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Hello all,

I am sharing an opportunity to join HBCUCRYPTO and share with everyone through our mobile mining App. We are located on the apple store and on google play. We have a worldwide following and will have more deployments in the future on the blockchain exchange. Please join us today and share, as you will receive bonuses for members. Please see our social media accounts on our webpage. We have a global map of our current member zones we love to share. We are growing by the second, and as we reach each milestone our mining rate will reduce. It is totally free to join our community and earn our crypto, by using your mobile phone. We believe in the power of the people and that when organized, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. The crypto industry in a multi trillion-dollar industry at this point, and we cannot afford to be on the sideline while the info structure is being created. We as a community must play our part and participate, not after the system has been built but now, while the system is being built. Lets be a part of the future now!!!

As you can see on the map, our USA presence is beginning to grow, I would like to see all of us in the MLM community participate in this project, but I feel that I must let my MLM community know of what is coming in our near future, so at least those who would like to join can do so. We will have several phases of deployment beginning soon, that will include the blockchain trade, smart contracts, and scalable & profitable multi-level marketing platforms. As we continue this journey of global healing through innovation, tech solutions, and entrepreneurial ventures, and eco-friendly communities, we hope you will join us.

We are also looking for participation from our members on all skill sets, as we will be categorizing our groups based on global locations and topic interest. As we will be declaring Global Ambassadors in hopes to have representation in all sectors of the world. We want to not only empower the company but also empower those who believe in it and support its growth. A global initiative that is a true reflection of the great we can do in our community on a globally unified scale. We have much to do and hope you will join us and the HBCU eco-community.


Steven Coleman

  HBCU Member


This article was published on 28.10.2021 by Steven Coleman
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