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Stay at Home Moms Can Have Their Cake....

and eat it too!

What does that look like, you wonder? So glad you asked!

It looks like a partnership with a thriving, growing health solutions company called Basic Reset.

It looks like a mom who can still prioritize her family, their schedules and their goals and actually make a sizable contribution to the family income.

It looks like taking better care of yourself and not buying into the myth that the good mom and wife always puts the needs of her family ahead of her own.

Wake up sister! If YOU go down…  the ship goes down!

Taking care of momma MUST be high on the priority list - and Basic Reset can help you do that in more ways than one.

First of all, from a health stand point, you can start enjoying refreshing, replenishing, anti-aging alkaline water to nourish your cells and bless your health. This water is great for you and every single family member.

Secondly, we can provide you with a vehicle that will help you generate a respectable monthly income, just by sharing the benefits with a few others. You will suddenly see challenges others face in a whole new light because now, you can be part of the solution.

SAHM’s can have their cake and eat it too -

it's time to stop "just getting by" and living a life of martyrdom. It's time to partner with someone who knows the ropes, who has had her kids on the side of lack and on the side of luxury.  I can promise you that options and choices and variety…. IS ALL THAT IT'S CRACKED UP TO BE.

Check out my Basic Reset site today:

Let me help you create a lot more options for your family.

Have just a couple of minutes? Here's a quick video to give you insight into winning solutions. I've been a SAHM and I know time is tight - this video is a great summary what we bring to the table.


I look forward to meeting you.

Coach Kim


Get this:  There are tens of thousands of parents who have the same desires as you - to keep their children first and create a financial blessing at the same time. Thousands of these same parents are "going under" and are just looking for some "breathing room".

Maybe you're reading this now because you're supposed to be the one to throw them a life line.
This article was published on 17.07.2016 by Coach Kim
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