How To Get A Signup In Your Business This Week

For many people in MLM, it seems getting people to signup is the hardest part.

But, for myself and a few others, we most likely will see a signup every week, sometimes multiple signups in a week.

But how are people doing this?

How can some people get multiple signups in a day? 

Well, here I will share with you the idea behind getting others to want to signup in your business, and help you get at least 1 person into your business this week.

It Takes A Lot Of Exposure

First thing you must know is that getting a signup, just one person, means you must speak to a lot of people first.

Most people will not be ready to join on the first contact, so you have to just keep finding more and more people til you get the one who will.

So if we know it takes a lot for people (perhaps thousands) to get just one person to signup, the question then becomes how do we get exposed to so many people?

Limit The Exposure By Targeting

Before we get into how we are going to reach thousands of people, first we must think for a second.

If we are simply showing each and every person the business, it's going to take a massive amount of people to get our signup.

So it's best to focus on targeting the right type of people, and trying to get the message to them mostly.

It will take a lot less to get a signup if we are showing our business presentation to a person who is open to new things and making a lot of money through hard work.

How To Reach A Lot Of People

You have to first figure out how you are going to get the message to everyone.

Then, pursue that idea with full guns blazing.

Don't ever "try a little and see" but instead "get ridiculous with it".

Here are some ideas to help you reach more people:

  • Classifieds
  • Solo Ads
  • Paid advertising on social media
  • Content creation (blogs and videos)
  • Genealogy lists
  • Beacons
  • Live broadcasting (webinars, facebook live, periscope)

You get the idea.

Put one strategy in place and just give it everything you've got. You will first begin to see leads come in, but know it takes a lot of leads to get the right one.

Follow Up

Once you begin seeing the leads come in through your chosen strategy, you must be prepared to follow up with them.

If a lead leaves a phone number, call them.

Find out why they looked at your business and what they are hoping to find.

Send them to a presentation, and follow up.

Once you begin seeing yourself getting leads, then it's time to get people to presentations and on the phone.

If you do enough of this, you will get your signup for the week (sometimes even more).

Then, you simply repeat the process each and every week, and never stop doing it.

The Overall Concept

You should understand the overall idea is to get as many people exposed to your business as possible.

From there, you begin getting leads. People who "opt-in" to look more into what you do.

Then you reach out to them, by phone if possible.

Then schedule a follow up call with the ones who are of interest only. That's it!

Which step are you on? Focus on the place where you need to be going next, and you will begin getting the hang of this!

P.S If you need a way to make it more simply to follow up, then this may be the solution you've been wanting!

This article was published on 01.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Mary Ann Mangahoc Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas and advise. Much appreciated.  1 year ago

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