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My name is RD Ecksmith, I built our first database in 1997, so I have been around while. I'm not going to say "I've seen it all, but I will say "I've seen most of them Lol! There is a lot of hope on this site. I was speaking with a very smart lady a couple of months ago. She was so excited about her opportunity. A few weeks later she sent me a different offer, (opportunity what-ever) I recently received another message from her saying she was going to cancel. It made me feel so bad for her to see all that hope, and ambition go from a 10 to zero in less than two months. This site is great for long term recruiting. What I mean is most people that get on here, are here for one reason. To tell the world about their opportunity. They want to recruit, recruit, recruit. If you contact them about your opportunity, it's hard to get them to look at anything else. They didn't get on here to see other opportunities, they are here to sell theirs. In two years of intermittent posting and using this site, 100% of the members have been from what I call the long game. Staying in touch with people and offering help or advise on leads, or different ways of collecting leads etc. After the realization of what their opportunity is really about hits them, they are then ready to listen. So, if your new here, don't expect people to just join right off the bat. Just like you, they will respond hoping you will look at their opportunity quit yours and join them. Sorry, 99.9% of the time that's NOT gonna happen. So, is that the reason people lose hope? Because they have unrealistic expectations? That may be partially correct. My theory is they now see the idea of the next Uber, or ground floor opportunity, hasn't put much money in their pockets. Not only that, but the person also that invited them hasn't made much money either, maybe they already quit. GOLDEN RULE #1 If your inviter isn't making lots of money RIGHT NOW, then what they have is just a dream or a hobby. Don't have anything to do with it! Stay away! RUN! Let’s be honest here, I love living the Laptop Lifestyle, I get up when I want, I work when I want, (2-3 hrs./day) I travel when I want, (tax free) but it's still all about the money! When your opportunity is bringing in lots of money and your helping other people, YOU LOVE YOUR OPPORTUNITY! I love my business! It's January 27th, 2021 and I've made $14,500 so far. You wanna know what's crazy? I've only brought in 3 members and had one member upgrade. That's it! On top of that I have a system that does all the selling and explaining for me. I only help people who have contacted me for information. I'm not going elaborate on my system because there are lots of systems out there that do all that. But there are only a hand-full of opportunities with a system that have people making 10K/mo. quickly and consistently. They are all a little different from each other. There is ONE THING every one of them have. High Ticket Offers! It simply means GO BIG OR GO HOME! You hear me! I'm not here to play small and neither should you be. No more settling for scraps at the table of success. It means having offers that go for at least $500 & up. Got it? Trying to break yourself out of a 9 to 5 won't work if your selling $100 doohickeys. Well, technically I guess you could, if you’re willing to wait "years". But if your able to score yourself commissions of $500 & more. Then your able to "compress time." It comes down to math. Let’s say you need to bring in 5K/mo. to get yourself a nice running start. With $100 doohickeys, you gotta crank out 50 sales! (yikes!!) With $500 & up products, 10 or less. 10 sales or less, $5,000, do-able! 50 sales? Maybe not so do-able. Which would you rather do? Want to know more? Contact me here......

This article was published on 28.01.2021 by David Ecksmith
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RD Industries - Helping People!, 500 USD to join

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