Why a Good Mentor is so Essential to Your Success

How many in the network or affiliate marketing industry actually make “money” without a good mentor, sponsor or joining with an already established successful team? If you believe the statistics out there only about 5% actually make “money” that they can live on out of all the people in the industry.

Here is a link to an article and interview just done about me, mentorship and the business aspect of this industry:


It is a must read for anyone with personal or business goals, especially in this industry.

Unfortunately in this field people come in with all kinds of energy and ambition and are not given the tools or the help that they need to be successful. They then actually quit (which is the only way to fail) and say that the industry is not good, or you can’t make any money in it. They continue through life like this with these thoughts unless they run across someone who can be a good mentor and is part of a successful team.

Now finding a good mentor and a successful team is much harder than it sounds. Ironically 95% never really look for the good mentors or successful teams. They like a product, know a little about the company or have a friend that they just want to support. While these are all important and nice things, your success depends then on all of your own creativity and hard work. Those should be present but to become successful a network/affiliate marketer really needs a person/mentor and a good team so that you don’t waste time recreating the wheel.

Good mentors and teams direct you to and teach you about all the tools available for you to build your business. They may also have developed some proprietary materials that have proven to be successful in prospecting new customers or business partners and/or developed training materials to help you build and keep your team together. All of this allows you to concentrate on getting started and working your business just as your successful mentor and team have done.

Isagenix for example has a plethora of tools ranging from traditional marketing material of ads and videos through growth hacking social media campaigns all to help their associates succeed in achieving their goals. It’s one of the many reasons why Ted Nuyten, the President of Business From Home and “Scorekeeper of Direct Selling Companies” rates the Isagenix opportunity as a 5 Star and Triple A business opportunity and actually recommends Isagenix and says “there is a high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a (new) representative”. It is the ultimate 3rd party recommendation.

For more on the Isagenix Opportunity and Products you and visit my overall site and grab a free ebook, and see what Solutions are there for you, then link over to my corporate site for all types of videos and helpful information:


Isagenix has been in the health and wellness business for 17 years now. They have over 100+ products to choose from, they do over a billion dollars of sales per year, with continually rising sales year after year and are constantly introducing new cutting edge products and expanding into new global territory each and every year.

If you’re interested in starting a business, changing your business plan or you just want to get or feel healthier contact me and let’s have a discussion to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Anthony Lombardo

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This article was published on 03.01.2019 by Anthony Lombardo
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Isagenix - Nutritionals, weight, Free to join

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Joelene Smilth I had to come back to say Anthony did do it. I have made more money in a week or so than I have ever made in this business! Isagenix did have double bonuses, but the plan worked.  1 year ago
Anthony Lombardo Great Joelene. If you follow our system and are willing to work a bit, I'm sure I can help you be successful. Download everything from the fastonlinebiz link above and call me.  1 year ago
Joelene Smilth I just joined you. If you can make me successful then you are good. I've tried for several years at this business and have done nothing but spend money. I just left a message.  1 year ago
Anthony Lombardo Jim It would be a pleasure to add you and work with you. We will follow everything in that online business article so download everything there and then call me. Welcome.  1 year ago
Jim Richards Ok, I've read this and your other artcle linked above(it's like a how to btw, nice) and I'm coming with you. I've always gone at it alone, it would be nice to have experienced help  1 year ago
Anthony Lombardo Thanks Anthony. Many have enjoyed the book that stemmed from the article/interview. It applies to all companies in this industry so I have gotten a lot of positive feedback.   1 year ago
Anthony Taranto Excellent points. Mentorship is the single most reason for my success in this industry. Great article about you also. I will be sending my team over to read it.  1 year ago

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