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Are You Clicking Past A Million Dollar Opportunity

Are You Clicking Past a Million Dollar Business?

Network Marketing & Viral Software is Your Answer

Despite the ongoing controversy regarding the legality of the network marketing Industry, network marketing produces more millionaires than any other industry.

Not only does this industry create more millionaires than other business opportunities but the results are achieved faster and with more stability than many because the income derived from Network Marketing activities is residual income.

According to MLM Statistics for 2023

Network marketing accounts for 20% of all millionaires globally.
The income that comes from 100,000 sources makes you wealthier much faster than income generated from a single source.

So, the primary activity for network marketers is building a huge team of network marketers using the power of the leverage and duplication. Even with that power reaching the numbers for that million dollars per year is still an aggressive goal


• Earn $83,333 per month.

•  $20,830 per week.

•  Based on a 40-hour workweek, you will earn $480.00 per hour.

The Network Marketing Business is in fact a numbers game. Follow the formula to reach a daily target number of leads for your business is a crucial factor for your success.

This is the biggest obstacles for many network marketers getting new prospects into their business. The world of constant rejection deters many new marketers from reaching their goals.

Many network marketers are still using the old tried and true traditional one-on-one marketing methods of calling new prospects, buying leads, safelist, marketing. In many cases, network marketers pay huge fees to Social Media Gurus to learn all about Attraction Marketing.

Viral Marketing Contest & Giveaways with Incentives is the Key

How I Used Viral Giveaways with KingSumo to Triple My Email List

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The Newest most effective way to market any business online includes Viral Marketing with proven campaigns that get these results: You want to incentivize your viral campaigns to increase awareness, interaction engagement and leads.

Case studies from Viral Marketing Campaigns

**Amiel used viral marketing software to generate over 7900 leads to date, with a spectacular 59% referral late…

**TRIPLED my entire email list — from 360 to 1,005 subscribers — in 7 days

**A 4-week campaign generating 4,508 leads with 30% referred leads, $4,775 in sales and 3,087 social media shares and interactions.

**This company gained 24,523 targeted leads inside a single month.

Incentivized Marketing

MLM Recruit On Demand uses Incentivized Marketing with SMS to get individuals to look at your Program.

The MLMROD Incentives program is a system that is especially made to take care of the leads that you have that aren't quite ready to take part in the business opportunity you're providing.

In exchange for a free $50 gift card, the MLMROD Incentives System will reintroduce your business to your disinterested prospects using five various marketing methods.

The $50 gift card incentive is only available to your leads who watch a video or listen to an audio file promoting your network marketing business

However, Viral Marketing Software takes your incentive marketing to another level with evergreen marketing to increase your leads sales, and social media referrals.

The planet earth has more than 8 billion human beings and every single day the population is increasing. So, the repeated fallacy that this industry will become saturated is false.

Successful Multi-Level Marketing business, requires 4 things:

• A Great MLM company with high-quality products or services

• Proper knowledge & training

• Use tools that will multiply your results.

• Consistent prospects to show your business plan daily.

The first 2 steps might be easy and simple, but when it comes to building a long-term successful Network Marketing Business you need to have tools and an unlimited supply of prospects daily.

It does not matter which MLM company you choose to promote, The success depends on the number of new members that join your network. Use innovative ways and effective marketing techniques to increase your exposure quickly and effectively. Referral Marketing (word-of-mouth) techniques with incentives is proving to be a huge boost to the MLM business model.

To Your Success! Virginia Sanders

Fundraising Coach

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This article was published on 26.03.2023 by Virginia Sanders
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