The pill I am talking about is your passion. Thanks to passion You are able to do anything. To go out of your comfort zone. To try what you have never tried before. Push out the limits and become the better version of yourself.

Passion is the engine of all. Even the life itself is so passionate about living that She ( for me the life is feminine because new forms of life are born within herself like mother is giving the birth to child ) will try anything to survive. 

Passion has a synonym. It is LOVE. When you fall in love with someone, exactly the same is happening. Same hormonal cocktail is coming to your bloodstream. You would do anything for your love ones. 

There is a reason I have written that the pill is within you. Because the passion for other person or for anything else never comes from outside. It is always coming from inside yourself. So for this reason we can cultivate our passion for anything. 


The only way to cultivate your passion for anything but I mean anything, it can be passion for other person (your partner, children, employees etc.), hobby, job or anything else, is through concentration. If you concentrate most of your energy to HERE and NOW and you only try your best, which is in optimal state with everything you have ever experienced and learned, magic will happen.

Let me introduce you the man that dedicated 40 years to his passion to help humanity. He never stopped to believe. All those years he worked hard developing technology that will one day completely transform the way we travel and forward goods around. 

His name is Anatoly Yunitskiy

Anatoly Yunitskiy

He is general designer and chairman of the board of directors in SkyWay Technologies.

SKYWAY is a start-up project of global size that brings innovative transport solutions.


SkyWay comes with optimal transport solutions:

Urban public transport of second level that overpasses road transport at the speed of 120-150km/h.

High-speed InterCity with the speed of up to 500 km/h

Fully automated transport system that reduces risk of accident

SkyWay is able to connect remote areas or areas of harsh terrain 

100 times less land acquirement for land compared to traditional systems

No need for digging the tunnels or cut down the forest


Learn more about the technology

At the moment there is more than 400 000 people from more than 200 countries sharing passion of Anatoly Unitsky. They helped financially and became partners/ co-owners of the project. 

Also you can invest in SkyWay Technologies and share the profit.

Benefits of investment:

You help to develop sustainable transport system with less emissions and general impact on environment

Lifetime dividends 

Growing value of your investment 

Become partner of SkyWay. Register here

If you have a passion for something that can help others you are on the right path

This article was published on 27.02.2019 by Peter Cico
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SkyWay Capital - Invest in shares, Free to join

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