We are launching something BIG!

We are launching something that is going to change people's lives and businesses. I am so excited beyond anything I have been in a long time.

A launch this unique has the potential to grow and scale your business more than ever.

I am excited to announce we are launching our very own magnetic lashes.

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They are vegan

Easy to apply with ten mini magnets for optimal hold and comfort

Customisable flex design to mould easily onto your eye

Ten anchor magnets with three individual lashes each

Reuseable up to 60 wears

Heat & humidity resistant

Workout & active lifestyle approved. Gym bunnies, I am talking to you, gurls.

10-hour wear test passed

Have a pretty acrylic box so they can be stored safely

They come in 2 dynamic styles too!

This is going to blow up seriously next month, hence why I am here sharing the news. Just connect if you have questions, as I am happy to answer them all! This will be such a great wave to ride if you want to jump on a business venture from home in the beauty industry. Even if magnetic lashes are not your jam, they are the 'IN' craze, so many potential customers will be out there and waiting. Plus, we have so many amazing skincare and makeup products to share as you grow.

To start your journey costs as little as £28, and you can start straight away while you wait for your package to arrive. I will train you from the simple steps to promote on social media to more advanced techniques (if you wish), such as creating a website/blog and showing editing for video creation for the budding you tuber out there who wants to reach customers that way. I will be here to motivate you, support you, cheerlead you on from the sidelines every single day. There really is not much to lose but think of what you could potentially gain.

For me, skills beyond measure, confidence, happiness, friendships and freedom. This is what matters to me most beyond the pound  signs.

Super excited to get my hands on these lashes next month. Are you in?!

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This article was published on 20.07.2021 by Christina Campbell
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True Inspirations - Makeup, skincare, 28 USD to join

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