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The Reason I Picked the Network Marketing Team That I Joined

Firstly I have only been in the network marketing business for 18 months. In that time I moved from full time work, to part time work, to retirement.

My mentor who helped me will also be helping me with any new recruits I sign up. If you are looking for a quick get rich scheme, network marketing is not the job for you. Like all network marketing you only get what you put into it. I will only take on someone who is willing to do at least 60% of the work load that I recommend, otherwise it is a waste of time and money for both of us.

The main reason I picked ACN out of all the companies I researched was for the following reasons:

  • Every household uses Electricity and Gas, you are not trying to sell products to your friends and family
  • Mobile Phones have taken over the world by surprise, must households have a least 2 mobile phones
  • Once you sign your friends up, you do not need to approach them again and you receive a passive income once a month for the term of the contact and even longer if they stay with the same company
  • Any service or invoice problems are solved by ACN team
  • I enjoy travelling, when on holidays all I need to do is look for free internet connections and work the hours I am comfortable with.
  • When I make a decision I don't want to work anymore or something happens that I am unable to run the business, it can be passed onto my children or grandchildren us a going concern (so I will be looking after them in the years to come). If you don't want anyone in your family to take over you can sell it us an ongoing business.

Before you join a network marketing company do your homework and pick one that suit you and your lifestyle.  It could be health and Fitness, if you are already involved in that field, you  already have clients that can become your customers it could be Avon because you like the products, and you have a booklet that you can give out for them to place a order.  But before you take on a company that sells products make sure you have done your homework and you  don't have to have a monthly or quarterly  limit to carry on trading, I can think of nothing worse then building a business up, then you are taken sick or for some reason unable to work for 6-12 months and you have to restart from the beginning again to build the business up.

To find out a bit more about me check out my website

Looking forward to keeping in contact with you via MLMgateway.

Lyn Cherriman

This article was published on 18.05.2016 by Lynette Cherriman
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