Business Opportunity

Are you looking for a new business adventure ?

You don't know where to start ?

Or you don't know what it is you want to do ?

Well look look no further, you have come to the right place.

This business opportunity that i had to offer you is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you want to grab with both hands.

Not only do you get 30% commission, but you also get free product, monthly bonus and the satisfaction of doing something that you love.

With Jamberry nails, it doesn't require a nail technician, the hottest female, or a beautician. All this company requires is that you are 18 years +, you have the will to succeed. The motivation and determination to love what you do. Without passion and commitment, you are not going to go anywhere. Without positivity and strength, you will only sink down into disappointment. Sales is a  hard job, it requires a lot of patience, persistence and time management. And even though you may not make it, you have to give it all you got, because no-one wants to fail, but most of all no-one wants to see that you gave up. 

So with Jamberry, you will have the opportunity to show off the products to your friends and family, co-workers and potential clientele. And all you have to do is, where the product. Put them on your children and their friends will see it. And there you go you have customers.

Word of mouth is the perfect way to gain customers. Don't be pushy and don't be annoying, you won't get loyal customers like that. Just be friendly and be yourself, they will come to you.

So yes, there is a starter kit, to get your on your feet to starting your little business, and with an amazing team above you to support you in your adventure, you will never feel like a failure. I will have to say that, I don't have that, I joined up under my friend, and she is awesome yes, but as my sponsor, she is not as helpful as i thought she would. And as for her sponsor, I get nothing from them. I understand in this business you need to create your own clientele, but as a sponsor i feel that they should be guiding you and advising you how to be better, where to look. To give you the boost of confidence. Unfortunately i'm getting none of that but, make sure you ask those girls to purchase an application kit.

So i promos you, you join under me, i promise to support you and give you what think s valuable advice in getting yourself out there. There is a lot of info that i wasn't told, like for example, to start getting commissions, you need to get 200 PRV first to get that. And also having a party, every party needs to make 150 Party points to get product discount and a free product. I find it very unfair that  wasn't aware of this, so that i had that incentive to push myself more, instead of just going with the flow.

The last thing i want for my team is to feel like a failure. Mindset is a major part in this business. If you're mind is lacking positivity, you will fail. Even though my sales aren't though the rough, i believe i have the ability to train and build up an amazing team. 

So join with me, join with Jamberry, and lets start this business adventure together. I promise you i will help you to feel like nothing can stop you. I will push you to be the person  you are suppose to be. 

Come on over and join my team :) i promise you will be happy you did

This article was published on 28.06.2016 by Kellie Moekore
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