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Okay so you've established your business and you're ready to start having the customers reach out. Only the return on the investment is slower going than you thought. The thing that kills more businesses is the lack of preparation for that initial launching period. Being able to weather the storm of slower business cycles. 

Marketing your companies products and services can help with that. Promoting your business and extending your reach beyond word of mouth of friends and family. There's so many ways to go about it. We've written blog articles about it.

You'll get plenty of companies reaching out to sell you on promoting your business. Search ads, and business profiles etc. It's tempting not to jump at whatever you think would work. You put the budget aside or are taking it from one thing in hopes that you can put it back. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. 

One of the best ways to help spread the word about your business and build your brand will be having a solid marketing strategy. Ways to promote your business, products and or services. Providing a visual goes a long way in making yourself memorable. 

Rule of thumb with social media is to have at least 3 posts a week. You'll hear sayings like "content is king". You want to have ad creative that is going to not only stand out. But can tell the story of your company and provide the message you want. You have a finite amount of time to accomplish that. 

There are several different reasons to promote your company using ad creative. You want to establish your brand. Get people familiar with who you and what you're offering. Another is generating traffic and leads to your website or storefront. Giving people a reason to want to find out more and purchase. 

Perhaps you're a more established company and you want to thank your existing customers and update them on the advancements you've made since they last partnered with you. In hopes of getting them to come back or provide referrals and grow your business that way. 

There are so many reasons to run marketing and advertising campaigns. The important thing is to do them with purpose and with the correct messaging. But you have to be able to do it within your budget and in a way that's gong to work for your business. 

Majority Media understands you need to promote your business and wants to be able to help you with it. We provide ad creative services for your business. We talk through your products and services. Your messaging and help you build out creative that meets your goals. If interested in seeing examples you can feel free to check out our social media accounts. As we post daily and provide helpful tips and insights on our website.
This article was published on 31.05.2019 by Sean Atkinson
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David Tupica Great article. So many new networkers go thru their warm market and quit.   1 year ago

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