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Since I had so much feedback on my last business announcement, I wanted to clarify how I help people make money. I am not interested in joining your business, so please do not ask me to join your program. I receive multiple offers every day to join 100 or so different opportunities.

What I looked for in a company is quite simple.....I want something that is free, works, and can be started by anyone. This is the way that I started, and the way I continue to add to my monthly income.

You now have the opportunity to follow my lead. You may stop at any point in which you are making the kind of money you desire on a monthly basis, but I would really like to find people who desire to make at least $1 million per month. I will take you through a series of programs, all for the purpose of traffic, leads, and /or money. A lot of these programs, you have probably seen, but have not put them into a system to get you the results you desire.

To start, you would enroll into this program.

Here how this one works. You sign up, you refer at least two people, and you will probably get some spillover. This program has three levels. It does not automatically move you to the next level. Each level consists of fourteen people. Your first level becomes full. The very first time you complete level 1, you will only receive $180.  $120 will be paid back to the company to make up for your first entry. You will be re=entered into level 1. Please do not take out any money until you are in all three levels.

You will complete level 1 again, and be re-entered into level 1 again. You will complete level 1 for the third time.  You will now have $780 in your account. You will buy into level 2 (cost=$500) leaving you with $280 in your account. The people whom you sponsored will always follow you as they complete their levels.

You will then pull out $20 from your account.

The process of completing each level continues until you have enough money in your account to buy into level 3 (cost= $2000).  So when you complete the level 3, you will be making $9300 each time you complete all 3 levels. I want to get to the point where I am completing these 3 levels each week, giving me a $9300 weekly income.

Now with that $20 you pulled from the program. If you want to continue to make more money, you will join the second program in my series. That program is 4 Corners.

This program is a one time $18. In this program, it will automatically push you through the different stages. The most important fact about this program is you not only make the money from your matrix, but you make the money that your referrals make. If you complete the 4x6 matrix, you would have turned that $18 into $550,000. On top of that, whatever number of people you have sponsored, you multiply by that same number. As an example, if you sponsored 4 people, you would make 5 (yourself plus 4 sponsored) x $550,000= 2,750,000. This is just a one time amount of money made.

As I stated, it will automatically place you into 2 other matrix within this program. These are both monthly pay programs, but that means you will also make monthly checks. From this you will make around $130,000/month. So again, if you sponsored 4 people, you would make 5 x 130,000= $650,000/month....once everyone's matrix is filled.

Is this hard to do? Only people make it complicated. Can you give away free money? How many people do you know that has more month then money? If you are near a college, how many students would love to make an extra $9300 a month? How many families live in poverty right in your own city?

The faster you sign up and spread the word, the faster you start making money.

Take care and I hope to see you take action.

Jack Swank


This article was published on 17.05.2016 by Jack Swank
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