Network Marketing is one of the BEST industries in the world!!

So, that's a pretty bold statement right? As there are a LOT of people who think networking is a scam, or a pyramid scheme, or some other "scummy" way to make a living because of a few people who've made headlines through the years in actually taking advantage of others. But the truth is...networking is something we all do - every day - all day.

Ever overheard someone talking about a new restaurant that just opened up that you didn't know about and you and your partner have been wanting to try that type of food? And so you ask questions, they offer THEIR experience and then you make a decision about whether to try it or not?

Or someone is in line at the store and starts talking about trying to find a good auto mechanic and you happen to have one - so you chime in and say "Hey, don't mean to butt in, but I happen to know one. Here's their info!" And they thank you profusely for sharing the info and off you both're happy that you could help another and they're happy that they got a personal referral from someone who's tried that mechanic out and been satisfied - boosts confidence.

But when it comes to networking as a business - well, there's a big STOP SIGN for a lot of people because they're stuck in their heads and afraid to talk to others. Fearful that their friends and family will think they've lost their minds and become a "pushy salesperson." People become afraid that they won't know how to overcome the "objections" if someone isn't interested in their product, service, or opportunity.

But the truth is - it's never about you! It's about sharing the information that YOU have that is truly a gift for others. Whether or not they open it or not is up to them! It's not about gaining customers, or building teams - it's about sharing information and opportunities and letting people decide for themselves how it fits into their life, is or isn't aligned with their values, and whether they want to be a part of what you believe in. Of course the lucrative part of leveraging your time as an entrepreneur in networking is about building teams of people who share the vision, but that's not the main's that they believe in it too and see their own vision and want to share it with others. I'd rather have 5 on my team who believe and go out and share, then 100 who don't and never share the products or opportunity with others.

So why is networking the best industry in the world? Because it IS what we do anyway. And when you approach it from the perspective that ALL businesses are about networking - sharing the information that they have products or services to offer to the masses and then figuring out the best ways to get that information into others' hands, you'll see that it's always how business has been done. And that it doesn't matter what we call it or how others see it - it's a part of how we exist together on a planet of 7.5+ billion people. 

Example: Buying a car. You buy one. Love the dealership and your sales person. 2 years later, a friend is looking for a car. You refer them to your guy and they buy a car. The dealership gives you a referral fee. Well THAT is direct sales and networking and again, everyone wins. 

And here's another little truth: all companies are "pyramids" anyway - the top person - CEO/Owner - is at the top. Below them are a couple/few upper management senior execs, below them are a few more middle managers, and then the predominance of workers make up the base at the bottom. They do the work, while the ones at the top reap the higher rewards. What's the difference in multi-level marketing and direct sales? Nothing! It's only your mindset about it that makes a difference.

So the question really is this: Do YOU believe you're in a powerful industry that can reap great rewards as your own boss WHEN you believe in the products/services of your company? Or are you just doing it because you think it's a way to earn a good living. Because the truth is, it's hard work. You have to be passionate about what you're doing and sharing in order to help others see the vision for THEIR life...not the vision you want them to have.

If your mindset is one of fear, you'll not be very successful in this industry. But you may not do well in other areas either because you're always worried about what others will think. But if you know you have a gift to give someone, isn't it your moral obligation to share that gift with others and let them decide if they want to receive it or not? That takes away the fear - you're just sharing. 

Network marketing is the smartest, easiest, and most lucrative way to share information and reap financial rewards...but again, you have to believe in what you're offering and the company you're aligned with.

I wish you the best in your networking and building - many people need a lot of things we all offer...and they just need to know it's there!

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This article was published on 16.08.2018 by Susan Dascenzi
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Susan Dascenzi Thank you Bob! It IS all about sharing and caring and recognizing we have information other people do not have. It's about passion. :) I strive for that too!   1 year ago
Bob Rowland Very well put Susan! This Industry has made allot of Millionaires and allot of great people a Full time living! It's all about Sharing & Caring. That is what we strive every day!  1 year ago

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