Could be the best business of the decade (if you have the right mind-set)

After spending years making some good money online and running my own digital marketing agency I have seen so many opportunities, and have got involved in some good and some really bad ones, but haven't we all.

Recently though I have found something that stopped me in my tracks, a real service that businesses need to succeed, and they listen with intent when I talk to them about it.

There is some really serious money to be made but before I go into this very lucrative opportunity I want to cover the mindset that stops so many people from succeeding, and if I'm honest I want to work with certain types of people.If you'd rather not read this (I hope you have patience, the link is at the end)

I have been doing this for too long and have made a lot of money to waste time with unrealistic people, however, if you are either are a seasoned entrepreneur or are new but now it takes effort and time to carve our an exceptional income I'd love to speak with you. If you are new I'll help you every step of the way.

The online business and MLM is an interesting but ruthless place, I say ruthless as it leaves bodies behind it like no other business.

I expect you know many people, maybe even yourself have joined an opportunity and felt lost in which direction to go and where to start.

Maybe you read up on some of the company training, talk to people you work with, call your friends and family, or how about the server at the local burger joint, he or she must really need money right?

After some of these failed attempts the I tried it but this just doesn't work feeling set in, and heavy-hearted you give up.

I'm not trying to bash these industries but this is how it is but, it shouldn't be, and here's why.

Let's say you start a new job and two weeks in you're still feeling inexperienced and have to ask questions. What do you do? Give up and resign saying well I gave it a god but it just didn't work out.

How about a new business selling shoes in your own shop and you have no customers after a week, what then? Oh well, it just isn't working so I'll shut up shop.

These examples are of course crazy and almost no one would do this, so why oh why do people do this in the online and MLM businesses they invest in, it makes no sense whatsoever.

My belief is it's not always the amount of training on offer but how the training is broken down. I was lucky enough to be trained by a 7 figure a month guy way back in 2001 who taught me one simple rule.

When you join an opportunity (assuming you have done your due diligence properly) make a 6-month plan broken down into weeks and days. Each day note how many people you will speak to or how many posts you will make in groups on online

Take notes of the outcome of these activities and learn from them and know that you can't expect success overnight. repeat your activities day in day out and miss a single day, aim to carry out the process rather than get results. Continuous process = equals results

We show businesses how we can flood their online profiles (Google, Yepl, Trust Pilot etc) with 4 and 5 star reviews, getting them more enquiries and at the same time pushing them up Google. All on autopilot. I have never come across something so easy to sell. Businesses absolutely lap it up and the double dip comp plan gives you the opportunity to generate staggering amounts of money.

Want to find out more? Visit my page, pop in your details and watch the video presentation. Click HereYou will get an email with my mobile number after should have any questions.Maybe we may be working together or maybe we won't either way I wish you the very best of luck in this industry and remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint.
This article was published on 27.07.2021 by Phil Roskams
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