Belief Busting: I'm Doing Everything Right... But Not Getting ANY Enrollments!

Here's 3 Neutron Bombs to Obliterate the Limiting Beliefs that are Holding You Back from Enrolling More Reps

I almost quit. Then I didn't because I found the right strategy. And that was gonna change everything. Right?

Well I certainly thought it would... But it didn't.

Everything was ready - I built my online sales funnel, and waited. And waited. And waited!

There was a whole lot more going on than just having everything ready. Part of the reason I wasn't pursuing the kind of traffic I needed to was because I had some massive limiting beliefs that were getting in my way.

It wasn't until I found 3 little-known emotional technologies to destroy limiting beliefs that I started getting enrollments.

I'm going to share the 3 tools I used to help eliminate the people-interaction fears I used to struggle with. The great news is you can use these three technologies to destroy ANY limiting belief!

Let's find out what they are and how to use them.

1. The Belief Biopsy

The first thing to do is to biopsy your beliefs. But first a word of warning:

Just because this is so simple, do not underestimate the profound power of this strategy to repair your deep rooted beliefs.

Write down the answers to these questions. Tell me...

What do you want? And what's keeping you from getting there?

Do you really believe that's what's holding you back?

Let me ask you this - what would you prefer to believe instead?

(Questioning over.) 

For me, I thought I nobody would like me, believe me, or want to work with me.

Yeah I really did believe that. But then I realized I preferred to believe something else:

I prefer to believe that not only to God and my family love me, but I'm a fun and uplifting person to interact with!

2. Preferred Belief Building

So now you have your preferred belief. Here's how you build your preferred belief into your deep rooted thinking:

Are you willing to let go of the belief that was holding you back?

No really - would it be okay if you let go of that limiting belief, especially when you realize it has no factual basis?

What would happen if you did let go of that limiting belief?

And what would happen if you did allow yourself to realize the truth of your preferred belief?

What kind of future do you envision for yourself?


Every morning and every evening I want you to remind yourself of your preferred belief.

For me, it's this:

I prefer to believe that not only to God and my family love me, but I'm a fun and uplifting person to interact with!

3. Ho'oponono

This is an ancient Hawaiian tradition and I don't like to get too woo-woo with the stuff, but let me share this with you because it absolutely works.

Think about your limiting belief. Really feel what it's like to experience that limiting belief.

And then simply tell yourself this:

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Repeat these phrases with feeling 3 times and notice the heavy burden being lifted off of you as all at once you begin to realize everything's gonna be okay.

Remind yourself once again of your preferred belief, and notice the freedom you begin to experience instantaneously!

What if You Gave it a Try - and it Actually Worked?

So there I was - and I had just used these three neutron bombs on my nobody-likes-me limiting belief.

To make a long story short, I had three accounts set up and optimized to bringing in fresh new interested leads to my business within a weekend.


Reverting back to when I was under the bondage of my limiting beliefs, I thought that would take months to do...

But when I let go of the limiting belief that was taxing my ability to get things done, what I thought would take months was accomplished in one weekend.


And most of all? I was finally having fun! That's when the affiliate commissions started rolling in, and the enrollments started appearing like clockwork.

That's how capable we are when we are unchained by our own thoughts that get in our way.

Use these 3 emotional technologies to pulverize any limiting beliefs that stand in your way of the success you deserve.

Want Some Help Clearing YOUR Negative Beliefs?

Perhaps what you just read sounds very familiar. You may not have an aversion to dealing with people like I did, but you may have some deserve issues or other blockages that are keeping you from your dreams.

Heck it's possible you don't even know what your limiting beliefs are. And I'm open to helping you find out what they are so that we can work through them together.

Reach out to me and let's connect. We'll set up a free 15 minute strategy session to find out what's getting in the way - and how we can get it out of the way.

And in case your strategy is off, let me show you the exact blueprint that I used to finally start employing tactics that actually work TODAY. If you're looking for a fresh start for your business, I invite you to get instant access to some free training that I did to reboot your business.


Once again, Reach out and let's Connect and Start a Conversation.

You're worth it,

Adam Tigges


This article was published on 26.07.2021 by Adam Tigges
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