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Hi everyone,

My name is Peter Dunning and I started a business online that would help people who have failed or are not making enough to get by. People all over the USA are wanting to start their own business however, they are struggling to get started because of money, no credit, no mentor and so on...

That is why over the past 20 years I figured out instead of trying to get people to do something they are not 100% sure of instead help them follow their passion what ever it maybe. 

Here are some businesses people are starting.


When establishing business credit and working capital for your business. Whether you are just starting a new business or if you've been in business for a while, having access business credit and capital is the primary factor in determining the success of your business. The reason 90% of small businesses fail to launch is the access to working capital and credit. 

The number one and most reputable business credit building service in the entire country. For more than 15 years, our program has helped build the small business credit profiles of over 35,000 businesses. It works! It works so well we offer a full money back guarantee you will receive a minimum of $50,000,00 in non-personally-guaranteed new business credit, within six months.

CONTACT ME via Facebook (peterdunning2) or go here 


Establish Foundation & Corporate Funding Readiness  

  • Ensure your company meets industry standard credit compliance standards 
  • Establish your company’s profile with Dun & Bradstreet 
  • Build your company’s D&B Paydex score to 80  
  • D & B profile cleanup, remove derogatory comments from file  
  • Establish your company’s profile with Experian Business   
  • Build your company’s Intelliscore to 80   
  • Experian profile cleanup, remove derogatory comments from file  
  • Provide known transaction-reporting vendors and exclusive Trade Exchange vendors 
  • Open various Net 30 and revolving credit accounts to establish trade line history   
  • Evaluate existing business credit profiles and scores to provide strategies that increase the likelihood of credit approvals 
  • Access to CCNs exclusive membership website   
  • Access to your Corporate Credit Technician  

Corporate Credit Compliance Evaluation 

  1. a. Research your company from the lender's perspective  
  2. b. Provide low cost solutions to missing compliance items  
  3. c. Verify corporate status with your secretary of state  
Credit Bureaus (within 30 days)  

  1. a. Setup files with D&B and Experian  
  2. b. Get Paydex score and Intelliscore populated 
  3. c. Evaluate Key Scoring Factors that affect your company’s ability to obtain credit  
  4. d. Dispute derogatory information in your company’s credit reports  
  5. e. Ensure the consistency of your company’s data across multiple credit reporting bureaus
  6. f. Learn the TRUTH about credit bureau products & services and how they can actually damage your chances of obtaining credit  

Net 30 Vendor Accounts (within 90 days)  

  1. a. Open 5 - 10 Net 30 No PG vendor accounts
  2. b. Assist in maximizing credit in vendor accounts 
  3. c. Establish and monitor reporting  

Retail Business Credit Accounts (within 90-120 Days) 

  1. a. Open 1-5 revolving retail credit accounts
  2. b. $1 K to $10 K in revolving retail credit accounts 
  3. c. Establish and evaluate reporting   

This article was published on 30.03.2017 by Peter Dunning
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