What Are Essential Oils

They are the most powerful part of the plant.

They are distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, fruit, rinds, resins, and herbs.

Oils consist of over 100 different natural, organic compounds.

In humans, many provide support for every system in the body: your skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, endocrine system and your hormones, respiratory system, and immune system. They support brain health and a healthy weight. They are used extensively for spiritual support in your prayer life. They have been used for thousands of years as beauty aids and for emotional support. An oil in a diffuser can soothe a child’s tough day at school and provide a calming effect when you’ve had a stressful day at work. Oils can be used as an alternative to cleaning chemicals in the home. You can literally start swapping out every single chemical in your home to live a purer lifestyle, and you can do it without breaking the bank!

There are about 300 oils on the earth, but you only need ten to twenty of them to build a good kit.

You do not need to be an aromatherapist to use them. In most cases, just rub it topically into the skin. There are three main ways to get oils into your system: the English apply it topically—rub it on the skin; the French ingest and cook with it; the Germans diffuse and inhale, which is the most effective method because it doesn’t have to pass through the digestive system.

How do they enter—and how long do they last?

Tests have shown oils reach the heart, liver, and thyroid in three sec- onds when inhaled; they were found in the bloodstream in 26 seconds when applied topically. Expulsion of essential oils takes three to six hours in a normal, healthy body.



They were first mentioned by name in the biblical book of Genesis, chapter 37, when Joseph was sold to the slave traders. They carried spicery, balm, and Myrrh! Genesis ends with the burial of Joseph’s father, anointed with Myrrh. There are over 1,100 direct and indirect mentions of essential oils in ure.

Some of the oldest cultures on earth used essential oils. The Babylo- nians placed orders for Cedarwood, Myrrh, and Cyprus. The Egyptians used essential oils for beauty and embalming and they have the oldest recorded deodorant recipe made with essential oils. Pakistan and Rome used essential oils in the communal bath houses.

They were even used by Christ! Jesus was given gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Frankincense is sometimes referred to as “the coconut oil of essential oils,” because it has over 10,000 uses.

Essential oils were used by the Medieval Europeans, many of whom brought oils back during the Crusades.

It was only after World War 2 when essential oils were “rediscovered,” and the science on their uses grows with every single year.



I have used oils for six years. Lavender smelled nice in my bath, but never had any significant effect on my body. I bought my lavender for $4 a bottle online, at farmers markets, or at bulk foods stores. In the United States, there is no rating system for essential oils. It would be wonderful if there were—because then you’d know what you were buying! If you walk into a grocery store and look at a box of cereal, you’ll see nutrition facts on the side. There are no “nutrition facts” on the side of oils. That means you have to trust the source. You have to know the company you are purchasing from. What sets Young Living aside? Seed to Seal. It’s our promise of purity. You can learn more about Seed to Seal at seedtoseal.com. All of our oil is shipped from around the world to Spanish Fork, Utah, where it’s run though vigorous 8-point testing to insure purity. Those tests are run in triplicate; at the farm, at Spanish Fork, and a third time before bottling. It’s why Young Living has never had a recalled essential oil in 23 years of business. You can trust the integrity. Seed to Seal is based on three pillars: sourcing, science, and standards. Young Living’s oils are tested by scientists with over 180 years of combined lab experience. They also do third party testing with two accredited, respected, independent labs.

This article was published on 03.01.2019 by Wade Johnson
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