- Ways To Build Your MLM Business When You Have No Advertising Budget

For many people, they join a MLM business, but do not have the funds needed to advertise and build a steady growing team.

So what should someone like this do?

Well, here are a few ideas to help you grow your MLM business when you have no budget, or very little budget, to use for advertising.

#1. Old School

Believe it or not. Old school still works well.

You need to be prospecting people you meet, and getting meetings going on a regular basis. Just a few of these will be enough to get income coming in.

But, you may find that it works so well, you do it even when you have a budget!

#2. Social Media

You can use social media for free, and find lots of people to look at your business.

The biggest issue people have, is they try to sell the person they meet through the messaging.

Don't give the presentation yourself through messaging, but instead get them to click a link that takes them to the presentation once they've agreed they are open to looking at it.

#3. MLM Gateway

This little platform can really get things moving. You can meet lots of people involved in Network Marketing, and find some who are even open to new projects.

By being active on the platform once a day, you can earn credits for writing content and referrals. Use these credits to connect at first, but later use them for advertising.

Once you have a connection base, these people are all informed when you write new content.

#4. MLM Recruit On Demand

With as little as $15 just one time, you have all the prospects you could work.

If you can manage to come up  with just $15, you can have a new prospect everyday looking at your business.

Using genealogy leads are a powerful way to get people into the business without spending any money on advertising.

Remember, the more you speak to, the more you will see join you. Use this system to stay busy with handing out presentations.

#5. Google Searching

Here is a very cool way to get people involved in your business, without needing money.

Just comb the internet for distributors in your city, and see if they are still active with what they were in.

You can locate doctors, realtors, and all types of professionals in specific cities by using Google searches. 

Just pick a profession, and a city. A little research and you'll find their numbers online, and even emails.

#6. Card Grabs

This is where you basically find someone's business card they leave laying around at stores, and you call them up.

Ask them if they are open to taking a look at a side project that won't interfere with what they are currently doing. 

Remember, these people are entrepreneurs who are hoping to get calls. They work for themselves, and they have the right mindset for similar projects to what you are doing. So don't ever let a good card grab go to waste!

#7. Realtor Signs

Ever drive through a neighborhood and see the "For Sale" in the yard?

A few years back, they were everywhere.

But even today, they are popping up in almost every neighborhood.

The sign has a realtor, who are usually open to this style of work, and that realtor's number is on the sign.

Call and ask!

#8. Drop Cards/Sticky Notes

This many take a few dollars to pull off, but not much more than you'll find in your couch or dryer.

Take a stamp to sticky notes, and begin leaving them all over the place. With a short message on it.

Same thing with drop cards.

I like to use a free $50 gift card for calling a number and listening to a presentation.

I do not have to pay for the gift cards, and if you'd like to do the same you can message me here on MLM Gateway and ask me how to get unlimited $50 gift cards to giveaway for prospecting.

#9 Google Alerts

A little feature on Google where you can be alerted anytime about any reason.

So if you set your Google alerts to layoffs in specific areas, or events that are coming to your area, you now have a way to find prospects who may be open to looking for new projects, and events to either set up at or prospect at.

#10 Creating Content

The most powerful way to get new people into your business.

Let people who are in the market come to you.

But it's not as easy as just writing an article and expecting it to stick.

You need to make new content on a daily basis and continue pouring it out online.

As you continue making more of it, either blogs, articles or videos, people will begin responding to it.

Did These Help?

If these ideas help you get some free advertising or help build a team with little budget, please leave a comment below. Also, shoot me over a connection request and I'll be happy to connect with you!

P.S Want me to build you a downline? I am signing up new people every week in my business, and would like to place them in yours too! Just take this free tour and you can benefit too from this momentum!

This article was published on 08.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Eric Block Another excellent article Jaye. I forgot about Google alerts.   1 year ago

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