R-2b coin. The new currency

R-2b coin is in pre sales right now.

It is at $0.28. 3 weeks ago it was at $0.08.

This is a pre mined coin. Meaning it has 188,888,000 coins mined.

This coin will go public when it hits $188.00

It is being marketed in an MLM manor and offers great bonuses!

This coin is set to be public in 120 days!!

Unlike Bitcoin this coin is mined. And is set to be one of the top 5 digital coins in the world.

We are releasing this coin in Asia next month. And expect it to hit $188 in 120 days.

Once it's released in Asia it is expected to skyrocket in sales! Meaning your income will skyrocket.

As members can only join by being sponsored.

You can't join by just going to site. You have to know somebody who is marketing it!!

See the potential?

Meaning huge commission and profit!!

From an MLM standpoint this has the greatest potential for making members millions very quickly.

Never has a digital coin been offered this way!

It is geared for those who get in early to make millions! 

Once you are a member for $28 you are able to but packages from $100 to 50, 000.

At $0.28 a hundered dollar investment brings over $400,000 in return! 

None out there is offering such a return on a small amoynt of investment.

When this coin hits $188 it will be released for public trading.

So the time is now to get into one of the best MLM markets!!

This is a real coin!!! Already mined and moving in price very quickly!

Right now a $28 entry fee will pay out $188,00

There are many levels once you become a member. And they offer a great commission for marketing the coin.

With e-wallet your commissions will go right into that and they also offer double coin for all sales 

One of our members made $286,000 in sales last week. He is on track for over a million in commission when this coin goes to public trading!!! Which is expected to be in 120 days!!

It will be geard towards real estate, but on track to have over 1,000,000 bussiness excepting thus coin by 2019.

It is registered with blockchain, meaning this is a real coin with real worth.

If Bitcoin was marketed this way it's worth would be over $10,000 per coin right now!!

Imagine the potential

Again at $0.28 you are getting in on the ground floor. Leaving room to make millions.

Look at the website and get back with me.


This article was published on 13.11.2017 by Tom Collins
Author's business opportunity:

R-2b coin - New digital coin, 28 USD to join

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