Finding and Seeking

When finding something new I always ask myself will it benefit me and what's the reason for me finding it :

 A while back I was sitting in my office and I started saying to myself Aliceny what's your next move?

Honestly, I didn't know but was willing to find someone who did.


I started searching to find what my next was and had a goal I was determined to meet.


   When you get off work or you're just sitting at work what goes through your head


Wait What if you're sitting on your off day at home?


if these three things go through your head then keep reading


1.I wanna make more money


2.I need a second job, but I really don't wanna have to work harder then I do now


3.What will my kids have to fall back on?


Wait Let me change that last one What can I do so I can spend more time with my kids?


If these three topics could relate to you then your still in that area where you're looking to find a solution.


We as people always have that urge to find more if not just for ourselves than other people like our children.


I always ask myself questions so that I understand what's to gain when I find what I'm looking for without doing it in a selfish way.


  I don't answer myself to make that clear well then again I just might because that's how I tell myself this is what your gonna do to be better and this is what it's gonna take to make it happen.

 See it's okay to answer your own questions this is actually a story but I won't go into detail but I will say this if you ask yourself those three things I asked at the beginning that I asked you remember this it's okay to ask yourself questions and answer them but answer them with actions. 

Keep seeking out opportunities no matter what they are and how far you have to go. 

Getting there will be the reward and also be fun sometimes just talking to someone helps you realize what you're seeking out when finding your solution I did it and found the answers I was looking for.

I won't tell you it will be easy but I will tell you it was FUN and EXCITING getting there and worth the effort put in.

The outcome is amazing!

This article was published on 13.01.2021 by Aliceny Howard
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