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The Fruits Of Follow Up

When advertising your business, think about tv or radio commercials. You might see the same commercial advertising the companies latest hamburger, for instance. Well after seeing the commercial for the tenth time, you may just got out and buy that new style hamburger. The same with your network marketing website. If someone visits your site, you want to have an auto responder sending the prospect several follow up emails. Now you don't want every email as a call to action to join your business. You are forming a relationship so you want some emails simply talking about one of your products, for instance. The next email might be a funny story in relation to the your business, or do a story of a distributor who had a great day recruiting. Dontmention their names, just their story. Then you could add if that person could do it so could you. You can create several emails without your offer in their face all the time and have great success because you offered something of value in your follow up emails. The same principle can work offline. You could send a thank you card to a prospect you have shown your plan to. Maybe offer a special on one of your products in that thank your letter. Maybe send a postcard a month later telling them how your business is going with your website listed. Be sure to give them a chance to get a free sample. Now if you really want to get free advertising, have a bumper sticker  made for your car with your web address on it. Maybe people in your neighborhood seen it a few times they'll decide to look it up. You could even have a t-shirt with your website on it and a compelling offer or saying.Their are several ways to get your brand out.When you can follow up do so. Follow up enough to build a relationship. Set yourself apart and offer value. In this day of age we are all competing with endless distractions and information. Particularly in our field of network marketing we must find ways of getting our name out there. Whether that be blogging or consistent advertising. If you need a copywriter or a ghost writer to writer articles for you, their out there. To get back on the topic of follow up, you just need to take some time and be creative. It's a new age and you need all the advantages you can get. For an example of quality and value driven follow up   emails, check out my website and pay attention to the type of emails I send out with an auto responder. Go to:

This article was published on 05.09.2016 by Eric Block
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