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What is the ATM Method and will it work for your MLM business?

Earlier this year my friend and business partner introduced me to a marketing strategy, using Facebook groups, that he learned from John Melton. It's called the ATM method.

ATM stands for "add, tag, message". What's brilliant about this strategy, outside of the fact that the Melton's have made more than 7 figures with it, is that fact that everyone on your team focuses on the growth of the group and, in turn, the group generates the referrals and product sales for those who participate.

One of the first questions I had was, "How do prevent those you invite from accidentally going to the credit of others?" What I have found is that the tagging and communication takes care of that on it's own. It's quite brilliant actually.

Whether you already have a team in place, or not, you can begin using this method by...

1.) Creating a Facebook group

2.) Setting it to invitation only

3.) Begin creating and sharing VALUE posts that are niche specific

4.) Incorporate product posts

5.) Incorporate business posts

You can see the ATM Method live, in action, by clicking here and sending me a friend request on Facebook. I will then send you an invitation to the group so you can see how it works.

Another great strategy is to incorporate a free incentive that you give to each new member when they join. Simply add the incentive to the files section of the group and when a new member joins the group, after being invited by a team member, the team member tags the new member in the comment thread for that file/post.

We have also found that doing monthly giveaways works great for increasing product sales. We have given away both full bottles of product and sample packages. People are very receptive to this and it keeps them active in the group.

So the group doesn't become overwhelmed by repeated posts, set one day per week for your welcome message... we do "Welcome Wednesday". You can do the same.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the ATM method.

Best of success!


This article was published on 10.06.2022 by Rex Harris
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