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I am looking to bring in 10 driven individuals who are looking to take their income to the next level. Build your wealth legacy for future generations, are you lacking leadership in your organization? Direction? Mentorship? Look no further. Our team and platform is off the charts! We have mindset calls, opportunity calls, leadership etc. we strive to bring team together so everyone wins! No one gets left behind! Lock arms with me and we, together will establish freedom in time and wealth! Your children’s children will thank you! No selling. We are the Amazon of the industry, product of the year! Come join and help bless others with huge savings. When they save, you earn! It’s simple, just share share and share again, let’s bless others! 

We have bonus after bonus. Major incentives to help build financial freedom. We reward those who even take a small step to take action! It takes 2, easy to build. Build a team and customer base. Once your customer is in, they are yours for life, no follow up. Our PRIB does that for you! (PRIB=perpetual residual income builder)  its AI at its best! Let’s make technology work for us!!! 

Ibuumerang is changing the game. We have travel, forex, two amazing revolutionary products, and we help those in the US save money on their bills. Yes! Cell, water, electric, internet, I’ve personally saved $95 a month off my cell/internet bill alone! 

Our CEO Holton Buggs has developed over 50 millionaires with in our organization. If your dream is to make an extra $500 a month, we can provide that. But if you wish to scale like never before. We have the vehicle to get you there! 

Let’s build together. The future is wide open!! 

I do not have to sell anyone because who doesn’t want to save more money? 

How about staying in 5 star resorts at 3 star pricing? Up to 70% off cruises? Flights? Airbnb? Free to use and free to keep! 

We have our company seminar this year in Dubai! We are in 192 countries! So literally can do this from anywhere! Do you want have a smart phone? Let your phone make you residual income! Don’t let your phone be a dumb phone! Opportunities arise and successful individuals take action, this is your calling! Let’s do it! Buum baby!! 

This article was published on 26.07.2021 by Lacy Pierskalla
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IBummarang - Itravel, zence,, 1000 USD to join

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