely interested in are looking for affiliates and influencers to refer their products to others. Easy to do through social media, right?They pay great commissions and the products are so easy to recommend!I have already joined, and it's excellent.You don't have to purchase a single thing, so everything you sell using your personalized website is 100% profit! Continue reading →

by Rebecca Kemp, published 01.07.2020
Can you say 900!!!!In the last 5 month our team has grown from 0-900 reps!! During a pandemic!!!Are you kidding me!?!? Thats right 900 reps!!Its a brand in a $62 billion dollar category, that is only getting bigger, especially now!!Its a simple virtual businessOur customers get instant you look and feel good while working from home. Plus you have the ability to share it with others through an app. Continue reading →

by Deborah Pearl, published 01.07.2020
Many people think network marketing is a scam, but they are wrong. Network marketing is the best way to personal growth, empowerment and financial freedom.Longrich platform presents an opportunity to enrich millions of people all over the world. it's very easy to work and earn . You don't have to sell to get paid, no rush, no target, you get paid every week. It is not like other multi level marketing company that sets a target you must attain before you get paid. Continue reading →

by Tahmoor Hussain, published 01.07.2020
Hello All! My name is Tahmoor and I offer to you a business opportunity that can set you up with residual income for life.Firstly, the company - Tradera is a financial market educational platform providing an extensive range of tools that will help you learn how to trade the financial markets. However, the business opportunity I present to you is with Traderasvery lucrative referral compensation plan. Continue reading →

Have you ever been interested in trading Forex or the financial markets? Or have you tried to trade Forex and not been successful?With the cost of Forex training costing many thousands its not surprising that a majority of people simply cant afford to even try Forex Trading. Its a fact that there is a severe lack of quality, affordable training and education in the Forex industry. That is until now. Continue reading →

by Ian Sande, published 01.07.2020
Ceenote services is a legit company that is registered to the government and pays tax. it is one of the most paying online companies in Kenya. HOW DOES IT PAY?Ceenote services pays the clients in several ways. Mainly is by referrals. For any referral that you get, you are paid ksh 300 commission. For the second get 300 ,for the third,the forth and till infinity. Continue reading →

by Randy Johnson, published 01.07.2020
Thanks for taking the time to read this Business Announcement. I would like to take a few minutes to tell you my story as it relates to my health and weight loss journey. A little over two years ago I was eighty pounds over weight, on two kinds of blood pressure medicine plus some other meds. I needed to change. I took action. It wasn't easy, but I was dedicated. In the course of one year I lost fifty pounds. Continue reading →

by Brigitte Declere, published 01.07.2020
I am proud to be an Influencer for Everra. Everra is a brand-new direct sales company with 2 markets in the US and UK and will be expanding to other countries soon. We have amazing products:Make-up with amazing colour pigmentation2 in 1 Lipstick & Liner duoCosmetic Make-up brushesBronzerConcealersGold ShimmerLip GlossBrow pomadeFace, Eye & InstaLast Serums with the extract of the stem cell of the Swiss Red Love AppleMagnetic Lashesand finally our brand-new Wellness products which is also available on a subion basisOur products depending on what they are, are:Cruelty FreeVeganGluten FreeSodium & Sulphate FreeParaben FreeI am looking for at least 5 new members to join my team - from the US and the UK. Continue reading →

Are you a worker or unemployed, do you want a side business you can do from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you find yourself? Are you tired of relying on just one stream of income and intend to go into a business that can be a side hustle? Do you want to determine how much you earn daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly? Do you want to partner as an affiliate with a company that is affiliated to the online entertainment industry, the gaming and gambling one to be precise? Continue reading →


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