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NigelBarksfield learn how to make English make money!

NigelBarksfield learn how to make English make money!

     About 300 million persons around the planet speak English. According to Aboutdotcom English is one of the most popular, spoken languages in the world. You can study and learn the English language with a very experienced classer (someone who models pronunciation, supplies teaching materials and checks students’ work amongst other things) online - at your own place, and at your own pace!

       Have you been made redundant, locked up in jail, isolated or are you just thinking how to pay the rent next month? To remedy this cash strapped situation you need an internet connection, some kind of computer, e.g. a smartphone, tablet computer, notebook computer, or personal computer, and some spare time.

    You can select your desired study medium - be it Zoom, Line app, Skype, emails, WhatsApp, etc.

       Now, here's the SPECIAL OFFER! You do not have to pay a penny of the £22.76 up front (unless you want to, of course!). However, the deal is that you can delay payment until you have £22.76 in your personal, private, Accumulated Cash Wallet at WeShareAbundance. Furthermore, I will help you to get that money in our English classes, if desired.

      Good day, I am Nigel Barksfield B.Sc. M.Sc. DIC TESL, and I have been creating English language courses for students to use in their studies since 2002. I have coded interactive lessons and web pages online to give would-be students an opportunity to try out the interactive method of learning English online; a chance to get the feel of online study at my website – and get further help to decide how to proceed to learn more.

       Recently, due largely to the pandemic, there have been a lot of websites and online services launched that were created to help customers earn some kind of income from the world wide web.

       Similarly, my newest scheme is suited to persons whose incomes have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and who understand that they might need to improve their English language abilities so that they can more easily earn rewards online using some of these new websites that have been launched to help people in need gain some kind of internet income, however small. I believe that, to many foreigners, earning online income is difficult because they do not understand reasonably easy, technical English, and they do not build great, English questions to seek guidance, to find out about how things work and about how to perform tasks, such as create a support ticket, provide KYC, etc. People like these need to 'learn and earn'.

     In this somewhat financially-biased series of lessons, you will receive working knowledge enabling you to become financially independent through the use of WeShareAbundance which launched in 2021. It is now an upcoming, generational, cloud community with Mr Graham Frame at the controls who is paying members who can share coupons with other interested persons (who then get free upgrades) some useful cash to pay for everyday expenses (i.e. $3 commissions).

       With this training from me you will receive a useful gift when you get involved and sign up with - just fill in the form below for your complimentary USB thumb drive, today! This special gift is for you! Yes, if you choose, and fill in the form on the website today!

       Also, you will get 25% off the price if you pay with WESA/WESAbundance tokens!

P.S. Our new advertising plan called Poverty Crusher is launching now for just $5!

This article was published on 18.09.2022 by Nigel Barksfield
Author's business opportunity:​ - English language, 26.57 USD to join

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